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I'm an angry, hateful person who hates his life. And it's

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I'm an angry, hateful person who hates his life. And it's all because of my misogyny.

I'm also deeply into femdom, and find female supremacy a turn on. My misogyny, of course, conflicts with this.

I truly believe if I just accepted my femdom ideologies in day to day life, and started seeing women as superior, I'd be a much happier man.

Unfortunately, I just feel like it conflicts with everything that's natural. I need to be shown the light. I need to be convinced that women ARE better than men.


How about see a therapist instead and work through your obvious mommy issues.

why do people get so offended by misogynists and retort with "lol mommy issues!!!!!"

can you tell me why misogyny is so bad, and why women deserve respect and love instead

because that would answer my question in the OP
>why women deserve respect and love

There is literally no reason why they don't. Women and men have much much more in common than they are different, and in fact many differences between men and women get disproportionate attention culturally because most people are straight and enjoy this cultural mythology about how strange and exotic the opposite sex is.
Compare it to our bodies. Whether looking at our genitals or our brains, men and women have countless more similarities than differences. But because we have an excessive focus on men having dicks and women tits etc, we FEEL like it's different worlds.

Why would women be inferior? Women have always had their place and share in society. There is no logical reason why you should value working hard as another factory laborer is more important or worthwhile than working hard to raise new citizens and keep the household afloat.
Women have the same median IQ as men, they actually do better in higher education in this day and age. They do a hell of a lot better than men when it comes to addiction, violence, and mental health.

Basically the only real reason to hate women is because you harbor a more personal, less rational contempt, and that's not something anyone is going to convince you differently about.
We're not better than men, in general.
I suggest you find a quality woman whom you respect. There are plenty of intelligent, self sufficient, hardworking women who are also loving and patient.
If you were to see a particular woman as your equal in most ways, then slipping in to femdom in a sexual context would not feel unnatural.

Don't try to convince yourself that modern femininity is worthy of respect, because it's not. Even as a woman I can tell you that.

This is good, I'm going to save this in a word document to remind me.

The hatred is definitely irrational, but I don't know where it comes from. I wish I loved women, and am trying to.
Can you point anything specific out when you do some introspection? If you notice that you simply hate women for being women (eg you can't stand to hear female laughter, even if there is zero reason to assume it's aimed at you or mean-spirited in any way, simply because it's feminine) then yeah chances are something fucked up your perception of the female gender in your past and the biggest chance is that you hated your mother and projected that hatred on everyone "like her" aka female.

Not trying to offend you as someone already called mommy issues, this is simply the most common way this stuff happens if you don't consciously know what it could be.
Also I forgot to include this but a good concrete suggestion is to actively try to group women as people. So if you meet a woman you like/respect, don't tell yourself that "this is a woman I like/respect for once", tell yourself "this woman is a person I like/respect". It is really easy to slip into perception bias (basically filtering out stuff that you can put into perspective yourself and shrug off, while attaching too much weight to whatever piece of information happens to feed into the world view you already have) and to thoroughly try to correct that you ideally want to start judging people one by one. So also the other way around: if you have negative conceptions about women (eg "women always exaggerate") and you notice a man displaying that same behavior, actively note to yourself that you saw a man do this etc to keep your mind open and not get sucked into a mindset where you're only looking for more impressions that women are shit.
This is also made harder because it is kind of addictive to make yourself angry but it's a long term process of course.
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Yeah, I seem to hate them for being women. Their voices fill me with rage -- they're so "weak" sounding. I hate the sound of a woman's voice.

I don't hate my mom though. She may be mentally ill, and annoy me a lot, but there's no hatred there.
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Added to my word document. Will definitely keep this in mind.

You sound smart and seem to know your stuff.

I rarely you do this but do you have skype or any kind of IM system?

Although I really should just get a psychiatrist already, rather than leech off of a stranger.
You don't have to consciously hate her. Obviously this is even a step below armchair psychology as I know barely anything about your life and am not a professional, but just to give you an idea, if she's mentally ill then I bet you have seen her in vulnerable, incompetent or even downright humiliating situations at times. That's not a position a child should see their parent, an authority figure, in, and it can evoke rage/disgust/fear to have to take on the parenting role for your own mother or father before you are ready to deal with that role reversal. Perhaps you at some point grew to resent her inability to handle herself or her life and associated that with women and the signs of them being weaker than men physically?
Misogyny is bad because the individual is a better predictor of the outcome of literally any situation than gender. All prejudice does is cause you to believe a certain set of circumstances exists that may not exist, which leads to conclusions based on faulty data. No valid conclusions can be derived from a fallacy, anon.
I literally don't, If you really want to give me your email address, I'm not opposed to talking more but I should warn you upfront that I'm not the kind of penpal who shoots back a message the same day or anything, I'm kind of shitty with handling those things right away. If that's fine with you and you still want the input, I'll reply and you'll know how to contact me.

But yeah I absolutely think you should consult a professional regardless. This is only going to fuck over your life, even disregarding what you do or don't do with women personally, carrying constant irritation and anger around takes a bigger toll on your reserves than you probably realize being used to it.
Alright I sent you a message.

Feels a bit presumptuous to try to conclude anything based on that but I'd personally say that it doesn't have to matter that you never developed a full on hatred for your mother. Our parents are people we have intensely complicated dynamics with, where love and strongly negative emotions can co-exist just fine. At the same time they (and other family members that are prominently in the picture) shape our expectations of the other sex (or, in case of the same sex parent, we find our role model for how to be a proper (wo)man). It doesn't seem impossible or even unlikely to me at all that you managed to get the idea from growing up as your mother's son that women are unable to handle responsibility or carry themselves with dignity or whatever, without necessarily concluding that your mother is a bad person or parent all around.
you sound retarded.

please kill yourself.

ps: nothing is normal. your reality is subjective and relative. do you and chill the fuck out. if you're misogynistic but also like femdom, think if it like you're berating women by making them serve you by dominating you.
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