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What to do about a major slob?

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I don't even know if the word slob applies anymore. It's beyond that. A little rundown:
I live with my family, which consists of my 16 year old brother, 12 year old sister and my parents. I share the top floor with my siblings and we share a bathroom
Everytime I step into my brother's room it's literally a dumpster. Food, trash, drinks everywhere. And today was the last straw, as I saw he had hid cups in the bathroom a few weeks ago and there was actual mold in them. My parents don't see the fact that mold growing is a problem, and they let him continue to be like this. It's unhealthy for all of us, me specifically since my room is the closest to his. I know I don't have a right to complain since I'm 19 and living with my parents but this is absolutely repulsive.
Any help would be appreciated.
kick his ass

and have a fucking talk with your parents about your brother because if they dont think a cup that is growing mold is a problem they need to GET HELP asap
just beat the fucker up until he cleans, that's your job as an older sibling.
Just found out he also has impetigo from lack of bathing and will probably spread it to all of us
And, he burned 2 cords, one to a fan and one charger but spilling a drink on them and not cleaning it
So he's a fire hazard
And a biohazard.
And every time I try to talk to them about him they tell me they're getting him help
And I can't beat the shit out of him, they said if I hurt him they'd call the cops since he's a minor I'd get a felony.

Start offering to wash his clothes (but actually dont)

when the slob starts to realize he can't wear a clean pair of undies one day, he'll probably come to you and say whats up. then you tell him you didn't wash shit because his room is disgusting and you felt he simply liked living like a vermin.

He'll get his act together quick.
My parents told me that if I don't like the fact that my brother leaves moldy glasses around and lives in a trash can, I should move out.
Rather than confronting the problem they tell me if I don't like it leave.
Oh and he has no problem wearing dirty clothes.
He literally hasn't showered since Wednesday
It makes me angry that my parents get more mad at me for being concerned about this than they get mad at him.
Fuck with his games console/internet access.
I say that because he is clearly a pathetic NEET faggot with no social skills and wgo's entire life revolves around video games and pricking about online.
It might not solve the situation but it will make you feel better.
Well yes, you should move out, especially if you think this is going to adversely affect your health. You have that option.

If he puts his shit into your room, put it in the trash. Otherwise, if it's in space you share, put it into his room or into your parents' space.
Hi I'm
Forgot to add that you seem to be in a situation that is very similer to what my gf was in before she started living with me.
Two of her younger brothers were/are complete and utter wasters/slobs who made her living conditions squalid and whenever she complained her stupid fucking mum would defend them and get mad at her, her mum claims that they are like they are because they are autistic or some shit like that, they're not they are just pathetic waster NEET's who spend every waking moment on their xboxs.
Anyway, things are all good now, I got her out of that shitpit and she's never been happier.
It was so fustrating to me as her boyfriends as well seeing her effectively get bullied by the rest of her family and not being able to do anything about it.
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