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Should I stay a virgin?

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I'm a 19 years old kissless male virgin who'll have a great chance of scoring this weekend. Should I go for it?

The reason I ask is that I believe sex is supposed to be a romantic, loving act. Not just something you do with a stranger/acquaintance. But at the same time my dick is telling me yes and it would be great to get some life experience.
Really, my personal beliefs are irrational; sex doesn't have any intrinsic value. But abandoning my beliefs as soon as I get the chance to defy them makes me a great big hypocrite.

I'm heavily leaning towards not doing it but I would like to hear your opinions on the matter. It probably won't change my mind but I'm interested in what other people might think. Thanks

sometimes becoming a hypocrite simply means growing up a little bit.

people mistake hypocrite to mean anyone who has ever contradicted themselves. but thats not what it means. it means to say something is bad or wrong while actively doing it.

someone who did a lot of drugs in their youth isn't a hypocrite because they advocate against drugs in later years. they have simply had the experience, learned that its not good and want to help spread the word.

even cigarette users arent technically hypocrites for advocating against smoking because they're doing it more or less against their will, they dont want to be smokers but it is a strong addiction.

in your case, you're just given an opportunity to grow and you might take it.

a lot of people in their teens can't seem to fathom how someone could possibly cheat, they think its the worst thing in the world.

but as soon as they are tempted it happens. a 'knight in shining armor has never had his metal tested' and all that.

sit down and think about it this way, is it a BIG DEAL if you have sex? like sure you believe sex is supposed to be romantic but does it HAVE To be?

like, you know you should eat healthy for dinner but is it a BIG DEAL if you have some pizza instead?

the world isn't divided into right and wrong. doing this wouldn't ruin you. one thing you need to do as you get older is stop looking at every single opportunity as something that will make or break you. so many men are afraid to experiment with other men because they think one sex act with another guy will ruin them and make them gay.

people act like a bad sex is equivelent to brutal rape, but its not. it sucks, sure but you learned a little something and get on with your life. its like when you were a kid and you'd fall down and skin a knee. not the end of the world. you just get back up.
OP don't let the people on 4chan tell you if you should or not if you believe one thing then believe it and don't let others pressure you into something else
Oh, come off it. Realizing that your beliefs were irrational, that it's harmless and healthy, and that you do in fact want to do it, are all GREAT reasons to abandon your beliefs. It's not hypocrisy unless you turn around afterwards and start judging people for having casual sex having just done it yourself (and do note that there's a difference between having casual sex a few times, and fucking everything that moves and consents until you're 30 -- a lot of people on this board seem unable to tell the difference).

Sex CAN BE and often is a romantic and loving act, but having casual sex once, or a handful of times, does not ruin your love-receptors or reduce it to a meaningless act when you do it with someone you care about in the future.

I'll also note that 1. the future love of your life, unless you seriously restrict your dating options, is unlikely to be a virgin, and 2. when you meet her, having a little sexual experience is likely to serve you much better than being as pure as a field of freshly-fallen snow.

But it's your call, dude. If you don't want to do it, then don't. But as far as I'm concerned you haven't really put forth any great reasons not to.
get that pussy nigga
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Perhaps it's just that I'm a stubborn fucker and that I don't like to admit that I'm wrong. However, it feels like a dangerous precedence to set, that ideals are to be thrown out the window whenever you get the chance to come out on top for it.

Thinking now, the thing that I want really isn't tha puss, it's hanging out with girls and shit so that I can grow as a person. I don't need to fuck to do that. My dick would like it, but my hand'll cover that shit.

I'll probably go ahead and take the first chance I get after this, but knowing that I managed to stick by my beliefs without faltering once is enough for me.

Thanks for helping me out.


Thanks man, don't worry ill be true to myself. If anything, the societal pressure is stopping me since I'm a contrarian faggot who don't need no society to tell me what to do.
Thanks for the replies guys.
Just call this experience "fucking" and the romantic version "making love". This way you can experience one part of it and still remain a "virgin"

Anyway, I regret things I didnt do more than the things I did
Ha that's funny, I regret the shit I did and didn't do equally.
Here's a thought OP. Why don't you just go with the flow and see what happens?
For this one time, listen to your dick - just have your other head enough in the game to remember wearing a condom
Jerk off, and see how you feel about it then.
Don't do something you might regret after you nut.

Good luck, mate
I'd say don't, you can always get a second chance at fucking someone random, but if you do it you'll never get to experience your first time with someone special. I don't think it matters, it's not a big deal, but I'm personally waiting as well. Not because I believe it's somehow better, I just don't feel like doing it with someone I don't love. And I just have a feeling you're more likely to regret doing it than not doing it, from what you've written here. Don't stress about it, just do what feels right for you.
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