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Herpes type 2

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I found out I had herpes type two from a blood test, and I have found small warts along my legs. I am fairly sure I got the diseases from Asian massage parlours but I never touched their pussy, and they never have me a blowjob. I fucked one prostitute but I wore a condom and just got a blow job.
I'm in my late 20s and considering commuting suicide, not a threat to myself currently.
How can I live?
Will I ever be able to get a hot chinese wife and kids?
HSV doesn't give you warts. Most people are asymptomatic, but if there are symptoms they are technically blisters not warts.

Who knows where you got it from, but from what you've said, I'd say it's most likely from the prostitute. Condoms aren't very effective at preventing the transition of skin-transfrable STDs. And HSV-2 can be contracted and spread orally as well.

Anyways, it's not something to kill yourself over. It doesn't even require any treatment or medication. Something like 20 to 25 percent of the US population is seropositive for HSV-2 specifically. Most people never know it. It's even more common in developing countries and minority communities (like China).

So of course it's still possible to have a Chinese wife and children.
Might as well just end it
So do I have to tell women I have an STD?
If I find a girlfriend/wife can I still make her give me multiple blow jobs a day?
Is medication even worth taking?
realistically the probability of transmission when you're not having an outbreak and are using condoms is quite low, but obviously it does happen. Get on meds, they'll help.

are you having an outbreak now?
>do I tell?
Depends on if she'll find out and if you're an asshole.
She will find out over like a year period, but yes I am an asshole
Only before going to fuck with them... but listen chances are:
1. She has it too lel
2. You just wear a condom and fuck

relax faggot not like you got aids
If you have an std and are aware of it and dont tell partners they are liable to sue you for it
This is bullshit
Do I have to get then to sign a disclosure form?
no, but you still get sued for it
this is just one of the many legal reforms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading

if you're a guy who got an std from a girl, you can sue her, so find out who did it to you
She would have to prove she was clean before we fucked?
I could say she fucked several men and slept around.

Isn't it kind of hard to prove who gave it too you?

If I go to china, they cant sue me in the usa?
lol youre gonna be fine

everyone has herpes

once in a while(if ever again) youll get a pimple or two in your privates

big fucking deal
Shortly after travelling around Asia I found I had warts around my arsehole. I got checked out and found I had HPV. I did get fucked by a tranny in Bali, but whether they wore a jonny or not I don't know.

HPV is supposed to be cured by your own body within 5 years, but I think these warts are appearing again - 9 years on from the butt fucking.

I don't tend to tell women about the HPV or tranny as I'm currently hetero in front of everyone.

Committing suicide for your reason is slightly overkill. Carry on as you are. If you are destined to meet a hot Chinese bird then so be it

Also apparently everyone gets HPV or some other simple STD in their life and it goes away, so don't worry about it so much
Don't listen to this idiot, the vast majority of people do not have genital herpes and it isn't something that should be normalized.

Yes, unless you're a giant asshole, you should let whoever you're interested know that you have an incurable infectious std. It CAN spread even when you're not having an outbreak.

I got it and I only had sex with three women in my whole life, and it does suck. Spreads even with condom use too, so you're never really safe.
Thread posts: 16
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