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help us we need his pic!!!

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Hi i have a friend called saddam and me and my friends know him in FB from 3yrs and he don't want to send his pic to us...even tho he says that he did send it to girls (my friends says it's a fake pic of him coz he is ugly as hell) btw we heard his voice so we know for sure he is a dude so what we should do to take his pic?
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I donot know how help u
But i thing he have a handicap
And he afraid if u see it u well disrespect him
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maybe he is hiding in a hole and scared from american soldiers
Stop replying to yourself.
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maybe he is a shemale who knows?
I think he has trust issues with his face
maybe he is saddam 'the ex president of IRAQ'
and he need to make surprise for you guys !!!!
give him more love and he will send it
how did you find him?
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Alah is watching u saddam
And he will fk u
so I think they need to fuck his ass harder to give him more love ?!!!!
why don't you go to his house and see him in real life
Take his verginity off
He seem very complicated guy...have u ever tried to kiss him ?!
NO...you should be romantic when it comes to sex with him maybe he is just a shy guy
we ask him for that actually but he refuse
then we go to his house and he refuse to open the door :/
if your friend were not man enough to show his face for his friend, then how he would survive in life with a personality like that.
I think he will get bullied a lot in the future especially in work.
I know his condition... he need a highly intelagance dick with a lot of yellow cum in his sorrom
where he lives ?
عيني صدام مشكلتك عويصة خلي جماعتك يشوفوك لا ينيجوك رسمي
what if he was a she with a man voice?
sometimes in 60 street sometimes no xD
thats happen lol
from now to sunshine he won't even have an ass to use.
شباب شنو هل شقة ثكيل ترا اكفر

ما اهتم ترى
Hey guys do u smell this...this is saddam ass get fried by hot dicks
ها صدام بعدك خنيث!
ها صدام بعدك مو زلمة و ما تدز صورتك!
ها صدام بعدك لوكي لليزا و تصير كيوت يمها!
ها صدام بعدها ليزا تهين بيك و تجي هنا تبيعهن علينة!
ها صدام بعدك تدز صورتك للبنات حتة يكللك حلو و ما تدزها لجماعتك!
ها صدام تخاف تدز صورتك لأن نسوي ميمي على ديوسك و انت مسوي ميميات كومة علينة!
ها صدام انس الكانسر داز صورتة و انت بعدك!
ها صدام بعدك متعرف الكراك و تسمي "كرك"!
ها صدام بعدك كاعد بشارع 60 تجدي بنيجة!
ها صدام بعدك كحبة راستي!
ها صدام حط "راستي" بطيزك حرف حرف عالبطيء
ها صدام بعدهن ديوسك و كرشك مترهلات و تخاف تلتقي بمحمد!
ها صدام تطلع حجة الامتحان حتة ميشوفك محمد و يصور ديوسك و كرشك و يدزهن هنا و يضيع مستقبلك!
ها صدام مصدك روحك اسمك صدام و انت مخنث المحادثة!
ها صدام بعدك تنطي الاكواد للجهال!
ها صدام متعرف تنصب الكراك!
ها صدام ليش مطي!
ها صدام 24 ساعة فاتح فيس و تصيح مفارغ!
ها صدام بعدك من نختلف عليك تشرد و ورا منخلص منك ترجع بغير موضوع حتة ما تعرض بالزايد!
ها صدام بعدك تكول ادز صورتي بس تتذكر نفسك مو زلمة و تتراجع!
ها صدام شبقة بحيطانك الحلوة!
ها صدام شبقة بديوسك و كرشك المترهلات!
من انطردت ارتاحيت صدام**
ها صدام حتى الغربة نكحوك
ها صدام ناجو طيزك المربرب
شباب ابوية ينجني اذا ادز صورتي
وهو قيادي بداعش
ويخاف علي من نكح الحشداوي
Dude don't be a pussy just show them ur ass sorry i mean ur face...that what u should tell him ma man...peace
yo saddam even the strangers rape you
yo saddam everybody fuck your fat ass
if i was your friend i will never send you my picture god you are so mean
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 12

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