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Addicted to masturbation

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I have been masturbating daily, for at least seven years, as far as I can remember cause it might as well be longer. Not only that but we're talking about 4 times a day to seven times to ten times a day or more, everyday. I want it to stop.
It doesn't let me do anything, whenever I want to put effort on something I just don't and instead fap, it's instant gratification at zero effort.

This brings me to another problem, I have zero motivation plus zero attention span and I'm starting to believe my heavy addiction to masturbating is part of the problem since I'm used to get instant gratification at no effort, I really don't put effort in anything.

Now I've been two days without masturbating, the most I've been in at least seven years and I'm going nuts, literally I can't think of anything but to grab my junk and stroke it, I find myself unconsciously grabbing my crotch someone please tell me how to avoid it. I've been doing cardio exercises this two days to try to avoid it but it's not enough, apart of exercise what else can one do to stop the craving?

tl;dr I'm seriously cripplingly addicted to masturbation help
3 times a day for 25 years here.

Started when the preschool class was shown a video called "where did I come from."
How do I stop?
Do something else.
Get a hobby. Learn a skill. Clean your house. Everything you want to fax, do something else. Make realistic goals on slowly cutting down you can't go cold turkey. My addiction was so bad growing up on college I'd skip homework and barely pass classes. Therapy can be useful if you have underlying mental health issues and sex is a coping mechanism.
dont try and cut clean
ween yourself off the peen
Start running, like every other 3-4 days. Get fully dressed as soon as you wake up, pants, shirt tucked in, belt, open your windows, turn on your tv, raise the volume, go out somewhere public, a park for exp, stay there for as long as you can, then go home and sit on your porch, just sit in a public place till you get tired, drink water, go pee, drink some more, pee some more, just flush your body out and put good things back in, vitamins, fruits, study yourself, if there is a food that makes you horny after you eat it, go outside after eating it, memorizing most this shit and actually keeping it a ritual is the hard part.
also, get fully dressed right after you shower.
Dude, how do you be over 3 times per day?

What actually comes out at this point?
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>tfw just came
I did it, I fucked up, fuck everything. Someone please help me get out of this viscous cycle of orgasms and boners.

After 3 times you can still cum, at the seventh time you're dry cumming, tenth time your groin area kinda hurts a little but I can keep going beyond that.

>Get a hobby. Learn a skill. Clean your house.
Thing is I won't do any of that cause I have chronic procrastination problems, so the only thing I can do that gives me satisfaction and doesn't require me to do effort is fapping. Fapping has ruined my life dammit.
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lol you don't get out of it bro. You seriously don't. You never will. I've never known anybody to quit this addiction. Seriously, just found out my married super religious brother has been relapsing years into his marriage, and he only jsut told me lately. You'll never quit. Seriously.

You're fucked bro. Your brain is fucked and you can't fix it.
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embrace it
Go to the doctor.
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Doctor won't help him. You can't fix this issue. Once it sets itself in you'll never quit.
Get a hobby.
Don't stay in your house unless absolutely necessary.
Don't lock yourself in your room.
Stop looking at porn.
First off, stop posting anime shit.
First of all, remember that "fapping" is NOT necessarily the prime source of failure in your life.

Secondly, yes it is hard, and the reason you do it is because of habit. Humans cannot break habits, they can only overpower them or replace them with others.

Ask yourself what cues cause you to fap? Lying in your bed? Browsing a certain website? Talking with certain people? It could be anything as mundane as smelling a certain smell.

Anything that reminds you of the urge to masturbate: try to associate that with something else. As crazy as it sounds, thinking existentially about such actually helps in some way.

Ofc go to the gym and socialise more, but do it slow and steady.
And if you feel too impulsive to even care enough to analyse the cues... I guess you're gonna need to get into the habit of that too...
Stab your computer screen. It only works if you have the will to do it. Also get another habit like smoking to replace it. Bonus: smoking is a social activity.
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