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I've lost all motivation to continue trying to do well in

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I've lost all motivation to continue trying to do well in college.

Any effort I put in comes out as mediocre grades, lack of sleep, and depression.
I'm failing 2 classes and slowly dropping in another, all of which I need for my major.

How do people do this college bullshit?
I see so many people who seem to breeze through even harder classes without any perceived effort while I'm trying to do my best with no reward.

I don't even want to think about dropping out but I'm feeling inadequate.

What do?
Too little info to give advice.

Are you working?
Do you genuinely enjoy and want to do your major as a career?
What would you do if you dropped out?
What year are you?
Mechanical Engineering
>Are you working?
No, schedule's too spread out and I want to be able to focus on school.
>Do you genuinely enjoy and want to do your major as a career?
No idea, I only chose ME because I was good at math and science in high school but thats not true anymore. Don't know what kind of jobs they do or if I'd enjoy it.
>What would you do if you dropped out?
Maybe apply for an apprenticeship at a shipbuilding company but the thought of doing manual labor until I can retire isn't appealing.
>What year are you?
Freshman, 2nd semester
Right well I'll give you my experience first, then some thoughts.

Finished HS 2 years later than I should've because of bad grades that I had to fix. Went to college after, thought I would love it, hated it. Dropped out second year (anthro major). Worked in restaurants after that, decided to pursue fulltime my biggest passion (illustration). Worked hard on it but after awhile I've come to realise that as much as I enjoy it, I'm not great at working long blocks of time at it (4+ hrs). Realised I don't want to work in kitchens till I can be a pro artist, so I'm goig back to school in the fall for CS. I would've done CS originally but my math in HS was a disaster because I had such an incomplete knowledge of it.

Same situation as you, OP. I blame myself for being lazy and it makes me insane seeing how people love working at projects and studying here, I want to fucking cry. Their essays are advanced, their job is thoroughly done, good at math, good at everything, and good at fucking maintaining discipline. I become really suicidal looking at this shit. Wonder how I didn't drop out after first exams.
I'm 22 now, and myexperiences the past few years have taught me the value of hard work and removing exterior distractions. Of not playing video games, or watching movies, but of working on whatever it is that will get me to a better life than the one I have. And I'm lucky enough to be actually interested in it.

Most people that I see that do poorly in college just don't put enough work in. There's a small set of people that just aren't built for it, but it's amazing when you observe people's habits and see that few people work hard on things, however many people convince themselves they do.

So, you're depressed, go see a counsellor. Physical activity is a very common cure for depression. You need to be eating right, sleeping right. People look like they're breezing because when you buckle down and prioritise your time in a way that all of your work comes first, everyhing else is easy.

If you don't enjoy MEng them get the fuck out.

You need to stop comparing yourself to others.

Go try shipbuilding, go try other things, you're young enough that you can take a few years and explore and then go back to college if you want to. It's certainly helped me see that I want to go back after my experiences.

Gl opie, im rooting 4 u

Engineering is just a hard field. You're a freshman. If you really need to you can change your major to something less math intensive. However it seems you just lack desire to do it. The best thing you can do is get up, do the work (all of it, not just the graded shit), and ask your professors. Also you are in the math and science areas. Curves a plenty in there. When all else fails, C's get degrees. So just pass.
You're a freshman. I was a chem major and you know how many freshmen I've met that say they majored in mech E? Many. Do you know how many I've known that stuck with it? Not many. You're not alone.

I'm not calling you a dumbass, but Engineering has a high attrition rate. It's either hard for people (it is) or people are cocky going into it. Let's hope you're in the former category.

If you overloaded yourself freshman year, no wonder you're struggling. You're supposed to think ahead and sprinkle the hard classes here and there. I wish I would've done that, because I goofed off and took nothing but hard classes my junior and senior year and my GPA took a dive.
Nicotine patches and crystal meth solve any school related problem. Just sayin
You're a freshman and you can't handle a MechE workload? Switch to business before you regret it, it gets a lot tougher and you don't seem to have the drive
You have to work, boy. Your classes aren't even that hard compared to what you will be taking later. I've got an undergrad and a masters in ME and it wasn't easy for me.
Getting sleep will be the quickest way to improve everything else. That said, identify root cause of depression, formulate a strategy to combat it, follow through, and forget about any perceived award.

You are there for one reason and one reason only. Your degree. Get it. College is expensive, to not get that degree is a waste of the money that pays for your classes. Get the degree so you can get the job.

Don't be wasteful anon. Do the things. I believe in you.
OP here
I don't know what other major I'd choose.
I chose ME because I thought I was good at math and sciences but since I'm really not, I don't have any other strengths to go off of.
I knew ME would eventually pay a decent amount but any major I'm remotely interested in doesn't pay nearly as much.
And it seems that every decent paying major is science and math intensive.

Is wanting a decent paying career AND enjoying it too much to ask for?
I'm in my lat quarter of ME and I realized that I dislike this major and the job environment. I initially took it because I wanted something related with math and the sciences. Yeah I was excited and thrilled to be pursuing such a major while in community college as I was taking higher and higher level of classes however with some hard grading teachers, stress, and lack of discipline got to me and eventually made me hate my major. I started to slack off and not try as hard. I lost all the initially enthusiasm I had for this major until the point where I'm just hopping that I pass all my classes with D-'s and get my degree this march. I even took an internship and I hated it. I was just at a cubicle most of the day with a lot of down time. I could complain all day about what I'm feeling. If you already know you don't like this major switch to something else especially if your just a freshman and already failing. If you want to keep going in this major I HIGHLY recommend for you to take the least units as possible and actually have time to study and for yourself to actually pass the classes and enjoy what you are studying. I made the mistake to take as much classes transferring from community college to uni in order to graduate in 2 years which in the end resulted in me failing a lot of classes and extending my stay more than a year. theirs no shame in taking 12 units a quarter and that is what I would have done in hindsight. Also you Health is the most important thing their is above any grade you get. Take care of your body as you only have one. Exercise frequently and sleep as much as you can. this will help with your depression. Theirs more I can say as I've been through it already but I think this is good for now.
Do you have any suggestions on higher paying and enjoyable (in your opinion) majors?
I still don't understand how I'm supposed to choose a major based on no previous experience in any field.

Do you hate ME because the coursework wasn't appealing to you or because of having such a heavy load?
to be brutally honest with you I don't think I'm as smart as others where I can just learn about the subject the night before a test. I would have to redo hw and find example problems days in advance if I wanted to do well in the tests.( I was able to wing it early on but around junior year I wasn't able to as easily) So I could do it but I don't have the will anymore to continue. Might be depression and shit but I just burned out after a while. As for other majors I don't really know other than other engineering and computer science fields. For me I think I will work for a while in engineering and do something else maybe a highway patrol or some more hands on jobs as the way I look at it now ME is not my passion. ME is not that hard at all in the industry. Most of what you learned in class won't be used. Like high level calculus or other niche stuff and this is why I'm just belly flopping to the finish line to get my degree because I would get a decent paying job just because I have a certificate saying I'm capable which I will be. So yeah you can grind through it all and get a degree and learn on the job.
OP, your problem is simply that you aren't smart enough. I'm sorry the economy is forcing people who don't have a natural aptitude or inclination for higher education into the system in spite of that. People aren't mechanical parts. Try your best to find a subject that has some labor market value and make your way through it.
Either that or consider the skilled trades desu
Actually crystal meth destroys the dopamine system and leaves you a half-crazed permanent burnout. Stick with Adderall; it isn't neurotoxic like meth is. And keep the dosing very low.

Adderal can destroy your life though. At least from personal experience. For me it amplified any emotion I was feeling, good or bad, causing me to overextend/overpromise and under-deliver and blow up/become extremely frustrated. Made me obsessive too when I was on it.
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