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So I just moved into a new apartment not even 2 weeks now and

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So I just moved into a new apartment not even 2 weeks now and living with my roommate who is born in Asia and moved her like 4 years ago. First day I moved in he asks me for my drivers license so he can photo copy it and give it to the landlord, fine seems pretty reasonable.

Fast forward yesterday he is going on about how he is the landlord (he is renting a 1 bedroom apartment and giving me the living room area) and that he is needing it for his "safety" in the event something can go wrong. I'm sitting here thinking that is fucked up as I originally thought it was going to the landlord but as it turns out the landlord doesn't even know I'm living here!

So I confront him today and demand that my photo copied document of my drivers license be returned to me so I can dispose of it and the first thing he suggests is that I should move out and that since he is the lease holder and renting out the apartment without the actual landlords permission he thinks it is in his right to tell me to take my stuff and vacate the apartment. After getting back my personal documents (my copy of my drivers license) he still fails to understand how sever and illegal his actions are.

> Rent apartment and move in
> Foreign roomate asks for copy of my drivers license to hand to landlord
> Talk couple days later
> Turns out landlord doesn't know I'm living here and when confronted about my documents says its his for his personal "safety"

Should I move or stay? I got two more months of school left and this is an excellent location as its a walking distance away from the school.
Also another thing that happens today was him arguing about the temperature in the house being too cold. Normally I set the thermostat to 25 because it's +7 outside and the snow is litterly melting. It also doesn't help that it's the third floor so all the heat goes up in the building. I come home to find that he switched the thermostat to the regular temperature. What in the fuck man this shit is not normal.
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This guy sounds like an absolute dick.

With that said, you should consider the difficulty of moving vs staying. If you can find a place that is similar in price and in a good area then I would move out.
Nah Edmonton
Thinking about it. The dude is totally out of touch with norms. He questioned me when I put my bathroom rug in the bathroom. I asked him what he used to dry the floor after getting out of the shower and he showed the dirty mop next to the toilet. Right behind the mop it's clear there is a sign of mold or what I believe to be black mold. The top and under the stov is filled with signs of grease litterly you can put your finger and swipe a clear layer of grease on your finger
Have you considered contacting the landlord directly?

That could piss the landlord off so that they boot out the asshole flatmate. You would need to pay attention to what would happen to the costs of living there though. Ideally, asshole will be replaced with someone more sufferable and nothing would happen to the amount you pay. Obtain proof of the asshole recruiting you for the flat (emails; screenshot if online flat listing, etc)

Otherwise you could contact the landlord to be put on the lease yourself. However in this case, consider whether you want to live with the asshole.

Remember, in any scenario, if you're not on the lease, then you don't have any rights and can be screwed over in a hundred ways. Rectify this asap or find another place

Also, consider that the asshole may have copied the copy of your license.
Yeah I was aware of that when I confronted him I had an audio recording him and questioned him as to why he needs safety for a complete stranger. He also mentions himself as the landlord a couple of times in the recording and how the contract is between "me and him" which he never mentioned when I agreed to move in as I thought he gave he had the landlords permission prior
I should mention he was really shocked when I asked for my personal information back telling him if he was in my shoes he would've not want someone who has no legal right to that information to have hold of it. Legally I found out after research even landlords are not allowed to have copies of driver licenses. Also he complains that I don't talk to him. Which is ridiculous because I go to school full time and in my last semester making it the most busiest time for me.

Jesus Christ, what a weirdo.

Yeah, as i said above, maybe try to get rid of him or get away. House may be close, but imo this kind of shit and the stress involved just isn't worth it. If he's done all this shit so far, just think - what kinds of stupid things could he do in the future?

Maybe try to look in flat finding groups on fb etc for proper, responsible but chill people.
Thread posts: 10
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