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Uni issues megathread

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Gonna start with mine in no particular order

>be me
>live on campus at college
>fairly facially attractive and can carry on a conversation fairly well
>stay in room all day except when I'm cooking in the kitchen
>on good speaking terms with a lot of people but no real friends
>don't really like spending money so I don't go out drinking a lot
>ego varies between being really high and incredibly insecure

I feel like I could be doing so much more but I'm not, if people could weigh in that'd be awesome
I too, know these feels.

>join lots of clubs
>just sit in a corner during meetings
>everyone is in their own cliques inside each different club
>nobody talks to me, and I talk to nobody
>surrounded by people, but still alone
I dunno senpai. I try to meet new people, but every time it's like trying to grab a doorknob that you know is going to shock you. I used to think I had the answers to this shit, but three years later and I'm still in the same position, arguably worse.
I've always found it strange that people "feel" as if they need to be out socializing. It sounds, every time I read something like this, that it's completely external. I feel that if one is content staying inside, and doesn't feel any urge to go out and socialize, then you are totally cool with staying inside. You're not getting paid to hang out at bars, so if you don't enjoy it, why the fuck would you do it?

Albeit, as you'll find out, I'm a little biased.

>online uni student
>programming major
>stay inside all day
>parents are confused as to why I don't go out
>think I might be a psychopath

But to be honest, I feel fucking amazing chilling inside all day. Like, I'm getting my BS, learning a valuable skill(s) and am just chilling.

OP, if you feel like you wanna go out man, go out! But if you feel okay with being inside, or doing what you do, that's perfect too!
You just have to put your self out there. No one is going to come to you. You have to go to them. I had the same issue last year.
While I don't know if it's healthy, I'm in the same boat.
I only leave my room to attend one mandatory lecture.
I have my own fridge and microwave so I barely go to the kitchen. (It's a tiny dorm one and because of the two gay couples we have a kitchen make for 4 people house 6.)
I still shower and put on clothes but I love with my books in relative peace and play a little of my psp/phone for down time.
It's a comfy peaceful hermit life and like you my family seem to think I'm psychotic because of it. But since I picked up this habit on an exchange trip to Canada, I'm now on track for a first.
I have weights in my room and do regular stretches, I keep a couple plants to keep regular habits going. My student loan goes twice as far and I've been able to live in comfort.

While I don't personally think it's healthy and is probably bad (Depending on your degree) for future networking. It's comfortable and I'm not bothered by such pressure.
FWIW I used to be a frequent pub/nightclub visitor with a floor mate in my first year and I enjoyed it. But I swiftly began heavily disliking the people involved.

I do get a bit lonely but I partially blame that on myself for choosing to be comfortable and easy than go out. And the fact my only real friend I kept decided to neck himself while I was in Canada.
Yeah, I've got this pattern where I manage to stick to a study/hygiene/etc routine for 2-3 weeks, then I slip up once and it all goes downhill. I've got a feeling that this is behind a lot of self confidence shit.

Is there anything I can do to help finally sort this shit out? It's always like "this is the time I get my shit together" and then I'm back to being a degenerate which really fucks up my self esteem.
Just be yourself :^)
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