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Started drinking

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SUp. SO I've started drinking. Last year my mom cheated on my dad(I'm 29) and have much younger siblings. I haven't talked to her since and don't like visiting the house anymore because I feel gross being in there. Last week I went to hang out wiuth my siblings and nobody opoened the door. I put in the code and entered, only to hear my mom crying in the kiutchen and my sister crying upstairs. All my breothers were in the living room except for one and they were all pissed. My ounger brother told me that I shouldn't be there and that my mom and dad had a fight because he said he loved her an that they should work on their problems, but she refused and it turned into a fight. My father doesn't know she cheated, none of us have said anything because we're not sure how he'd react. I left the house shortly after that and drove around for two hours in a daze.

I've also been tlaking to this girl who dated one of my friends, and I found it very hard to want to date her since she smoked a lot and drank a lot to avoid her problems. I tried trying to get her to open up to me(just as friends before and she told me that she couldn't do it. FInally her and her my friend broke up and after a few months, he started dating another girl and told me to date her if I wanted.
. I was still apprehnsive though and we spent a lot of time together and I kept telling her that the drinking I could kinda deal with, but that alchohol has been a big problem in my family and that I didnt want to fight her because I spent my entire life hating my parents fighting. We made out many times and two weeks ago she kissed me goodnight after I dropped he roff home, and said she'd rather kiss me than some guy from a bar. Then on Tuesday I decided to formally ask her out and make dinner for us. That we could work it out somehow and that I could be a rock for her. She told me that she was on a date. THen my one friend toldn me that she had been dating some guy for about three weeks now that she met at a bar, and my heart kinda sank. Because I put two and two together and ralized that ngiht she told me about kissing me rather than some bar guyt, was becaus sshe had already been doing so. I felt betrayed in a way, we'd been friends for about two years and I'd always hel[ped her with so many things. A part of me told me I dodged a bullet and that it was for the best because she was still unwilling to face her demons, but that I too had trust issues due to my parents and other girls, and that maybe it was just time for us to work out our own problems and then perhaps date in the future. But I feel sick knowing that she's with some other guy, we'd become so close.

ANd now I'm just drining, even though I don't drink. I want to cry, evberything is going wrong in my life and I can't even get my business off the ground. What do i do?
That's fucked up anon. I'm sorry about that. Drinking won't help you. It'll make you feel worse. You need to accept these feelings you have and not run from them. Be sad. Cry. But don't allow yourself to get stuck in that place of sadness and betrayal. Talk with friends you trust. Get out and keep doing your thing. You're strong anon. You can do this. This time of sadness will pass.
Thank you. I'll try.
What the fuck tell your dad if you haven't already. Otherwise you are scum like your mother, fucking ungrateful children I swear
My sympathies OP.

Like the above anon said, drinking isn't really gonna solve anything. However, you have started evidently. I do think in times like these, it can be important to have a moment of indulgence - guilt free - just do something to remind you life can be good and hopefully that will energize you a little before facing your problems. Just be responsible and don't do anything rash though.

I agree with the other anon too that you ought to find a way to find a way to talk to your dad about the cheating. I would suggest maybe talking about it with your mum first and encourage her to be the one to tell him though. If she can't be open about it then there's not really an ideal foundation for them to reconcile if indeed they even want to try that at some point.
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