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Alright it seems i can only write fucking novels so this is a two parter:

I'm having a small drama problem i guess is the best way to describe it.
It's nothing serious but it bugs me.

>just started 2nd semester at a european uni
>got a friend at 1st sem
>like 5'7 - 5'8 and kind of a chad type, his looks gets him all the ladies
>can be very superficial at times especially about girls, how people dress and act, but generally ok, not the biggest of cunts
>we hit it off though, we get close and he tells me really personal stuff
>live with him for a month since i can't find and apartment (he offered me to stay)
>get an apartment at end of semester. Try to maintain contact during winter vacation
>it seems like i only write to him, asking to hang out
>2nd semester just started
>he's not really ignoring me, but he's definitely not trying hard at all to get together and meet
>try to talk between classes and such. got together once (after a lot of planning). It seems we're not very close anymore dunno what happened.
>be today in class, went over to talk to him
he hits me in the dick
>hit him back not hard at all though (even though now i wish i did) and then we start talking as if nothing happened
>class resumes and as i sit down i just can't concentrate "why did he hit me" is basically going on in my mind etc. "was it just for fun?" etc etc
>class ends and we go home, as the past week he just kind of leaves after 5 minutes of talking with classmates, doesn't ask if i was up for something.
Part two (with the question)

Sorry for the high school stacy type drama but i'm very confused and don't know how to act about it.
I'm living in this big city far away from anyone i know, and he's basically the only "real" friend i have.
As i said he's kind of superficial, only the hottest of girls are good enough for him
talking about how people dress, and how some do an effort fashion wise and others don't.
The past week i just have not given a fuck about dressing 'fashionably' (which he definitely noticed) i also started having fun/talking with other classmates
who i know he does not consider especially cool/mature.

And he doesn't seem interested in the social events we have (mostly going out and drinking) he's not putting in the social effort with our class which is fine, he can do what he pleases, but it's merely because of the superficial reason of them not being cool, or dresing cool enough and not being "mature" enough. Fair enough i suppose.
he has not said that directly, but as i said we got really close, and i would certainly say i understand the way he thinks, and what he thinks (at least in these matters).
He mainly goes out only with his friends from his high school, because the bars where we hold the events are not very club like.

But i don't know man i mean he hit me in the dick, and he hasn't really been trying to get together at all.
If i had other friends this wouldn't be as much of problem at all, but this event got me thinking about the past month, where he has been ignoring me more or less, should i even put up with him?

TLDR (only) chad friend hit me in the dick, and is kind of ignoring me, should i just let it slide or is he toxic to be around?
are you gay?
my post certainly seem to indicate it, but no.
Nigga I ain't reading your novel, the tldr was too vague, like, did he hit you on purpose or by accident?
Hitting someone in the dick is a very old Roman tradition that got basically passed down to all European cultures. Romans used to do it to friends they haven't seen for a while. It's kind of a friendly, but a very firm, handshake. You were supposed to hit him in the dick properly too, now he only thinks you're some wimpy pussy faggot who can't even hit a friend in the dick. In Roman society those who couldn't hit the dick well were the bottoms in the consensual homosexual relations when the Roman wives were being uppity.

When you next see him, make sure to hit him in the dick properly to assert your status as a man of worth and status. You can also try to kick him in the nuts, but that sometimes goes too far and can lead to your friend prostating in acceptance of your dominance, which to some can be confusing.
Can confirm, there's some crazy fucked up dick hitting that goes on. I was very uncomfortable travelling in Finland, they invited me into a drunken sauna spree and every time someone came in, the one with the water scoop slapped the guy, who just came in, on the dick with it. I was very uncomfortable.
You're joking?
wasn't an option, he was sitting down. Also probably not a good idea to be the one starting the dick hitting, he's buff and i'm skinny.
On purpose but i think i'm putting too much into it, it wasn't as if he hit me square in the bojangles.

I would just think it's not something you do, once you start uni.

Also should have mentioned why i'm blowing this up, is because i have for a long time thought of dropping out, and this might be what makes me do it.

Trying with a tldr again:
Only uni friend hit me in the dick, he also doesn't seem like he wants to hang around me/with me. I am basically friendless except this guy, and i am thinking of dropping out, now more than ever.
It's true.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 2

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