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I really want to be in a relationship (almost desperately) but

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I really want to be in a relationship (almost desperately) but have absolutely no luck. I can't find any single women that I'm interested in.

>Male, 22
>Break up with last girlfriend in December
>She gave me a bullshit reason to get out, devastated for a couple days but realized we weren't terribly compatible anyway
>Decided I just wanted sex because my relationships typically end badly
>Pimp out Tinder
>Meet with a girl who lives out of town
>Have pretty good sex with her, agree to be friends with benefits
>Meet up with her again a week later, have a fantastic night of intimacy, sex, and just hanging out. One of the best nights I've had in a long time
>Find out a few days later she was getting serious with another guy while we were being fuckbuddies
>They go official, I'm actually really hurt
>Realized that I actually just want a girlfriend again
>Try online dating, no luck
>Try Tinder again, no luck
>Maybe girls I see at work
>They're all either teenagers or way out of my age range
>Maybe there'll be a girl in the cast of the play I'm doing
>A few that I get along with, all married in their early twenties
>Go late at night, it's all guys
>Don't want to go back to school just to date
>Anyone I match with on Tinder that I end up liking more than just sexually lives hours away (One girl I talked to was practically a match made in heaven but she lives three hours away)
>My desire to date is starting to make it difficult to enjoy my solo hobbies

I want that form of passion back in my life. I can't find any way to get it though. It's not even like I lack confidence. I'm physically attractive, charismatic, spit decent game, and I'm not too bad in bed. Hell, I've actually had cold approach success before. But I can't find anyone anymore.

Where can I go to look?
I didn't bother reading this bullshit you posted since the first thing you mentioned was the word desperately.

poor you, boo hoo. Guess what dude, you're never going to get a woman if you live with that mindset. What's your end goal if you do find a girl you like? You know you have to talk to her, and get to know her. You know she's not just there for you to ejaculate in and to make you happy.

Why the fuck would a girl want to be with someone who is desperate and provides nothing to a relationship.

So you have a few hobbies but don't want that to get in the way of your dream of a relationship? Who the fuck says that? Your hobbies are what makes you an attractive person to someone. Your passion for something makes someone look at your goals and ambitions and kind of makes you interesting.

If your whole life is revolving around love, you're a failure. You have done nothing but waste your own time. Not everything is about sex and love with another person.

Find yourself anon. When people say that, most have no fucking clue what the fuck that means. It means to stop focusing on the bullshit and focus on yourself. Dive into your hobbies like the world doesn't fucking matter. I don't even know what your hobbies are but if it's some gay ass shit like playing video games and jerking it to anime, you're gonna have a bad time. Do shit outside your comfort zone. Play and instrument and do some open mics. You like video games? Start a stream. When you do these things, you should be doing it for you. When you start doing them for others or in the hopes others will want to jump on your dick or start a relationship, you've already lost.
I copy and pasted this from a while back when I was a bit more aching but I didn't clear everything up.

The primary thing that I hadn't brought up was that I'm moving to another state in July to pursue my career. I'm really motivated and excited and I have no doubt I'll be more fulfilled when I'm there. But as it stands, I'm currently stuck in this smallish town for five months and I'm bored and lonely. I have my passions, but they're only a few days a week for a short period of time. I can't be at the gym for four/five hours at a time and play rehearsals only last a couple hours.

So, right now, I really want to date or to have sex or to have a girlfriend. It's irritating that a lot of people on this board equate "actively wanting a relationship" with "being a no-life loser with nothing to offer a woman." Humans are hard-wired to want these things. And it's not like I haven't had them before, I just can't find it right now.
>can't find it right now

because maybe you're not supposed to right now. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, these are the cards you are dealt.

I agree, humans are hard wired to want these things but I'm telling you right now, the easiest things in the world will only drag you down. Sometimes you gotta climb the tree to get taht apple at the top. Will it be worth it? Who knows, that's what perspective is for.

That's pretty awesome you're going to find a new city to live in, and I'm pretty sure you might find someone out in a new land but I think you still need to find yourself.

Hell man, try tinder again but swipe on the fatties and uglys. Lower your standards if you want to get laid that bad. You said you were in theater? Holy fucking shit, theater girls are slutty as hell.

I still think at the end of it, I empathize with the whole not finding it right now but sometimes it's just worth it to forge your own path and let what can happen, happen. Don't force it.
guys stfu

OP why are you even here? What are you planning to achieve?
just go outside, now
You would benefit from being alone. Try it for 6 months. You might just figure out why you are so desperate to be with someone. Improve yourself anon.
>I can't find any single women that I'm interested in.

According to your own story, that's not true. There have been impediments to dating them, but you know they exist. So keep looking.

Shouldn't you be in /fit/ or on some PUA forum? You're fucking pathetic with your alpha male posturing crap.

this is the problem with modern dating.

dating used to be about SOMEONE ELSE.

now its just about yuorself. you want someone else there for your needs and reasons, not because someone you met actually inspires you.

reflect on that
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