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Anyone else have a history of being bullied? What happened?

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I have been bullied basically my whole life. I am a large, athletic and good looking guy. But I have always been socially awkward. I had slow development when it comes to interacting with people and not being shy. Because of this, I was bullied quite bad from Kindergarten all the way to Highschool. It wasn't until College that i came out of my shell.

Some of the most impactful moments that have happened to me are listed below. These are the most hurtful moments I have felt from other people...

>be me
>my dad forces me on a summer hockey team for extra training.
>I am a good player, and better than most in my leage but this particular league is basically for the best kids in the city. Basically, these kids will go onto University Scholarships and play Semi-Pro and Pro. I am not on that level.
>As the shy, people observer that I am...I always kept my ears and eyes on the 'cool guys' on the team. I wanted them to reach out to me.
>One day we played a game, and we lost. This 'cool kid' skated up to me at the end of the game
>Way to go, we lost because of you. You fucking suck.
>I didn't know what to say, I just ignored him.
>The next week I came off the ice 5 minutes later from a practice because I was talking to the coaching staff.
>I took off all of my equipment but I couldn't find my clothes.
>I knew what happened, but I acted like I didn't know...I couldn't help but feel anxious and sad. I just kind of slowly untied my skates.
>My dad came in, ''wtf i taking so long? lets go''
>My dad notices something and cringes.
>My clothes have been put in the toilet of the dressing room. Soaked.
>My dads face went red-mad. He grabbed them all and started drying them in the hand dryer of the washroom by the sinc. He comes into the room ''WHO DID THIS? WHO FUCKING DID THIS!? YOUR TOUGH ENOUGH TO IT BUT NOT OWN UP IT HUH!?''
>He gave me my clothes and said, sorry but youll have to make due with them until we get home.
>I then heard my dad go in the hallway and start freaking on the parents ''one of your kids is a bully and they put my kids clothes in the toilet. I am pretty sure one of you already know if your kid has that in him to do that'' - all i heard was one guy and woman say something like ''jesus christ, thats sad''. But no one fessed up.
>The boys that did it in the room started laughing ''he freaked!''
>I felt super ashamed and disconnected. I was ashamed that I didn't do something. I should have stood up for myself and fight. I just took it like a quiet little bitch.

This had an epic impact on my personality and I remember my dad not only being sad, but I think he was disapointed I didn't stand up for myself because he punched the dash of the car and yelled ''you got to kick the shit out of bullies like that. they are fucking losers''. Now that I am older, I understand his frustration.

This is going to sound funny, but at the time and for me it was pretty horrific. It made me drop out of school actually.
9/11 terrorist attacks happened. I went to a very ARYAN, blonde - blue eyed school. Infact most people looked Swedish. I am white, but I look like an Italian guy, or a Serbian guy.
one kid yelled at me in the hall. i was literally confused.
>Hey man, you look like Osama Bin Laden.
for the record, I don't look anything like him.

Within 3 - 5 days my entire grade and the one above me was calling me a Terrorist, a paki, a muslim, Osama, Al Qada. Even my closest friends. It was a constant barrage. I ended up losing friends. I started avoidance behaviour. I would make a lunch and eat it in a small unused stair well. I would hide in the washroom. I would walk around the outside of the school to doorways closet to my classrooms as to avoid the main arterial hallways where the 'cool guys' hung out.
>a year or two passes and the name calling stops.
>somehow i am 'cool'. people want to know me.
>i think cuz i got taller, better looking and bought nicer clothes...
>but i was still scarred by the bullying and the betrayel of my friends. and the fact these people that bullied me wanted to be my friend made me feel ill...like...you cant do that and then think were cool. i viewed them as disgusting, hateful people.

i dropped out. got a job. moved 10 hours away. wasted about 3 - 4 years of my life. i didn't have 1 single friend. infact i barely have 5 or 6 friends now that i seldom see. i am generally a miserable, glass half empty depressive person. i constantly think of all the times i was bullied. Bullying is a huge problem that fucks your mind and mental capacity. i am totally scarred from it.
okay, first off, you're way too emotional about people giving you shit man. You gotta learn to shake things off. Stop being such a pussy.

But anyways, the best way to deal with these insults are to roll with them. Embrace them, and you will diffuse them. I understand your situation, it took me a while to learn to do this. But once I did it was honestly like the final key to knowing how to socialize properly.

also next time someone does some fuck boy shit like take your fucking clothes, you take his ass down nigga. No matter what the size of the guy or what size you are, you fucking hit that cunt.
thats my problem...i am a pussy. i fear confrontation and trauma. even tho i am a big guy that can easily fuck someone up...i just get anxious and freeze up. i go all red and i think in my head ''why me...what did i do...'' instead of just getting up and going FUCK YOU and doing something.

It's an affliction. I am sensitive. I take things too hard. It's probably like minuscule autism or some shit that I ave not being diagnosed with.
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I wanna add that I fucking feel you man, I really really do, if it means any consolation I know exactly how you feel. Not about the type of insults but this shit right here
>but i was still scarred by the bullying and the betrayel of my friends. and the fact these people that bullied me wanted to be my friend made me feel ill...like...you cant do that and then think were cool. i viewed them as disgusting, hateful people.
that hits close to home. If I knew you IRL we'd be homies in a second.
if this thread's still alive in the morning I'll be back man.
I was bullied pretty severely mostly for being jewish. I had my head smashed into pavement, car tires punctured, arm broken, lots of fights, egged, tped, pop on car, etc etc

I feel it definitely contributed to my eventual mental illness but at the same time I feel it made me the smart, strong willed, critical thinker I am today

when it happens there isnt much you can do about it other than standup for yourself because no one is going to hold your hand and help. my bullying ended when I started uni and from that point on has been non existent or no where near the severity for me to even acknowledge it

what really got me through it was looking towards my future and goals and escapisms. going to uni, traveling worldwide, playing videogames even thinking about anime really helped me

whats ironic is 2 of my greatest bullies are dead now (one of cancer 1 in a vehicle accident) and I feel sympathetic towards the car accident because it wasnt even his fault he died.

I look at it that even though bullying should be a criminal offense (because they can lead to killing people by suicide), at the same time, they can change later on down thew road. i know a few not-so-severe bullies who today are no longer assholes who matured down the road.

time and strong will is the solution. what they are doing is wrong and irrational, and you are not alone (even when you think you are)
I feel you. I was bullied right from public school until the end of high school. In public school I was really shy and awkward, luckily (Or unluckily?) I'm female so there was very little physical bullying, mostly psychological.

People were downright nasty to me. In public school people outright said I was a loser, ugly, gross, and that no one liked me. My friends played cruel pranks on me, yet I still remained 'friends' with them because literally no one else would be with me.

It was at this point a boy in my class would harass me sexually, grabbing my ass all the time when no one would see and he threatened to beat the shit out of me if i told anyone. I was terrified.

High school wasn't as bad because at that point I gave up trying to befriend anyone. I was invisible most of the time, unless it was someone picking on me for being extremely pale (The anti-depressants I was on made me anemic), or because of my makeup, or just being 'ugly'. My self confidence was completely non-existent.

I was a really late bloomer, and out of high school I finally matured and became reasonably attractive. unfortunately all the years of bullying left me with no self confidence and I completely shied away from human contact to the point of being a diagnosed agoraphobic. I have one friend in my sister in law, but that's it.

I don't mind sharing more stories if you're down for it.. and I'm really sorry to hear that people were so cruel to you, too.
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I understand your pain. I took my fair share of it as well, and like you i always let it happen. I think about all my tormenters often and get overwhelmed with rage. I wish someone would try shit on me now because i have violent urges to just lose it and do pic related on someone.
I wrote an admiration letter to one of the popular girls at upper secondary like the naive romantic I was and still am. It was fucking cringy but I didn't notice because the crush fucked with my head. By that point I wasn't really hated, but not really liked either, I was a neutral to most cliques. After I collected the courage to give it to her. She read it, and the next day my 3 year long torment started.

I still hear the comments in my head 8 years later, the snickering and the constant physical bullying and setting up situations to embarass me. I can look back now without pain, but it affected my outlook on life, my self-image, my confidence, pretty much everything mental that has to do with attracting a partner. All that just because I wrote a letter.
not op but tell us more
In what grade did that boy sexually harass you
did you ever talk to him again
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>this thread
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Isn't it disturbing how kids can fuck up someone's life for years to come?
I've been bullied similarly, though it wasn't as organized as what you went through.

I was already pretty introspective so outside of a few friends I mostly withdrew from society.

I'm thin now, pretty good looking, lead singer in a band outside of working a programming job from home.

I can fake being social and pretend for a while but at the end of the day I really don't want to have much to do with other human beings. I just don't connect with them.
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this anon here.

I really think you should consider therapy, this sounds like a deeply rooted issue that you should talk to someone about.

When I was talking about "diffusing insults" I'll give you an example

Friend and I are talking about some random shit, and he decides to give me some crap

>anon why are you so stupid, are you drunk?
>dude I've been binge drinking since 8AM! I'm wasted.

this didn't actually happen but this is somewhat how I would respond to someone trying to give me crap. I embrace the insult and roll with it, then my friend knows that I know he's joking and we both laugh it off. Everybody wins, no one feels like their getting shit on.

besides that, I think you should focus on positive hobbies in life to get your mind straightened out. Take up art (making beats/music in general has literally saved me from killing myself or continuing to live my life wanting to kill myself.). Get into meditation, get outside, enjoy life.

if you're in need of a buddy to talk to I'm your guy. If you have a steam or something lmk. Good luck.
It was throughout eighth grade. Thankfully we went to different high schools in grade nine so I was able to get away from it.

I vividly recall one morning when I went to get on the bus (I was the last kid to get on and I was always anxious about having to sit with someone) and I asked a girl from my grade if I could sit with her. She just gave me this nasty look and went off on me, telling me that no I couldn't sit with her that she didn't like me and no one did. So I went and sat up front with the little kids and cried.

In public school I was always jealous of my 'friends' when they went off on dates and had boyfriends.. On valentines I came to school and found a note in my desk, one of those ones with the letters cut out from magazines saying how it was a love letter and someone had a crush on me. All day my friends went around asking who had written it, I was so happy because I couldn't envision anyone actually liking me... The next day I came to school and they let me know that they had done it as a joke. I was crushed.

In high school I was called names by pretty much everyone.. Dyke, ugly, I was told I'd be pretty once but 'too bad about the nose' (I hadn't grown into it yet), was called a vampire because I was so pale, was told that I was a bitch and needed to 'get fucked'. Skank. "walking trashcan with legs" was a really creative one someone came up with.

I avoided the cafeteria because people would throw food at me in there.

It got to the point where I skipped school regularly just to avoid it.
Holy fuck, where are you from? I've been bullied in slavic school which are, in fact, notorious for having worst kind of bullies. But damn that's some horrible shit right there.
I feel you. OP here...you know girls are worse than guys when it comes to bullying. Sure we get thrown around and beat up. Guys will call us names. Its bad...but the emotional and mental scarring from girls is much deeper.

As an example while i was being bullied. Girls still liked me. So it wasn't as bad as maybe I had let on. However the whole school was chirping me about the terrorist thing.

I can relatw to tou about skipping school and avoiding the cafeteria. I would eat in a stairwell or an empty classroom. I staryed playing sick. I wouls read the Hobbot and LOTR all day in bed. I honestly started tginking about killing myself. I figured this life sucks. No one likes me. My home life sucks. I was poor with a single mom that didnt care. I just wanted to end it. This is when i dropped out got a job and moved away from everything. Best decision and worst decision i ever made. Good in the sense that i proved i am a doer not a talker. I lewrned alot. Gained independance....but I ran away from my problem...

Anyways...i got girls and a wife now. So my worst fear other than the obvious pedophile abducter stuff...is my babies being bullied the way you got it. Kids are fucking cruel man.

Btw...bullying doesn't stop in adult hood. I get bullied at work sometimes but ive learned how to deal with it better

Small school in rural Canada. Unfortunately because there weren't many people attending I couldn't hide myself.


For me it came from both genders, but most of the consistent stuff was from girls. It was the guys telling me I was 'gross', 'ugly' and unwanted, so I didn't have my first boyfriend until after high school.

I did a lot the same as you :) I wouldn't eat until dinner usually, lunch time I'd head for the library or if it was closed I'd sit in one of the quieter hallways and read or draw. When I skipped school I'd usually play video games as an escape, a habit which I still haven't broken. I was suicidal at several points in my life and also resorted to cutting as a coping mechanism (Both things I've outgrown as I matured thankfully). There were many times I dreamed of moving away myself.

I am so so happy to hear that you were able to rise above and have a family now!! It's unfortunate people still resort to bullying you as an adult, but fantastic that you've learned how to handle it.
The type of bullying guys get as adults is usually insulting ones decision making or intelligience. Usually comes in the form of passive aggressive commenting. Ots easily brushed aside.

I also went to school in rural Canada. The Niagara Region to be exact.
>>18057075 here.

Reading some of the experiences you anons have had made me think how easy I got it and how insignficant my bullying was.

I still spill spaghetti when talking to girls when trying to approach them due to my experience, but I never considered suicide or fall into depression like you guys did. I hope you have it good now, whoever and where-ever you are, anon.
I was bullied while being in a public school, during highschool I moved to a private institution, and I finally managed to make friends.

When I try to remember how all started, I can't really tell. I was a pale and chubby girl, with really good grades. I was mostly harassed by girls, giving me weird looks and throwing mean comments over my appearance and weight.
I have carved in my brain that time when these girls were talking with a teacher and pointing at me, and everyone started laughing. Or when one of the popular guys was giving all the girls in the class a kiss on the cheek, but he skipped me and told everyone that I was too ugly.

I would try to participate in plays or dances, just to be a part of something, but the boys would call me fat and untalented. So I became quiet and focussed my attention in solo hobbies. It got worse when I got glasses, I remember that day when I put them on for the first time, and the whole class was laughing at me.
Whenever I hear a group of people laughing, and I'm passing by, I always get scared thinking that it is towards me.

One of the most disgusting things that ever happened to me, and makes me feel this horrible rage, was during lunch time. By that time I changed my diet to lose weight, and as I started eating my salad, I noticed some pubes. Got disgusted, and instead of saying a comment, got silent and stopped eating. Pretending that everything was normal, when one of the boys got closer and asked "How is lunch going?". The rest of the day I felt so ashamed, and I arrived home to cry.

Thankfully, things stopped as soon as I moved to a different school, there would still happen a few things, but I didn't gave too much importance since I had friends to enjoy the day.
What I got left from these days, are a diagnosed anxiety and a few times that I considered and even tried suicide.
Kids don't foresee the extent of their actions, and it amazes me to this date.

I feel you OP.

Was mercilessly bullied from elementary to high school up to the point where it impaired me socially, emotionally and academically. At the end of school I was in a constant state of depression and anxiety. Couldn't really look anybody in the eyes. I was a wreck of a person. I took me over a decade to somehow recover and be functional again.

>Kids don't foresee the extent of their actions, and it amazes me to this date.

They are well aware but will continue if they can get away with it.
I had that issue a bit too. Poor eye contact. Jumbling yp my words because i aftuslly didn't speak out loud to anyone except my parents sometimes. So when id actually interact with someone i was out of practise. I found myself forgetting words. Almost like i was tongue tied.
I hope you are okay now.
Now your life goal is to murder all those people.

You now have a purpose, enjoy it.
Tbh that's not THAT bad. Especially the hockey players soaking your clothes. When I was in 7th grade some girls wanted to strip with me. When i got down to my underwear they hid my clothes somewhere. I just ran home and got more clothes. It didn't affect my personality one bit. Kids are just fuckers. They're just using you for their amusement, for the most part they don't have the mental capacity to comprehend that your feelings are being hurt, especially when it was supposed to be a funny prank, not a campaign to humiliate you like you imagine.

And obviously the Osama bin Laden thing wasn't bullying either. You just became a meme for a year, and once the meme got played out, people started addressing you as normal. You got picked on. Happens to literally everyone. I think if you realize you had a normal childhood, that will help you get over it. You took a few lumps, no need to turn it into a pathology and build your life around it.
>, luckily (Or unluckily?) I'm female so there was very little physical bullying, mostly psychological.
The psychological harm is a thousand times worse. Physical scars heal. Mental and emotional scars more often than not don't, or at best take much longer to heal. Physical bullying most of the time results in mental and emotional damage. Some physical bullying is purely physical though. That is the easiest kind to recover from. It's when they have a motive and you find out what it is that it's at its worst.
>treated like shit by every "friend" I've ever had
>mocked for doing literally anything
>this went on for most of my school life
>25 now
>still filled with anxiety and trust issues
>completely incapable of real relationships

another rural canada anon here
>Mental and emotional scars more often than not don't, or at best take much longer to heal.
You are absolutely right. In every bullied there's always that little bit of insecurity/fear that never fades.
You think you had it rough? I was the most despised and hated person in my high school. Every single nerd no-life loser was leagues ahead of me, even autistic morons who beat themselves during class and druggie kids that stole cigarettes and booze from their parents.
I was lower than a slug. No, that would give me too much credit. Slugs, at least, do their job correctly, I had straight F's until the day they kicked me out, i was that stupid. I'd compare myself to an algae or perhaps some type of infection. When i was in class my classmates and even my teachers insulted me to my face and threw red-hot erasers and trash at me constantly. But it didn't bother me too much because i was deep in thought, thinking how i was going to kill everyone and what type of weapon would be best-suited for the destruction of my enemies.
I was kind of an animé-geek at the time so i watched alot of shows about samurais and giant robots. and i had amassed quite a respectable samurai sword (ka-ta-na) collection. But the fact of the matter is that i had been kicked out before i could ever enact my ultimate revenge upon my eternal tormentors. Now i live off of welfare, food stamps and any sort of edible garbage i can find. I probably should have paid attention in school.


Stay strong anon. You'll heal slowly, but you will heal.

t. former wizard.
>But it didn't bother me too much because i was deep in thought, thinking how i was going to kill everyone and what type of weapon would be best-suited for the destruction of my enemies.

Kek, went through that too. I actually have/had a very realistic plan to blow up the whole school.
Loled at the satire
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I think it mostly depends on personality.

I've been bullied like hell throughout school all the way to early highschool. Thing is, it made me develop a very, and I mean VERY detached non-personality. I think it's some sort of mental disease but never bothered to check it up. It's not like I'll ever fucking get on meds, but anyway

It's practically impossible for me to make friends. I never speak to anybody EVER, never text, never call, never pay attention to what people say, to what's going on and the latest news at work / within circles. I've studied and still study on my own, (never attended uni) and I've become addicted to lying. Bullshitted my way through life (I'm 25 now, comfy job and life overall) and some people brought it, some didn't. I don't even sort through lies anymore, I tell someone something today and that shit might change the next time we meet, or just invent a new fact. In fact, I'm pretty sure my last (and also first ever) gf broke up with me because she smelled my bullshit.

Right now I'm practically a husk, I'm barely human at all. I do all the human things to get by, like work, smile with the boss, talk to the neighbour, but that's just a motion for me like lying, something to allow me to not die (as I don't wanna die just yet) I'm pretty sure if I ever decided to end my days, I'll quit the society and go up a mountain and sit there at the mercy of the elements to die of exposure or whatever, just to be away from it all.
Doesn't help that I studied and took Taoism to heart and I seek purpose in emptiness, like a jar which is useful only when empty. Also pretty sure some people are never meant to be truly part of the society. Like I realize I'm not normal, my sort of behaviour can't be normal.

Hope you get what I'm saying.
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I had it alot easier than most of you. I was called names, taunted, and got into fights. I was fat Matt (clever yea everyone thought they were the first to say it) and the one thing I had was I may have been bigger/fatter than the rest but I was also stronger so I was able to defend myself in physical conflicts. Now I'm a father and fear for this stuff to happen with my kids. And honestly my worst fear is my kids becoming the bully.

My daughter had gotten into an altercation with a kid(s) bullying her and she got into trouble for standing up for herself. She thought we were going to be so mad at her she was in tears telling us about the incident. Basically all that happened was a few girls were calling her names and pushing her around and she had enough and started pushing back. Of course that's when someone noticed and she was the one to get in trouble. We got the call about it and when she got home we sat her down to discuss it and that's when she thought we were mad. I told her she was not in the wrong and that she had to stand up. And as tough as it may be, she should stand up for others. She is so young though, only 9 and still sees the world as a wonderful place that will never shit on you on purpose.

Alot of this can be prevented with parents giving a damn. Some parents think their kids are angels and could do no wrongdoing. And when something does happen some parents don't want to do anything about it. My parents weren't perfect but taught me enough to respect others. However my parents really didn't know what was going on because I never really told them what was happening until it got bad and I was getting into physical fights.
>Btw...bullying doesn't stop in adult hood. I get bullied at work sometimes but ive learned how to deal with it better
It doesn't, and it's a million times worse. At least you can punch a schoolyard bully, and that usually stops them. Do that with management or a colleague, and you're going to jail for assault.
I was bullied a lot too. I am a very white-looking girl in a mostly minority area. Even though I look white, my dad is a lighter skinned creole and my mom is half white half pacific islander.

I was extremely self conscious because many people in my elementary school told me my eyes were scary because they are very large and blue. A very noticable trait in my family line is dark circles around our eyes, and my light skin makes my under eyes look purple.

In 7th grade I was bullied a lot. I started out at a middle school and left due to bullying and a very creepy teacher. I was bullied by a group of girls. One was my stepbro's cousin she was nice to me but looked the other way when her friends bullied me. It ended when I won some stupid toy stress ball thing filled with flour. The girls took it from me and popped it over my head at lunch time while I was eating. I cried really hard. My science teacher saw the whole thing, called me in his class, then told me that he was in love with me. I went home and told my mom and I was transfered immediately.

New school: A group of really tough, straight outta Maury latina girls came up to me and told me I was dogging them. I wasn't but I was just staring in their direction. And they got in my face, told me I was ugly and pushed me around a bit.

I remember someone remarked to a another girl that I was "a prettier version of her". I had no part of this conversation. Later that day, she pretended to make friends, gave me a hug, and put a large wad of gum in my hair. When I noticed, they started laughing, and I cried to the nurse as she took it out. I had to file a disciplinary report, but the girls did not get in trouble because the discipline officer was the dance coach and those girls were on the dance team.

My mom used to say they did this to me because I was pretty. I think they just did it because they were shit people and my mom didn't know what to do.
>She is so young though, only 9
Jesus effing Christ on a cracker...Grow a pair and March into the damn school and make it clear you won't fucking tolerate bullying of your kid. Call the girl's parents and promise you will sue them if they can't control their kid. Go to the school board and say they need to provide a SAFE environment!!!!!

That's what I did. And you can't do it just once. Your kid needs support. Be there. And give her permission to push back, although she's not likely to. Make her safe.
Yeah, I've been bullied frequently throughout my life. I made it through high school bascially unscathed, for the most part. It has actually been groups outside that that have always bullied me. College and during my last job I got bullied to shit, and I'm 25 lol. My actual friend group in high school bullied the shit out of me as well, but I don't include them because no one else fucked with me and I was with them outside of high school a good bit.

I've sort of learned to let shit go. I'm good at detecting peoples' bullshit. I drop people on a dime if I sense them playing games. I give them one shot and if I feel they are manipulative, toxic or just downright mean I kind of file them into the trash receptacle in my brain. Whenever I see people like that at their weakest I make sure to kick them.

I also don't take much personally and I have gotten decent at not internalizing the ill will of others. That is, if someone is obviously just trying to make me feel bad and there is no merit to what they're saying I forget about it.

I think not internalizing insults is the key to living a good life if you're a soft target. Also, trying to improve yourself if they do say something true is a constructive and non deluded way to handle it.
Validating his daughter's actions is the best thing he can do. Daddy ain't going to be there forever and you need to push them to indepedence earlier rather than later.

inb4 she's 9 omgeeeerd
Yeah, I've been bullied. About as long as I can remember.

I remember my first day of school when I was 5 years old. These two kids a few grades higher literally walk out to me when I was just minding my own business out in the field in winter, and they start punching and kicking me. They then shoved my face down deep into the snow in an attempt to suffocate me until the break had ended.

I learned to fight back physically after that. It did stop physical bullying, but it never stopped emotional bullying. I was pretty much constantly ignored through elementary by the entire class. To make matters worse, I was stuck with the same class for those 8 years. So, for 8 years I was essentially just alone. My only mother was always working, I was never able to make friends, and the few interactions I did have with people were them insulting me, or excluding me from something. Even the teachers excluded me. I'd say this really messed me up. Going into highschool, I didn't know how to interact with people. I was tired enough of people directly bullying me that I'd challenge them directly, but again, I was always excluded. This time, I was excluded because I couldn't relate to other kids. I was always alone, so I was never in the know about anything.
Eventually, I found somebody a bit like me. Perhaps not as helpless, but somebody who had been in a similar situation. Him and I got along quite well, as we were both quite mechanically adept and inclined. Always talking about our great ideas, and new technologies. It was fun. Met a girl eventually too. Real rough past, understood loneliness very well despite always being surrounded. We were good friends. That was a long time ago. Now I'm just alone again. I guess it's okay. I try to take what I can from it. Easier to see the world when you're standing still, sort of deal.

I don't know. I guess my trust has been broken to many times already. I find myself waiting for the inevitable more than anything.
OP here. Well it appears bullying is common at every school. Whats more, is its pretty pbvious whp is bullying and not bullying. I think teachers are largely responsible for not being strict enough on the bullies and/or the parents. It seems the teachers dont care. I never was saved by a teacher ever. Infact one laughed when a kid teased me because he thought the joke was funny.
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