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Okay, gonna start by giving some background. I grew up poor.

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Okay, gonna start by giving some background. I grew up poor. My mum got sick after my dad left and I grew up with an older cousin living in council housing. He killed himself and I decided to move to America from England to start new.

Anyway, I got into college and I met my wife there. She's from a rich family and I had nothing, but I'm smart and got good hustle, so we got married and her dad helped me get a start in my job. Different company to him - he pulled in a favour from a friend.

Since then, I have been absolutely killing it and got promoted a few times over people who've been there longer but don't work like I do. I'm pretty proud of where I'm at and what I've achieved and I have a lot of responsibility.

I recently got put in charge of a big project and got to pick a team. I looked through these resumes and picked a handful of people I knew I could work with. Thing is that one of them took another job elsewhere, so I ended up giving the job to someone else, a Vietnamese woman.

On paper, she's brilliant - great college, GPA of 3.9, background in defense contracting, the works. Great, right? Eh, not so much.

First of all, she grew up in Brooklyn, which, okay, is fine, but she has that real thick Brooklyn accent you always hear in the movies. It makes it hard to take her seriously. Second, she's on the spectrum. I'm not just talking boo hood I'm shy and totally autistic. I'm talking a full blown cannot look people in the eye when she's talking to them aspie. Since the job involves talking to and interacting with a lot of people, she is a bad fit and it shows in her performance.

I tried to do the good boss thing and sat down with her to let her know about the issues and she burst into tears right in the meeting room. This is when I made my first mistake.

She was crying and I instinctively put my hand on hers to comfort her. She looks up at me and looks into my eyes like a lost little puppy.

Keep it coming. Or is this not pre typed?
This either sounds like you fucked her, or you didn't tell her to fix the act or GTFO.
Conscious of the fact that all the meeting rooms in this damn office have clear windows and she's bawling her eyes out hearing this, I suggest we continue the conversation elsewhere. I say after work maybe and she nodded.

I should mention that my wife and kids are upstate visiting her dad. I have to work, so I stayed behind.

After work we meet up at a nearby pub. For one, it's an English pub and they serve some of my favourite beer (can't stand that IPA stuff that hipsters are obsessed with) and second, it has booths where you can have a conversation and not worry about being listened in on. To begin with, it's the same work stuff we started talking about before and I'm going through strategies she can use to improve her performance. She's listening to me saying all this on the verge of tears. When I start listing specific examples of people she's pissed off because of the way she comes across, it sets her off again.

We're sitting across from each other in the booth, and I get up and sit next to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I want my team to perform, but I'm not a monster. Her response I to lean into me and hysterically sob into my shoulder.

She starts telling me about how she's always had low self esteem and how she has this fragile ego and being bullied in high school etc and I'm like, okay, I need another beer to deal with this shit.

I go get us another few rounds and let her start venting. It all comes out that she was bullied in her last job and that she never got to where she thought she would in life, how she was so smart but never got anything out of it, how this made her self esteem issues worse and how much she admired me for being able to do everything I did. So far, I think I'm being a good boss - I help her sort her shit today and she works that much harder for me tomorrow.

It goes on and on. Next thing I know, we're four rounds in and it's getting late. I go to take a piss and it occurs to me that I have a raging erection. 2/?
Sorry - not pre typed and I lost a post because I didn't solve the captcha
I should tell you guys that she isn't a beauty queen. She's five foot nothing and looks like Sandrah Oh with glasses and the personality of Sheldon Cooper.

We go leave the pub and she tells me she forgot her backpack at the office. It's annoying but her keys are in there and she doesn't have 24hr access like I do. We stumbled over there (I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and she weighs like five pounds) and we go up to the floor we work on.

She grabs the bag and I remembered that I left something on my desk I was meaning to take home. I scrounge around in the dark for it and when I turn around, she's standing there at the doorway to my office.

She thanks me again for the pep talk and advice and says that none of her other bosses were ever this nice to her. No problem, I say. The better my team performs, the better I look.

She starts the waterworks again and I stupidly go in and hug her. Big mistake. She starts holding me like she's never going to see another human being ever again and buries her head into my chest. The smell of her shampoo wafts into my nostrils and I get another erection, but I'm still too drunk to know I should break off the hug.

She finally stops crying and we're just silently holding each other in the doorway to my office.

Then here comes my biggest mistake.

She lifts her head after a while and looks right at me. We hold the position for a few seconds too long and what do I do? I lean in and kiss her.

Next thing I know, we're having a sloppy drunken make out session in the dark. She's fumbling with my belt and I'm copping a feel over her shirt. She finally gets my pants off and does the same with her blouse. She give me a look like she worships the ground I walk on, then she drops to her knees and starts kissing my dick.

Now I've had better blowjobs before and her technique is actually kind of pathetic, but the enthusiasm was something else. It was like my dick was going to fill her mouth with all the approval she never got from anyone else. It was hot, but I didn't come. Instead, I sat her up on my desk and fucked her brains out until she screamed my name.

When we were done, it got real awkward. Neither of us knew what to say and we got dressed in silence. We got out of the building, said goodbye and went our separate ways.

This happened on Friday night and I haven't contacted her since. She texted me one time asking how I was and I haven't been able to respond.

What the hell do I do now? I fucked up big and I can't undo it. If my wife ever found out, she'd leave me and take me for everything I have. Her dad would pay for the best lawyers and my life would be ruined forever. He'll, he's still best friends with my boss's boss and he can get me fired whenever he likes.

I don't even like this woman, not when I'm sober. I worked so hard for so long and now I have gone and put it all at risk.
Tell her what you both did was a mistake that you will not be repeating. Also you should tell your wife. She's gonna find out sooner or later so it's better it comes from you than someone else.
I get what you're saying is the right thing, but it's hard.

My wife is going to be devastated. I have no idea what this woman is going to do either.
Well done, now she's got leverage on you.

And you hired someone without interviewing them first? And you don't know appropriate boundaries for handling employee's not performing to the required standard? What sort of bullshit company do you work for?
Fuck me

I should have listened during the bullshit training. I didn't even think about that. Someone told me there's precedent for a woman to go after a boss for sexual harassment even if she consented at the time. Something about power dynamics.

I thought I could handle it off book, you know? I didn't want word to get around that she wasn't performing
And I didn't hire her. She came from another project and I got given a pile of resumes of people who were coming free
I can see that you had good intentions, but you should have known better than to fucking drink alcohol at a meeting where you intended to be strictly professional. There is no way you can justify what you did and honestly, it sounds like you're just as bad of an employee as she is.

You better hope she keeps quiet about this. She could lose her job over this at worst, but your life could be ruined.
I'll cop to that. I have been getting ahead because I ignored all the corporate bullshit and just delivered. My head is spinning right now
I honestly don't know what you could do right now. It's really just a waiting game at this point. If you think she's going to spill the beans, I would suggest that you confess to anyone who would be affected by this before she tells them.
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