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Can my friend get in legal trouble for messing with his ex's

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So my friend just found out that his ex girlfriend cheated on him while they were together. He is beyond angry and wants to get revenge on her, and he thinks that a good revenge on her would be going on her instagram and deleting a bunch of pictures on her instagram. Keep in mind that this girl's instagram and her pictures is literally her world and she is very proud of the amount of likes she gets on some pictures, so this would probably ruin her (yes she's that shallow). I told him that this might not be a good idea because the way he has access to her instagram account is through her email, which he guessed her password to pretty easily. What are the chances he'd get caught for doing this? Is this illegal? Just FYI he lives in Alberta, Canada. Thanks
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Weeeeell, it would be easier if the roles were reversed. In Canada (and rest of the west today) a man can be jailed for almost any reason if he has taken any action against a woman which she didn't want. It can be called harassment, bullying, cyber attacks, psychological attacks, even rape, and he could be jailed without any proof. Such is the way of the law today, she can make up any story about why/what he did and she will be believed 90% of the time. This does not work the other way, we're living in a women-first society and this is not going to change, probably in our lifetime.

If he's smart he would realize all women are cheating whores and try to remember that the next time he meets a girl he thinks is special, she's not.
However, if he wants some form of revenge I would advise to keep it out of the digital world unless he's good at hiding his tracks digitally. And seeing how you're already making a digital paper trail to him, I'd say don't even think about doing anything like that.

If he wants revenge, take it in the real world and make sure there are no traces. If he goes this route, his biggest danger of getting caught is himself not being able to STFU, which I can tell he has trouble with already since he has told you so much about these "plans".
My bet is that this friend is made up and that it's you considering revenge.

My tip then, is find something IRL she loves, like a car or apartment, and start fucking with it. My favorite is a tooth pick in a door lock. Very hard to trace without surveillance, expensive to fix and is very swift and easily done. Just jam it all the way in and brake off whatevers still poking out. She probably won't see it before she tries to stick her key in and then its fucked
Haha I understand why you'd think its me, but its not. He's a good friend of mine and we basically trust each other with everything. I think you're right to a certain degree, but how would she prove that he's the one going on her email/instagram? If she can't prove it, I highly doubt he could get blamed legally for it. First of all, she might not even assume its him, or anybody at all for that matter. Shes pretty dumb so she might just assume that instagram "deleted" her photos for some reason. But even if she did suspect it was him, how would she successfully take legal action by not being able to prove its him? Oh, and he's far too lazy to do anything IRL.
He also has countless nudes of her that she sent him. He wouldn't do anything with those because its highly illegal... Right?
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Thing is, if she gets a hunch about him (or anyone) doing it, she can just take that hunch to the police and they will take care of the rest for her. This is pussy privilege (or pussy pass if you will).

Sure, she can't prove anything, but the police will contact instagram, get the IPlogs and trace it back. It's not very hard when you have access to any register and database you could want, there is no such thing as privacy rights etc. online any more.

Even holding on to them could be considered rape (unless you have written confirmation from her allowing you to keep the pictures indefinitely), and telling someone about them is rape etc.. Watch your backs boys, the law and police are not in your country to protect you, they're there to protect the women and punish you if any woman wants you punished.

My rule when it comes to revenge is to wait X amount of years since last time I saw the person IRL or had any contact. If I'm still angry at what that person did (four) years later, I will take my revenge. This makes the person very confused on why and who could be responsible, police won't assume it's you because you haven't had any contact, the person probably forgot what they did to you etc.. It also stops you from letting emotions get the best of you and you probably won't be mad after so much time. If you're still mad, then it's a good sign that it's something worth avenging. With that much time you should also be able to lay a great plan that will not get you caught.
Thread posts: 6
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