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She's gone...į didn't listen adv

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I posted a week ago describing how my gf was hanging out more with the long time guy friend of hers. And how I didn't like it and I felt like I was being cast aside. Well adv told me to leave her, she's done. Well me being with asbergers. I felt it hard to do something like that. I fucking love her even now. So I just try to wait it out since I'm on holiday with family. Fast forward to now, she's being really distance and ignoring my messages I send then I say " ok you don't want to talk to me I'll give you space ".I know this is cucky behaviour but I'm fuckin scared because I knew something like this was going to happen.. Then she messages saying we can't be together anymore.. Į then freak out and just say why, constantly I knew why, but I just wanted THE FUCKING TRUTH FROM HER. But then she says "your just an awful person" and that fuckin broke me, it really fuckin did. I may be autistic and act autistic sometimes, being too direct, saying something that is true but rude. But I never would act like a fucking ass hole never. I just don't know what to do right now.... Im fuckin crying like a bitch. I bought her a small angle statue with a peice of amber underneath. I just feel lost and need someone....What makes me pissed is that she really begged for food and expensive food (burrito) 6 sterling pounds. For like 4 days before I left and lent her 20 before I left. I know where this guy lives I feel like I want to go and beat the fuck out of him I know I can. The guy is a loser, he's going to tech doing photography and still he's fucking lazy in doing it. but I can't I can't ruin my life because she goes to the same school with me...į have exams in 2 months time. And I don't want to fail these exams decide my life... Į really need help.. How do I fuckin get over her fast... And how do I go about gettin my money back, she blocked me everywhere....į feel like a failure because of this... Į know im not perfect but God I thought she was perfect..
I guess this was my fault for not leaving her.. She went with this guy to another city for valentines day, I got worried and complained, she stressed she didn't like him but wtf.
AND WTF DO I DO WITH THE FUCKIN GIFT. I can't return it, it was bought off a stall(no refunds)
I don't know if you're a shitty person or not but I'm stunned the replies to your initial post weren't "don't be insecure/girls can have male platonic friends they spend tons of time with" etc
Accept it, move on and be indifferent with her. Reclaim your life
Cut her off completely and move on, she clearly knew ahead of time what she wanted to do
It's not his fault either, it's all her
Knock the cunt off the pedestal you've placed her on
Where in the UK?
Northern Ireland. Look I understand that she always preferred guy friends. I accepted that and was indifferent. But this one was different, after school, sometimes she'd go to his house unlike her other guy friends, and she'd constantly message him and stuff... AND sending hearts (what horror) to each other and when I confronted she said Its just jokes. It's true I find it hard to distinguish what is a joke and not, I've accepted that flaw. But that was no joke and just inappropriate if it was...
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Fucking breaks me every time I read this...
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She cucked you pretty bad. Ill never understand why chicks think that's ok
> Same happen to me
> Slap the guy around the whole city
> Nothing big happend because FİRST crime haha

Dude just slap them both !
She was my first gf, yes I was a coward I should have lef straight away when I saw this, but I was afraid of being hurt...
Lol I fuckin wish, I can. But she'll come to his defence. And contact the school. I can't have that lol I'm planning on going to Liverpool to do aerospace engineering I can't throw away this for a KALÉ
This is what happens when you put a woman on a pedastal she doesn't belong on.
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Your right I feel like slapping her . But more importantly I want my fucking money back.
This. Like I said just cut her off
It will hurt and you will suffer but you need to do it
I had an experience with a woman I placed in a pedastal, cut her off and she ended up coming back crying, best revenge really
Oh I cut her off but let me clarify, I treated her like any other person, as if she didn't exist but I replied or said a hi, almost like if you're talkingato a random dude
It triggers them seeing you happy, they want you in pain after a break up

Say bye to money, best you can do is sell shit she left and claim it didn't exist if she accuses you of anything
Jesus dubs of truth.
Thanks but I havent really many of her stuff except for a few plushies. But your right about being happy and they come back because one time I got into a fight with her long time ago and ending up splitting for a week and I knew she was being retarted and I just went along with my day happy and she came back literally crying.
She isn't very stable either she took medication for borderline personality disorder.. But she was hot as fuck and when she wasn't acting up she was actually really enjoyable and she was amazing...
Sex was amazing *

İ wish u good luck as a fellow Engineering Student :)

But how i said at least slap somebody or something like a Sandbag. İ slap the guy and i feel still great about it but, if u cant study anymore after this or ur too scared. Do some fucking martial arts like me now ! İts helping.
So she'll likely return to her safety net (you), and sadly you'll take her back
In cases like this it's good to have pride, honestly don't crumble when she returns
I couldn't forgive knowing she's swallowed some other guy's load
>I couldn't forgive knowing she's swallowed some other guy's load
Fucking this. I hate cheaters and people who "break up" for a few days, fuck someone else, and then come crawling back. I passionately hate people who think that shit is okay.
I do plenty of sports, I go to the gym every wendsday , waterpolo, and judo
I'm almost at Blue belt. I'm not scared of fights, I've been in a few during junior years. And yes I agree it does really help especially with stress
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I won't really I'm just too tired to do shit like this anymore I have exams comming up so I'm not going to let her affect me in the long run. It just sucks I'm going to see her around school
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I agree it's fucking disgusting
Yeah sorry i will not talk like all the cunts and faggs .. U have simply 2 options
1) Revenge -> relieved but guilty at the same time
2) Dont do 1) and u will think about it always and regret it that u didnt do 1)

OR ! U have no ego/proud & forgive & forget & go on like nothing happen :)
>Nobody can!
Forgive?no, mabey in the long run. But right now I'm more pissed, to do any forgiving
I think this anon have a point
I wouldn't advice slaping her but if you feel you need to beat the guy up to move on and get your dignity back just do it
Some may argue that the other guy did nothing but it's not true, he broke the code and seduced a girl who was allready taken
She did her part leaving you for him but obviously she should be the target of the revenge
The point in beating the other dude up is to hurt her trough him because if she like him then you are breaking her new toy AND make him pay for disrespecting you flirting with your gf at the time
I say they both need to pay but you can't hit a girl
So the best way to punish her is two bully him in front of her, hummiliate him and then move on with your life
Idk how I'd humiliate him, I don't know too much about him. I know Apperley that his mum is an achcoholic and his parents split up, but if you read before, she will rush to his defence and get the school involved. Fuckin me over.
A photo from her snapchat..
Best way to exercise your being indifferent, your happiness and success are your best revenge
Don't care how cliche the sounds, just don't go being her shoulder to cry on when she comes running. Don't be a dick, don't remind her you won't do it because of what you did, just act like you don't care. Someone else's problems aren't yours
Is she showing you how thick his cock is in that pic?
troll them both
you have nothing to loose now
if she actually like him then show her that he is just an orbiter with no moral
Guy like that know deep down they are doing something wrong and will lose their temper quickly you on the other hand are the victim and have nothing to effraid of
He will probably try to hit you first and if he do just beat the crap out him in front of her to remind everybody who's the real man here as oppose to the immoral orbiter and the cheating whore
Just remember you don't have any invstment anymore and are just enjoying being a troll
stay calm and let him become mad (he will becase he know he's the asshole) then punch his face and go on with your life
I have this problem of holding grudges though. Like if someone does something wrong I have a hard time letting go of it depending on the problem, like if it's a problem which is solved logically I get over it quickly, but when it comes to emotions my autism goes haywire
Oh God I never though of that..... Jesus
Į feel like I'm going to sperg now
Kek that's probably not what it is if it was in her Snapchat story. If she sent it to you specifically though...yeah that's probably what she's doing.
But I do have something to lose, an education. She'll rush to the school, mabey it could work if I see him in real life and get him to throw the first punch and then it becomes a self defence case in the eyes of on lookers
Listen to your gut and be honest for a minute
You don't love her
You are mad and it hurt your ego picturing her with another dude period
Stop hiding behind the word "love" it's just your excuse for doing nothing
It's just a game and you mad because you're losing
There is two way to climb the social ladder
Fucking girl
Fighting men
With only symbolic degrees of thees two things in between
If you fail at getting the girl
If you really did your best and it failed you only have two options
Move on and rebuild your ego with another girl or destroy this motherfucker
Whatever you need to move on but stop being sad and serious about it or you will absorb this suffering and it will stay with you forever
Let the suffering out by fucking or fighting before it settle
>being indifferent
>act like you don't care

Worst advice ever
One can't choose if he care or not he can only let the pain sink in and corrupt his ego
Don't be a depressed cuck and take actions while the pain is still in the surface and before it's too late
If you can sincerly stop caring then move on and fuck another girl asap
if you can't then stay in the battle get her back and kick the other guy ass if neccesary
Do not
- whine about it
- Cry and be depressed
- See a shrink
- Take pills or alcohol
- Run away (travel etc)

Stay in shape love yourself
Face the situation and deal with it now
Yes I am mad when I thing of her with another dude, but my ego idk? I was her first. of course I'm being serious, but no I don't love her anymore... Į just feel furious, I do want to do something but i know I'll be fucked if I do.
I'm probably going to move on, she is unstable, yet really hot, I've got important exams commin up so I need to focus on that. I'm going to do something about the money she fuckin stole from me. Again I know where he lives
and stop caring about they eyes of the on lookers
what matter is how you see yourself
if a guy disrespect you and seduce a girl you are seeing he deserved to get his ass kicked for being a prick
if all else fail make her mad showing up with your new gf or just bully the guy to teach him respect
or both whatever make you feel better
fuck what other people think
forget about the money
asking it back mean asking something from her
forget about giving her any gift she do not deserve a gift currently and you want nothing from her except maybe an apology and she probably wont appologize because she's probably not sorry
confront her shitty behavior on an emotional level
don't try to bargain or to convince her using reason
She wont like the gift because it will make her feel in debt
Same for the actual debt
The only thing you want back is your pride and you dont ask for it you take it
Yeah. Į just want to be alone right now desu, like thing is she wants to go to Liverpool too do psychology and I can guess her password for ucas cause she uses the same password for ucas.<--if I wanted to fuck up her year.
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>gather up all her belongings that are still in your possession.
>throw it all in a box and light it on fire.
>take a pic of the inferno and send it to her.
>find a new, hotter girl ASAP
>take new girl places around campus where you know your ex will see you together without making it obvious.

There's nothing stopping you from getting a girl just as good as her or trading up. If your ex confronts you either alone or with the new girl, blow her off like she's nobody.
whatever help you to feel good and proud and help you to move on
Remember it's all a game and next time do not tolerate orbiters around your gf and react in time
good luck anon
Thanks anon for heads up, I will for next time.
>angry face as default
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