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I messed up so bad

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So, this a story
>I got a gf on highschool, I was the new guy
>We fell in love really quick
>All my relationship lasted like 2 months and I usually just fuck pathetic girls who just wanted to be loved
>Not this one
>Spend 4 months knowing each other
>We never had sex, just dumb stuff like hold hands
>I was still hanging around with one of the pathetic girls
>Start dating seriously at the 4th month
>Had a goodbye sex with the emo girl, just for the lolz
>Not quite cheating
>Start hanging around with a classmate, a sexy model girl who loves metal and doesn't give a shit about anything
>Got into serious cheating, but the girl it's ok with it
>We spend a year together with my gf (Travel together to Mexico, had sex with her like 4 times, everything is pink and cute)
>An old friend send me a message
>Ask me if I want to eat pizza with her
>I agree
>We eat and then we saw Star Wars VII
>She's really cute, she draws and we have a lot in common
>Hang out with the cute girl
>Saw Pacific Rim at my place
>We kissed
>Starting to feel bad
>I told her I was dating someone, that this is bad and if she's still ok with this
>She is
>Everything's happy
>Got really attached to my gf, we spend a lot of time together
>Got really attached to my friend, she thinks everything is nice with me
>One year passed
>It turns out she's not ok with it, she wants me to break up and be with her
>I'm starting to appreciate my gf more and more
>Don't want to hurt anybody
>She tells a friend
>Thinks I'm a complete shit, It's true
>Everything is chaos with my friend
>Everything is nice with my gf, but we spend 3 years and all love is gone
>We have become siblings at this point
>I can't just leave her, but what if later she leaves me
>I don't want to break my friends heart, maybe if I give her a chance we could end up a lot better
What should I do?
I'm too much of a pussy to break up, she didn't do anything wrong. Of course there are a lot of details that I didn't put here
Sorry m8. Can't rel8. I dont have gf. All i do is masterb8.
You should kill yourself you cheating promiscuous piece of human trash.
what about killing yourself
I'm in the same position too anon. I think that February fucks with everyone's emotions.
I just tried kissing a long time friend who I thought would accept it.
She didn't I freaked out like the trash I am.
I've been in a relationship for 7 years.
You should leave her if your feelings disappeared desu, but that means that you didn't have strong feelings about her in the first time
I did, I kinda still do
I'm just like that, I get used to feeling good really quickly, I'm never happy and never satisfied. Tho, she really thinks I have the same feeling for her, which I don't, she says things about feeling butterflies when she's with me and all that stuff, I'm just unable to feel that way.
I'm so confused and sad about them.
She asked me how I was, I lied and tell her I was feeling a little blue, for no reason
Now she's coming tomorrow with cookies, she's busy tomorrow but she's getting to my place anyways, I feel so bad.
This is coming with me since Jan. I just gained a little extra time.
I'm sorry to hear that, I understand, people tend to think about relationships as black or white, when they are amorphous marble pattern of gray
Leave her, you don't deserve her, fucking whore.
Bang them both together damn sun wtf are u doing they will both find it way hot and problems solved
Hey OP,
You're complete trash and no one you love for an extended period of time will ever tolerate your behavior. You will eventually find yourself cheapened into quick-fuck material, then abandoned entirely as you get older.
Do you have any empathy? OP, leave her. You cheated on her several times, you're a piece of shit and you know it, you don't deserve her.
But staying with her will hurt her more than leaving, leave now.

Seriously, you ask the girl you're cheating with if she's okay, not the one you're cheating on?! What the fuck is wrong with you OP?
What the fuck are you on about? Guys like OP is what all women dream about whether they like to admit it or not.
why? that doesn't make any sense
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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