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Starting a new job/Marketing myself

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So I'm starting a new job doing freelance work for a friend of a friend. I guess the best "title" for it would be digital marketing/social media management. I will be in charge of updating their business website and creating and managing social media accounts for them. They are not a huge company and this will obviously not be a full time job. I'm not worried about offending him or scaring him off with naming my price (which they suggested I do) I just have zero idea what I should ask for.

Googling "social media manager" etc shows that the "average pay" is $30k-50k, but that is definitely out of the question. He might go for that but it seems obscene for what work I will be doing.

How do I figure out what I'm worth? Also how do I stop myself from feeling guilty about asking for <insert amount> especially when they were the ones who suggested I name my price.

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When I first started what you're doing, I made $10/hr, part time. I started out in sales/event marketing, but then they moved me over to the digital space because there was a need.

This was five years ago, and I had absolutely no experience in either. If you think you really know what you're doing, something like $13 an hour might be reasonable, while on the high end, but be expected to produce results. What you're doing is generally pretty easy and can be managed by a local company with more resources and experience depending on the business's growth objectives.

I'll stick around to answer questions for that. I'm now a digital media director for a Fortune 500 company, so it worked out.
$10=15 is around what I was thinking of asking for, but had no clue if that was off base.

They have a facebook and a website, but both haven't been updated in over a year. The owner is an older person (70+) and thus has almost no idea about how this world works, so I'm not terribly afraid of them dumping me for a local company, as they didn't seem to know that people do this stuff for a living. A lot of this will be learning on the job, but they have almost no digital presence so even an "ok" job will be drastically more than they have now.

Do you enjoy it?

Is it hard to get in contact/pay google to get your website bumped up?

Again there is almost no presence so even a little will be more than what they have, but I'm terrified about screwing this up. Although I don't know how I would unless I went on a racist rant on their social media

You can't "pay" Google to get boosted in organic listings, for one. You have to use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to update keywords and metatags across your site to influence the algorithm to show you first.

To set up paid search ads, begin at https://adwords.google.com. You'll be set up on a payment plan, which can be on a credit card, or invoiced. But, it's not a simple thing, and you should do some HEAVY research into PPC marketing via search. The one tip here - you want to target a smaller audience that is more interested in your business's product, as opposed to driving them to a large number of people who have no interest in what you're selling.

Social media isn't all that important unless you're selling something that makes digital sense. Remember, the point is to not only build awareness, but build people that will become actual, converting customers. A bunch of "likes" on the page may sound great to your owner, but when he's got Pajit and Ranjab from India as his fans, they're just spam accounts that are being paid to do this kind of thing, and won't actually generate business. PLUS -- likes are not a "mailing list." Organically, about 3-5% of your fans will see your posts unless you're a major brand with an existing fanbase... and you'll need to pay up to get past that. Facebook's algorithm works mainly on organic engagement, meaning unless you search for that page, visit often, and like, click, or post often, you'll see less and less of the ad.

Anyways, you asked if I like it... eh. It's better than what I was doing before I got into it, but it's complicated, ever-changing, and people are unbelievably not tech-savvy at all, so explaining this shit can be a pain in the ass.

But it's where the money is, and you'll rarely get bored if you're doing it right.
Seriously thank you for replying to me. I mentioned the google thing because a company I worked for use to get calls from them trying to sign us up for ads, thanks for explaining that.

It's real estate so my assumption would be that social media presence would at least be helpful. To show the listings in a better manner than the clients normally do, post drone videos that we're starting etc. I could be wrong.

My wife helps admin a facebook page for a local animal shelter so I'm aware of the pajeets. A cursory glance at the current facebook page shows it is seemingly all local people who are using real accounts.

Thanks again. I'm less worried now. Worst case scenario they decide in a few months I'm not worth it right?

That sounds great! Not a problem at all. I wish you the best of luck. Real estate has a very good use case on Facebook and social media. I actually took a course for real estate marketing back in the day.

I don't have a throwaway email, but I'm on /adv/ a lot during the weekdays if you wanna throw it out there.

Have a good one.
Thread posts: 6
Thread images: 2

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