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adult adhd

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is adult adhd a real thing?
as in not being diagnosed with adhd until you are an adult.

throughout school I was the typical don't do any homework kid, other than what I could blast through during school time. the only homework I did at home were big projects that would affect other people's grades, and stuff that would seriously fuck me over if I didn't do it, and if I HAD to do those things it would be to minimal effort.

I made it through school very easily though, I was a grade ahead on the "science(s)" branch of my school ( it was a small school ) for example I would be taking chemistry at grade 10 instead of 11, etc. this was the same for maths until my lack of effort caught up and it was impossible to gimmick tests and I took the same math class twice.

i got very good scores on all tests and shit, and was the stereotypical positive reinforcement millennial.

getting into college i realized that not paying attention and neglecting school work would actually fuck my ass, nto just progressing through school but fininacially so i read around online about adhd symptoms

- dogshit memory (I've told same story to same people within a few days, shit memory)
- horrendous inability to concentrate on something for a long time
- start up ambitious projects to abandon them hours later
-you get it

so i go to a doctor and he says yeah, you got adhd pal. and he gives me 30 mg of vyvanse, been taking this for a few months, and i find it does nothing but make me less socially anxious.

[what actually matters in the thread]

does use of ampthetimes, short term or long term fuck you up?

do i really need to be taking this if it doesn't help?
I've had adhd since I was a child. In school I would not concentrate be extremely loud. I don't support putting children on medication when they're too young to understand them. I am grateful for them on the other hand I also had family to help me. I struggled with memory concentration starting crazy goals and not accomplishjng them in a matter of days switch to another. I do not take medication I try to live with it instead. I see medications as a temporary fix and want to learn how to live with it because like you said being on it did nothing except social issues
it's 100% possible to not be diagnosed with ADHD which is more complex than just a yes/no diagnosis. IMO everyone has it to some degree, but most people keep it in check or are mildly affected and can live with it. Being diagnosed with it just means your case is more on the severe end. IDK why you're not taking dextroamphetamine though, that shit is king. Wish I had adhd so I could take some.

What does dextroampethemines do differently?

Thx for replies
Just smoke some weed, chill. Don't get too high. Just high enough to be able to enjoy it while still being able to get productive and get shit done.

Cut big pharma out. They always find a way to give you a prescription for anything. Anxiety? This dangerous and poisonous drug that could possibly get you addicted will help with that.
Dexedrine is nice but only in small amounts. Moderate or higher doses just make me feel like a robot, get stuck on things, have a very dry mouth, etc. I don't understand how or why people can abuse this stuff. It's only remotely pleasant at the lowest dosing range.
>tfw adderal ruined my life but its the only thing that makes me feel good, if only for a few hours

yea this is what im afraid of, reading around online and "adhd communities" i didn't find information about adderall fucking people up long-term, but I felt like that was horseshit because 'obviously' meth can fry your brain, why can't adderal?
dextromethamphetamine (meth) is neurotoxic. dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine (mix = Adderall; dextro only = Dexedrine, or complexed as Vyvanse) is not neurotoxic. that's why. meth will actually damage your brain. normal amphetamine merely leaves you with some withdrawal symptoms if you overuse it (lazy, sleepy, unfocused for a few weeks, though no headaches like caffeine causes).

Take it as prescribed and don't abuse it and you'll be fine.

ADHD communities never helped me much, they always made me feel paranoid and more aware of my symptoms. I'd rather try to shake off something than think "this is my disorder" whenever I'm having a worse day.
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