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So how do you make someone to regret breaking up with you? Long

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So how do you make someone to regret breaking up with you?

Long story short.
>Exgf broke up with me 4 times over stupid discussions.
>Blames me, makes me feel shitty.
>3 of those 4 fights were her fault.
>Didn't even try to fight for the relationship
>The 2nd she tried to be with another guy 1 week (or less) after she broke up with me and 3rd time she went with another guy.
>She brokes up with the other guy and told me that I'm the love of her life and yadda yadda yadda.
>Be together again.
>Find out that she lied to me
>She met the last guy 3 days before she tells me she is done with me (we were trying to get back)
>Confront her
>Brokes up with me because everybody tells me what she is doing (I have a lot of friends, she doesn't)
>I'm fine after 2 days
>She is mad that I'm kinda happy
>Feb 14 and she mets with the last guy outside our classroom
>Talk louder so I can hear them
>They got back together.

So how the hell do I make her regret that decision? Well I don't want her anymore, but I want her to see that I'm fine without her.

inb4 >Childish

Yeah, I'll accept that.

Any tips or ideas?
You need to be 18 to use this site.

Grow up. Not because I want to see you be the better man, but because you've made one post, and have automatically become the most annoying little brat I've seen on this board.
I'm past over 18.
Thanks for the response.
Try killing yourself and write a suicide note saying it was because of her. Unless she's a sociopath, she'll probably suffer from deep depression for the rest of her life and everyone will hate her.
Nice idea. But I'll not do that.
Have a happy stable relationship that doesn't involve her
Best response so far. Thanks.
Literally just get on with your life, ignore her completely as if she isn't worth your time to even look at, even if it's not true. When she sees you're happy without her, her insecurities will start playing with her..why is anon so happy without me!? He should be angry I'm with another guy not happy! Maybe he never really cared about me...
Mhm you hit the spot. Well at least for being happy for me by me. Thanks, Anon.
>hey guys i want to do something vindictive to a girl that i should stop giving a shit about, wat do?
>stop giving a shit
>wow thanks anon I'll do that
This is fucking unreal.
Well I can get back with her nudes. But I have a moral, I'm not a SJW, but if I expose her no woman will ever want to share their pics with me.
I can fuck her relationship with her mother, but what we had was for 2 years, with her mom has to spent a lifetime, so that's a no.
>I can get back with her nudes.
She didn't do anything to deserve that
Go work on yourself and stop giving a shit about her
I don't want to make her go suicidal or someting like that. I just want to regret her decision. That's it. If I wanted to fuck her life I would, but I'm not a scum.
I know, that's why I haven't shared ANY of her photos. Not even drunk. As I said, I'm not a SJW, but I do have a moral.
ignore her and cease generating hate in the world. It's that simple. And you will fell better if you don't let it go
Ok. Now tell me how you do things let go. Tips please.
shit, i phrased it wrong. I obviously meant you would feel *worse* not letting go, but apparently you understood that.
Tips? well, it depends on how much can you actually isolate from her. If it's possible to never meet her again, because she has other friends, goes to other school/job, then there's that.
If she's closer it may be harder.
I don't know enough context, but as a general rule of thumb I'd try to explain her politely she's not the right type of person for you, that though you like her you simply can't accept such behaviour,etc. This must be done with love, which is hard, but very rewarding. Think long about nice ways of leading this conversation. Cut any part that would be meant for her to feel worse. I know it sounds counterintuitive at first, but simply try. If this advice turns out to be completely moronic, you can still get your revenge, don't worry about that.
Once that's done you need to explain to yourself why did you took such decision (I understand it's something along the lines of not being interested in somebody who doesn't value you enough to try and stay true to you)
>stop contacting her at all
>work out
>go out with friends

it's that easy dude
It's not moronic, not at all. Ok so my point is to regret her decision. Not shit on her life. Every advice it's good (except if they want me to kill myself) and I take every word as it is, an advice.
What if I talk to her and try that I tell her that she was the one who said I was the worst person of her life (she just kept blaming me so she can manipulate me).

I'm already doing this. It kinda works. I was about to hit the gym, but does that really works?
you can tell her whatever you like, but making her feel worse doesn't seem to be able to solve anything at all at this point. From the little context you provided I assume that she's very emotionally unstable with some chance of her just trying to prey on your emotions/cash.
If that's anywhere near the truth expect her psychology to be very well protected from any attempts to show her it's her fault. So after telling her all the truth, expect some unbelievably stupid ways of avoiding it at her part.
I think you simply lose your energy in vain trying to comunicate with her at this point. It's possible, that once given enough time she'll realise the truth on her own. However this seems beyond your capabilities at this moment.
I'd simply move on and stop giving her the attention she obviously wants. This may be way more effective than words in fact. Some brief explanation of what you are going to do may be a right choice, but don't get pulled into another argument. Just keep to your course
Thanks for your words, Anon. I'm really grareful. I'll keep that on mind and will try to be the better man.
Best wishes on your ways. If my advice helps do something good for somebody you don't know as well
I always try my best to do this, Anon. But when it's my problems, I need someone like you, thanks.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 1

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