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>be me >talking to a girl >ask her what kind of music

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>be me
>talking to a girl
>ask her what kind of music she likes just to continue conversation
>she says she likes indie music and procedes to name some shit-tier bands
>she then asks "What kind of music do you like Anon?"
>tell her I like metal
>she gives me a weird look and says "how can you like that stuff? Its literaly just screaming."

Should I lie about my music taste to please normies?
Depends on what you're after.
In this example, if you just want to fuck, lie.
If you want something longer term than that, tell the truth and reap whatever consequences
>he only likes one genre of music

How old are you?
Its not even about sex. Even if a friend ask me that I usally do not like to answer it because I do not want to seem weird.

Just say hard rock

Name bands like Rammstein and SOAD

Everything will be peachy
I may enjoy certain songs from other genres but I do not know about bands and stuff like that. I like some eletronic music but if someone were to talk with me about it I could not mantain a conversation.
This is the part where a normal person says "That's everyone's initial thought, but there are actually some really innovative modern advancements in the genre and I think even a layman would really like a couple of them - let me Google an example."

And then after she listens to that you listen to one of hers, etc etc. Getting to know people includes actually exchanging ideas.
So then reply by listing the genres you enjoy.

>I listen to a bit of everything. I mainly listen to metal, but I like some electronic and (insert other genre). I don't really have the time to discover new music right now though

Now she is giving you music recommendations. Its much better than just saying 'metal' like an autist.
Why would you lie? Are you ashamed of listening to metal? If so, then it ain't for you.

>she gives me a weird look and says "how can you like that stuff? Its literaly just screaming."
Why don't you prove her wrong? Generalizations like that are beyond retarded.

As someone else said, if you want to get some then lie, if not there's no need to.
Yeah you are right, I just dont feel like bothering them talking about a music genre they dont like.

Thanks man, I will try this.
The problem here is that you look down on her taste, while in an ideal world would like her to laud yours.

Why care about what others think and what makes others tastes worse than yours?
You have tastes in music that screams teenage boy wonder, you admittedly don't know dick all about other bands, but you have an opinion about "shit-tier bands".

I'd stay away from conversation about music entirely, since you have no vested interest and no knowledge or personality to add to a conversation about it.
You're looking at this the wrong way. You don't have to lie, you just have to be aware of your audience.

It's safe to assume most women who say they listen to indie music don't listen to metal due to the differences in the genres. For this reason, saying that you listen to primarily or exclusively metal is likely not the wisest choice. This isn't because you don't want to be honest but that your goal should be establishing commonality.

So how can you establish commonality on a subject for which you have no commonality?

This is where sidestepping is useful.

If you know no indie bands, just say "That's interesting. I haven't listened to indie much. Do you go to a lot of concerts around here?"

If you only know of a few indie bands, say "I've heard of those but never really listened to them much. I'll have to look deeper into them. Do you have any other favorites?"

If you know a decent amount about indie and know of some bands she didn't mention, say "Oh, I was just listening to (Band). Have you heard of them?"

Notice how all of the answers ignored her question and put the spotlight back on her? This is useful in keeping a person interested and also making the person feel like you're engaged in them.

You're probably thinking "What if she asks it again? Do I sidestep again?" In that case, no. Instead, make a playful remark like "What kind of music do you think I would be into?"

Again, this isn't about withholding truth or about lying, it's about engaging an audience that you know has different opinions on a subject than you do.
>Do I sidestep again?
>Instead, sidestep again.

I get where you're headed Romeo, but this is a lot of common sense mixed with book drivel.
Unfortunately though, this isn't common sense.

Take for example politics. People constantly find themselves at ends with another person over politics. Someone states their opinion, asks the opinion of the other person, they answer honestly, an argument ensues, and both parties leave the conversation on a negative note. Meanwhile, the whole thing could have been salvaged from the beginning by just saying "I haven't heard it said quite like that. Tell me more about what you think." And then proceeding to ask thoughtful questions about their point of view without getting into an argument.

Also, what I meant at the end was more that you shouldn't just shy from the question again but more engage with the question and eventually say your stance without just going "Uhh I liek metal"

Don't lie about your taste. It really doesn't matter.
Musical preference is irrelevant to a relationship.
Of course it's nice to like the same of anything but it's not common to have everything in common
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 1

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