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How do I gain weight? I'm 90 pounds and eating too much

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How do I gain weight? I'm 90 pounds and eating too much makes me feel sick. I eat whenever I'm hungry and try to keep track of calories but if I'm not careful I will litterally lose 10 pounds in a week.

I think my body would look much better with a little fat.
First I'd recommend talking with your primary doctor about this issue and second, I'd suggest weight training. You don't need a gym. Google how to weight train without a gym and you'll be amazed at the possibilities. I struggle with keeping my weight at an adequate level. I life weights to put on more pounds and it fills out my body more, making look and feel better, fitting clothes much better too.
Carb-powder. Like protein powder, but with an absurd ratio of carbohydrates. Put it in the blender with milk, wala, high density milkshakes.
>I will literally lose 10 pounds in a week
that's not normal, have you talked to your doctor about this?
Normally I'd say reddit.com/r/gainit, but unless you're 5'0" being 90 lbs is death tier. You need to go to the doctor ASAP to see if you have cancer or some shit that's eating you up.
I haven't thought to. What I mean is, if I gain 10, I'll lose it again in a week and always go back to my same weight of 90.

I don't feel tired or sick, I eat when I'm hungry. I didn't think it seemed like a medical problem.

More like when I'm distracted I just forget to eat or I'm too lazy to eat.
I should probably say 5'1" female. My bad. I just want to be softer and not underweight.

I've been 90 pounds since I was in grade school.
Your body's structure is influenced by your genes. What's your background? Maybe your background is genetically predisposed to being on the smaller side.
Don't eat too often...always skip breakfast, and even lunch if you can. But when you finally do eat, eat a lot. This will be easy, because you'll be really hungry. Also, your metabolism will have slowed down from your fasting; more of the food will be converted to fat.

Always set out a large variety of fattening food, more than you can eat. This will stimulate the appetite. Even if you can't finish, you'll eat a great deal. A variation of this is to eat a lot of non-sweet food--burgers or pasta or something--and then, when you feel like you can't eat another bite, switch to something sweet for dessert. You'll find you have more room than you thought.

Exactly what you eat is not so important. Eat the foods you enjoy the most, especially if they're fattening.

If eating lots of fattening food makes you feel nauseated, eat less of it. Gradually increase the the proportion of fattening food you eat until you can eat lots of it easily.

Don't eat too much, if you eat to the point of pain, overeating may become a chore and become harder and harder to do.
Both parents over weight by a bit. Neither as short as me. I suppose my grandmothers are tiny though.

Body weight isn't genetics though. I'd just rather deal with mild hunger than get up and make food.

Know anything that's crazy high in calories? I've tried eating straight penut butter throughout the day but only gained a few pounds before I got sick of it.
stop being a pussy and just eat more.

I suggest crap with a 50/50ish mix of calories from carbs and fats, tricks the brain into keeping you hungry for longer. Also should be relatively dry, dense and easy to chew so you can get more of it down quickly!

Milk chocolate, halva and nuts all fit the profile, to name a few.
This is unhealthy and not a good idea.

Body weight and how to maintain it and your health are genetics. Also, its best to eat six small meals throughout the day (3 big meals and 3 small snacks in between). It's best to set a time for each of these meals too. Eating when you're hungry and only eating a little bit actually conditions your body to go into starvation mode, thereby converting whatever you ingest into fat. Since you usually stay 90lbs it sounds like you have a high metabolism and are still fairly young. You need to get into better habits of eating. Are you afraid of getting fat?
This sounds like it is just water weight if you can gain and lose 10lbs that quickly.

If you want to gain weight then eat more nuts. Just keep a bowl of cashews nearby and eat one every now and then. You won't get full and cashews are a caloric goldmine at around 5.5 calories per gram.

If you still don't gain weight then something is wrong with your digestive system and you should go see a doctor.
nothing unhealthy about it at all
Thread posts: 14
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