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Is it time to leave?

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Title is misleading, because I actually already did leave once, from the january of 2016 up until june of 2016 when I lapsed momentarily and then recovered until the 11th of november 2016.

I felt that I was mostly happier when I stopped using 4chan, at the very least I wasn't troubled by stupid bullshit like /pol/ and sjws and while I was still the same autist I've always been, at least I was working towards some personal goals which have mostly ended since then.

I don't know, whenever I'm off of 4chan for long I end up with an itch for this stupidity and all I can remember are the good threads, and sure enough the first few days after I come back I feel great, but the honeymoon ends and the cynicism and general atmosphere gets to me again. I don't really have any friends in the real world other than a guy who calls me up once a month to talk about life and anime, I don't even know if I can make friends since I'm a diagnosed autist. I realize it's unhealthy to equate 4chan with company, but that's what it means to me.

Should I leave 4chan for good?
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Yes anon, please leave. It's for your own good. This site is nothing but a time sink and you even realised yourself that you felt happier without being here.
I might actually join you. Though I have tried several times over the years to get out of here and never managed.
Actually for the same reason as you. 4chan is company for me, it makes me feel less lonely.
Let's try leaving together, anon! There are so many better things to spend our time on than wasting away on here.
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I grew up on 4chan. Both parents were abusive, and 4chan was a great place to learn from people who were actually incredibly tolerant of me, and to express myself. I think I'd actually be a massive loser if it wasn't for 4chan. Something about this place is incredibly affirming. Like you're not the only nihilistic retard in the world, fed up with post-modernism, while battling your own degeneracy.

But now this place is holding me back. I've learned everything I can. I come here when I feel alone. I'm still very lonely. I come here when I feel anxious, it calms me. It feels familiar, and welcoming. It's like a friend on demand. But now I'm wasting my time here. It's all so stale, I don't actually enjoy it anymore. It's become a pacifier for a grown man. I want to leave, but if my mind isn't distracted with the inane shitposting that goes on here it begins to wander. I remember how alone I am. I remember how much of a scum bag I am. How I'm so insecure. How I'm confused. I realize I'm just being edgy, but it's what I really feel, so it's like I'm not actually being edgy, which is kinda worse.

There isn't much out there in the world. Thats why people keep coming back, I think. At least in the west. The west is dying. We don't have any real values. There aren't clearly defined roles anymore. You can't aspire to be a father, or a mother, or a pillar in your community, because the definitions of those things have become so broad they can mean anything, effectively taking them out of existence. Everything feels like undifferentiated goo. Reality seems fuzzy these days. It wasn't like this. I distinctly remember the days before smart phones. Everything was more lucid. Especially people.
You described quite exactly how I feel as well. Especially
>I come here when I feel anxious, it calms me. It feels familiar, and welcoming. It's like a friend on demand
And that would be nice and all if this site wasn't at the same time such a huge source of procrastination.
It should be possible to find a healthy amount of browsing. A middle-way between spending every free minute here and completely quitting. I'm just somehow unable to get there. Probably because I don't have enough self-discipline or something.

>Everything was more lucid.
I wonder a bit about this. I generally would agree, but I'm not sure if the world got less lucid or if it's me. Recently I really started noticing that my ability to concentrate has heavily diminished. And I would say that's mostly due to the constant input I get from the internet.
Maybe one just has to distance themselves a bit to get a clear image of the surrounding world again. That won't really fix other people though who are in the same haze. So yes, people indeed got less lucid, I would fully agree with that.
>Should I leave 4chan for good?
it doesnt work like that, my son. you are here forever.
For a while, I think like in 2012, or 2013 "popcorn brain" was the meme diagnosis in pop psychology. Basically too much internet and vidya can fry your dopamine circuits and make it impossible to focus. I wonder if some higher ups pulled the plug on that research for financial reasons. It was all the rage for a few months, and then people just quit talking about it.


Just googled it, actually, it was popular in 2011 apparently. Time is going too fast man.
That was the first time I even heard about this. It seems to say that the brain is altered in a way that makes it hard to recognize emotions in other humans, which I find a bit questionable.
I can't deny that the constant media exposure is doing something to our brains though. I wonder if there really aren't any other studies that deal with this topic. They might just use a different name. I would look it up, but it's late and I'm too tired.
If there is one thing I managed to not lose to 4chan than it's my sleep. Which probably is an accomplishment in some way. Excuse the rambling.
All good. I enjoyed your post. They might have another name for it, wouldn't know what to search if that is the case though.
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