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Panic disorder help

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Ever since my dad passed away when I was 9, I've had recurring panic attacks. my symptoms include: feeling physically immobilized. hot flashes or chills. intense feeling of fear. inability to speak coherently, and this can last for up to an hour each episode. here's how to it usually goes: be sitting there feeling fine. heart rate randomly picks up making me think something is wrong. I get the chills and then the fear sets in, and then I start to think "anon, you're having a panic attack! grab the lorazepam!" (which I take during an episode). so what the hell do I do? they seem to come back during spring and peak around summer time. Im currently seeing a therapist and I'm finding ways to cope with it. also, they're the worst when I'm away from home.
You're at the point where the idea of having a panic attack is causing you to have a panic attack. You need a professional to help break this trigger.
Maybe not the answer you're looking for, but when you're in a situation like this, medication may not be a bad choice as an adjunct to therapy. Therapy tends to take longer to have effect, and you don't have to feel ashamed for taking medication at all in a situation like this. Life is too short; make sure you live it well.

Get rid of the benzos, though. The risk of them making it worse long-term is not worth it. I know they work, but so do other things which don't seem to fry your brain.

Have you ever taken any medication?
Get some hydroxyzine (Atarax, Vistaril) for your panic attacks. It's an antihistamine with anxiolytic properties and doesn't fry your brain. It could make you more sleepy than benzos do, and maybe it doesn't work as well for you as it does for some others, but you don't know if you don't try!

Many people say antidepressants are as effective as therapy, but most of these people haven't felt what you feel. You need something that enables you to not think about your therapy to stop yourself from going crazy too, for situations like when you're just lying on the couch watching TV.
Look into buspirone (BuSpar) before you try SSRIs. If you do decide to take this in agreement with a good doctor, give it some time as well. These medicines need time. Use the hydroxyzine to stop your worst panic attacks in the meantime.

Oh, I almost forgot:
Try some cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and could help you think in a more positive way in general. Look it up to see what its mechanism of action is if you're interested. Avoid THC, the risk of it inducing anxiety is not worth trying it.

CBD 2.75~10%
THC <0.5%
...is what you're looking for when you get the oil.
Disregard that! Smoke fucking weed you faggits!!!
Sure, just without THC. THC is a great cannabinoid but it is known to be anxiogenic in people suffering from panic attacks, which is why you want to avoid it.

If you're panicky all you want is to be stable, not fucking high.
I was severely bullied and suffered mild panic attacks all through highschool. When I left to university they got worse, much worse. After having one so bad I was dry heaving and shaking for an hour I decided to get help.

For personal reasons I didn't want medication but that doesn't mean you shouldn't and it's already been addressed above.

I did research on different therapeutic methods, and settled on Jungian analytical psychology. Hypnotherapy is also massively effective and clinical trials have shown its effectiveness, hypnotherapists worth their salt are rare though so anylitical psychologists are a good bet.
Psychology is half art half science, this means you really need to find someone that works for you.
A few things to know:
If they do not give you suggestions for meaningful change aside from throwing different drugs at you by the third session consider changing thearpists.
If you do not feel any sense of connection or dread going consider changing therapists.

The last panic attack I had was two months ago, was mild, and only lasted around an hour. I've seen massive improvement.

A big thing to do is reflect, you feel everything for a reason. Try and get in touch with why. The very second session I had my therapist told me to keep a "panic diary" whenever I had one just sit down feel it and write whatever comes to mind just brain dumping. It helped me understand why I was feeling what I was and grow beyond the deep set fears that caused my attacks.

A final note is to never lie to your therapist even if you want to, it's massively counter productive and trust is needed to make good progress.

Good luck.
op here, thanks guys for the input, I really appreciate it. I take venlafaxine for depression, but I don't take anything on a regular basis for anxiety except for lorazepam. to the anons suggesting THC, I can't smoke that without it causing a panic attack; someone gave me a bag laced with formaldehyde once and it was awful.

Try cannabidiol as oil for relief of mild anxious thoughts. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with many benefits. The oil contains less than 0.5% THC, which is negligible and you won't notice anything. especially since CBD counteracts THC as well (which could explain why some sensitive stoners smoking strains with 50/50 THC/CBD are less likely to experience a panic attack than when smoking a THC-rich strain with no to very little CBD).

How long have you been taking venlafaxine? What is your dose? Maybe switching to fluvoxamine or paroxetine (some of the best ADs for panic) would give you some relief for now.
>>18058809 I'm taking 150 mg nightly, and I've been taking it for about 6 years
I had my first panic attack during a discussion about my insignificance in the universe in a 6th grade science class (more stars in the galaxy than grains of sand on Earth). It took me about 10 years, but I finally got past them. Ultimately, I learned breathing techniques, but mostly I just realized I wasn't dying when the feeling came on and that eventually made them go away. That said, anxiety is a bitch as once my mind figured this out it started trying to fuck with me in other ways - like making it difficult for me to swallow. Even still, I preferred to figure it out myself as opposed to taking meds/seeking therapy.
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>Im currently seeing a therapist and I'm finding ways to cope with it

Stick with this. Don't get psychiatric advice from a bunch of teenage weebs on the internet.
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