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Share your problems.

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21. M. In third world country.
HS dropout.
Rarely leave the house due to social anxiety.
This causes depression.
Been kicked out and left home, back again.
Doc says no meds, "You've had traumatic experiences you need to work through"
Chest pains, waking up with numb right hand
No-one to talk to. Parents are 90% venomous.
I feel you anon

> college dropout
> move back in with parents
> no friends in the area
> Something is wrong mentally, got 2 parking tickets in 3 days as I forgot to register my car as parked both times
> fuck up on the job a lot

at least i got a job
Try not to mess up at work and you'll be aces man
I'm setting a calendar reminder on my phone every two hours that reminds me what you said to me while we were together last night.
>You will never be with me. Ever.

Yeah thanks anon. Idk why but I do a lot of stupid shit, today I started teaching first grade when I was supposed to be in fourth grade, left my keycard at home, forgot to sign papers etc. New job so trying to figure out the ropes
20. Kissless Virgin fearing women because of inexperience. Not really ugly but not perfectly beautiful either.
I honestly don't want a girlfriend and want one at the same time. I feel like i'm so inexperienced that even if I begin to try, either she doesn't care or they are attracted to my "friends" instead of me, no matter how hard I try.
I have friends which are fat, ugly with shitty clothes and already got 1 or 2 girlfriends while I got nothing. The problem is probably how I act with them. I honestly don't really know.
I used to be a timid piece of shit, it sorts of changed but i'm still single and inexperienced which makes me even more afraid about kissing or actually engaging in some physical contact and interactions with women I'm interested in.
I'm lost and I don't even know of I've confidence about myself or not.
It's probably a transition era, but I'm still devastated about my loneliness once or twice a month.
I need help but I'm lost I don't even know how to deal with this and if there truly is a problem.
Kissless virgin
No friends
Crippling anxiety, almost certainly have aspergers but too scared to see a doctor
Have been drinking constantly for the past 12 years and am now very sick, vomit bile every morning, chest pains, vertigo
Have been addicted to benzos for 3 years
Going psychotic from LSD abuse
Have my suicide method and location planned
Don't see the point of getting help because there is no way out of this but death
20 and im about to start rolling downhill
about to drop out of college because i cant do basic math
mom will kick me out
i make barely any money working
no real friends
no realistic aspirations
not really living
If it makes you feel any better, I was in the same boat a year ago. One night I was thinking I was going to die a virgin/hit wizard status, then I matched with an old coworker on tinder. In a night of bravery, I ended up inviting her over while my parents were gone for the weekend and lost my virginity. You never know what life might throw at you or give you an opportunity to take.

With virginity (and I've verified this with various close online girl friends) most don't care as long as if you listen to what they like/are willing to learn.

For the girlfriend thing, that's probably because they put themselves out there more/have lower standards.
22, F.

I had a nervous breakdown last year from working two jobs and going to school full-time. I quit my second job and now I can't get the drive to finish college and get my AA Degree because I'm depressed and unmotivated to keep up with schooling.

Parents are bleeding me dry of money and I would have moved out already had I not attempted to make my mom happy. (I bought her a washer and dryer and help her pay bills on a regular basis.)

She also wants me to get a second job again.

On that note, my parents are venomous who actively look for things to complain about and threaten to constantly to throw me out despite the fact I more or less pay rent.

I have no friends to fall back on despite how much I want to leave this situation, and I don't have any money either.

I just want to kill myself. I can't even imagine being alive by the time I turn 25.
>Couldn't make an irl friend if my life depended on it. It's different when I'm interested in a girl, but oh man when a classmate asks to hang out because for some reason my mind is okay with strangers, I choke up and panic and say no.

>Can't maintain a close friendship or any friendship I make online really. I don't think I've had a close friend for longer than 2 years without something going wrong and us not talking anymore since I was 12. Whether that's one of us growing apart from the other, them making me extremely mad, or me making them extremely mad, it always ends and it always hurts so much.

>Because of the first and second points, I've run out of close friends and my closest friend hasn't replied to me since Tuesday and we've barely been talking and growing apart since December. And I know she's going to say sorry and give some bs reason when really I know that it's because she doesn't like me as a friend anymore, just like the gagillion other friends I've had just like her in this phase of the friendship.

>She's either going to break off the friendship fully (unlikely because I'm still kind of friends with her boyfriend) or she's just going to start slowly replying to me less and less then straight up ghost me. That'll leave the friendship dying with a whimper and I'd hate to see that. I can see it coming, I know it's coming, but my clingy ass can't let go of that little glimmer of hope that it's just a rut she's going through and she wouldn't lie like everyone else has to me before.

>After she's gone, I'm going to be left with friends that I hate and don't connect with but it's better than being lonely so I still talk to them.

>>Probably have borderline personality disorder but I'm not sure how to ask my therapist about it.
It's the economy and the political system. Go start a revolution or something.
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I just got the reply from the military
I'm accepted
Further testing in the future

>And the Winged Hussar arrived!
>have panic disorder
>have PTSD
>have low self esteem, but has gotten much better in the past 5 years
>have everyone who knows me treat me like I'm an idiot, when I have a tested IQ of 156
>finally get to the age where I really don't give 2 shits what people think about me and quit feeling guilty for mistakes I made as a teenager and young adult.
>tonight a random story that we were both involved in turns into my husband basically accusing me of having a different father for my son (who's 20 years old now), and has completely BLOWN ME OUT OF THE WATER. Since I absolutely know 100% that he's his dad.
>I'm fucking stymied, hurt, and angry, especially since I've dedicated my life to my husband and child, in lieu of my own dreams, because I want them to the be happiest people in the world.
>I give the fuck up. DONE. I'm tired of being hair-shirted and done with the self flagellation, I've been a fucking MODEL citizen, wife, and mother.
get genetic testing to prove it then. it's cheap. couple hundred dollars at most. you can even use 23andMe to do it.
Oh absolutely, I 100% suggested that. I actually insisted that if that was going to keep up that we DO IT.
He doesn't want to, because "of the effect on our son". But our son is 20 years old, and a fully functioning adult, (and whip smart) so I really don't think he'd freak out that badly. I mean, I'm sure he'd freak out a little, but fuck. This is a no win situation, it's all about weird jealously and IDK what. I'm all for getting this shit put to rest. A hundred percent.
Why does he think it's not his kid?
Because AFTER I got pregnant, when my hormones were all fucked up, I made him move out (it was crazy, and I fully admit to that), and I was hanging out with the people I work with, one of whom was a guy that put the moves on me. There's no credible reason though, for him to doubt his paternity, it' just him being fucking weird and crazy.
26 year old guy here

I have a bachelors degree, but am working a job that's designed for people with an associates and am earning between $5-10k less per year than most of my friends with the same degree. I know some day I'll have to get a better job, but I like mine right now since it's very stress free and I know those "bigger boy" jobs are very stressful.

>CPA Exam
Haven't started studying for my CPA exam even though I've met the requirements to sit for it over 1.5 years ago now.

I am very skinny, standing at 6' and less than 150 pounds (147 last time I checked).

>Self diagnosed bi-polar condition
Some days I'm happy as a clam, others I'm so depressed I can't even leave my house (unless I have to go to work).

>No gf/virgin
Self explanatory

>Live at home
Not sure this counts as I voluntarily choose to live at home since I could afford to live on my own. I don't like living with my parents anymore, but hate the idea of paying some landlord's mortgage off either more. Don't want to buy a house since I'm going to force myself to apply to "bigger boy" jobs soon and I don't know where I'll end up living.

White in a third world shithole trying it's best to inspire anti-white sentiment. Studying correspondence and don't feel intelligent enough, no matter how much friends tell me I'm some sort of genius
Fear of women, fear of rejection kills any hope for connection
No motivation to do anything anymore
Mental illnesses getting worse and worse.
Oh and never had a job. Panic attack on the first day whenever I get one. Bright prospects.
I have phimosis and stretching isn't working. I don't want to have a freak penis.
Try going to a doctor and getting steroidal cream. It should help.
Fuck that. Start saving so you can move out.
Don't overwhelm yourself, you're my age :)
Have you seen Yes Man? Just make it a rule that your default answer is yes.
It helps, don't back out.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 2

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