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How did your first sexual experience feel?

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So last night I had my first sexual experience with a girl, and we did basically everything except actually have sex. Maybe I had my expectations set too high, but I was expected to be blown away by pleasure. Everything certainly felt better than jacking off, but it wasn't incredible either. The entire time I was thinking about how it wasn't living up to my expectations. Is this a common problem?

Welcome to the real world OP.
Fuck. I was afraid of that.
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Could've been the expectations. Idk my first sexual experience was similar, but the whole time we hung out, I actually thought I was just gonna go home, so it was a bit unexpected, so i kinda went in guns a blazin. But hey, there's always next time. The first time I actually had sex with with this fat ugly chick. She's actually the only girl I had actual sex with thus far, (and let me tell you, it sucked) but it will definitely make the next girl much better i'm sure.
tl;dr yes perspective plays a bit difference.
Did you expect some anime experience where you're doing backflips over a rainbow?

How the hell would you know? lol dude

Don't let it bring you down OP, there's good, mediocre and fumbly/terrible experiences. That being said, it does not work like it would appear on Pornhub.
I mean I was nervous as hell too, so that could have been it I guess. But after a while I sort of stopped being as nervous but the feeling persisted. It didn't help that she never brought me to climax either I suppose, but then again I don't think I did that for her too.

I think the next time we meet up we'll actually have sex, but I'm going to try to keep expectations low so I'm pleasantly surprised.
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>first sexual experience

17 senior in HS, cuddled and got head from a sophomore in college on halloween. She was hot but she didn't want anything else to do with me besides hook up, which was disappointing. Still, I had no idea beforehand. Everything happened so fast. That's really all I remember.

>I had more luck in high school than in college
it hurts mang.
I mean I'm in college and had no luck in high school. I mean fuck, I met this girl on Tinder and had two dates with her before last night happened. 90% sure she's using me just for fun, which I'm actually fine with. I don't have time for a girlfriend right now.

>tfw it felt better cuddling in bed than getting a blowjob
idk dude, specifically around senior year I started getting action left and right. Then as soon as that summer ended, so did my luck. I'm nearly 3 years dry.
I always am off and on with Tinder, I get a good amount of matches but I've never actually hung out with any of them.
I've met 3 matches in real life so far, including this last girl. Definitely opened my eyes to how differently conversation can flow between texting and talking in person. So far I've gotten my dick sucked from it though, however disappointed I was, so overall I'm a fan.
Uh well, my very first sexual experience was forced and I was 8, so not good.

First voluntary sexual experience was actually pretty awesome. Though, it was probably because I had the opposite effect, due to the trauma of above I had the absolute lowest expectations.
After I realized sexual shit between 2 people CAN be incredibly fun, I was kind of hooked. It's fucked me now though since I crave that intimacy all the damn time, and have been single for 6 years straight.
I've had a couple casual guys in the past, but because we're not attached in any way its not like I could call them over every day, and I'm so picky about who I would choose to engage with finding new ones after the old ones leave me is damn near impossible.
I spend more time alone than I would want. Story of everyone's life though right?
Last night was the first time I'd ever kissed a girl before too. I had one small peck when I was 16, but I don't really count that. Never had a girlfriend or anything. Basically I've lived my life alone with only a few close friends, all dudes, so contact with girls has been minimal.

Physically last night was a little bit of a let down for me, but emotionally it was great. I don't think I ever realized how lonely I was until last night. So yeah, story of everyone's life 100%
Yeah the physical shit is seriously overrated. The emotional attachment that is basically a dying practice that you cannot get anymore is where it's really at.
Shame we're probably never gonna have it again as the culture shifts.
I could see there being a counter-movement towards more intimacy. Hell, every girl I've seen on tinder isn't looking for hookups. I think the desire is there, but it's a bit dulled from the over-saturation of porn and shit that we're all exposed to.
Lol every dude I've ever met is ONLY looking for hook ups. Maybe it is a gender thing? Idk, I don't like to make divides like that without some sort of data sheet though. I think there are still a ton of women just into casual sex, same as there are a ton of men just into casual sex, with the handful of romantics hanging on for dear life as they're drowned out and slowly killed off.
Haha yeah, that's what I've heard from the girls I've talked to on tinder. I'm in a weird position right now personally. I never prioritized sex in high school. Like I wasn't constantly thinking about it. I jerked off once a day and that was enough for me. I'm probably more of a romantic. The idea of using someone for sex is off-putting. However, especially after last night, I want physical intimacy with someone.

I don't have the time for a relationship though between my classes and extra-curricular research shit I'm involved in. So now I'm in the place where a solely physical relationship is the most convenient and rewarding, but I want more than that. But why would I turn down an opportunity to fulfill some of my desires?

Idk, this is me just being confused about my priorities at this stage in my life. Most dudes probably do only want to fuck even with all the free time in the world.
Dude no I went through the same thing, for slightly different reasons though. I gave up on finding anyone really. Decided, if it even exists it'll find its way to me eventually. In the meantime, might as well jump on the casual sex train. When in rome. If it's all I can get I might as well take it.
That kind of thing.

It's still kind of draining sometimes though. Like whenever I see him talking with another girl I'm immediately like "Oh this is probably one of the other girls he's fucking." and it does sting because you can't help compare yourself in this situation.
I'm like "Oh, the reason I can only get his attention once every other week is because he's got LINES of much more attractive women than me to bang. I'm just a drop in the bucket."

So it can fuck with your psyche. Just keep that in mind.
I guess I just opened pandora's box for a whole new world of emotions lol
Fucked a hooker at 19. A really attractive 8/10 latina but it was underwhelming. I thought if that's what sex is I've been lied to my entire life. First gf at 21. The first time sex with her where I actually thought "that's it, that's how sex should feel like" I was probably close to 23.
>finger a girl off a few times
>she asks for D:\
>don't feel like giving it to her
>she says she's pregnant anyway
>but anon, even a molecule of sperm is enough to impregnate me long-distance!
>separate entirely once the pregnancy scare passes

If you don't want to get red carded, then don't bring any red flags.
From a capitalist point of view, your story just means we need to find some experts who can engineer a better hooker. Once rich people have bought enough units at the initial high price, the starting investment will be recouped and the price will come down for a much larger number of sales.
What are you even expecting in these expectations? When sex feels incredibly good, you even up ejaculating stupid quick and then you end up with not good sex. The only one who gets any "mind blowing" affect out of it is chicks because they can keep cumming. Guys just make a huge deal out of it because they wouldn't be "guys" if they admitted it was subpar; everything is a joke. If they explained it to you, it would ruin the funny.

This is also why they say, "don't listen to what everyone tells you" and "go out there and try it for yourself first". Lying is the first thing people invented for laughter.
>experts who can engineer a better hooker
Or maybe go around in schools and show kids how to fuck so everyone would be a pro when it comes to it.
All that would make sense, it's just not what I've been exposed to in media and whatnot I guess. Like I knew it would he different than porn, but I guess I didn't understand if that makes sense.
The physical aspect of it is better than masturbation, but the main thing that makes sex good is the psychological/emotional aspect of it. Or at least that's how it is for me
I believe it. I always heard that sex for men is more about the physical experience, while women are much more emotional about it. Everyone from my high school sex-ed teacher to my mom has told me that, but I'm really not convinced that's true. Seems like it could be just as emotional/psychological for men.
Is that Danny?
If you want porn often, your expectations are very high. Porn is unrealistic and should not be a standard because you will only be disappointed if you expect that. The damage is already done, but stopping watching porn might help.
My only sexual experience was kissing and once I groped with a chick on the bed (we but had clothes on though). Am I too inexperienced for someone aged 24? I'm not too sure if I'll lose my virginity soon
No, this is bullshit.

It's not even just a matter of "linking love and sex" either. (Although I also firmly believe that for all people the two are intertwined to some and probably quite some extent.) If you trust someone you'll be more relaxed, less taken out of the moment if a noise you find embarrassing escapes you or a move doesn't turn out as smooth as you were hoping. It means feeling more at ease to have sex the way that you like to have sex, and not what you feel is most normal or most macho. And obviously someone who loves you isn't going to scrutinize your body like a random partner might.

And on top of that is the incomparable feeling of strong sexual arousing mixed with strong feelings of love. It's honestly like mixing two drugs, you can't think of it like just stacking two effects on top of each other. It's like they add entire dimensions to each other and change each other. If you fuck someone you love, there's all that tenderness and protectiveness and gratitude (and many other potential emotions) you feel towards them that can take a sexual form, gain a sexual level. And likewise, being as exposed (and at times gross, and at times silly) as you are during sex and fully 100% experiencing your partner witnessing it all and not thinking any less of you, not judging you for any of your weird quirks or bodily reactions/features, adds another layer to the loving feelings you have for them and deepens the intimacy.

For most people (I don't doubt that some just don't care for it much) sex can be mind blowing. But it's not -inherently- mind blowing and that's what many people don't understand.
Hurt like a bitch, honestly, and I'm a guy. Lost the v card to my first serious girlfriend and she was a super petite girl and I am/was a large dude with a significantly above average sized dick. I also legitimately believe she had some kind of issue getting wet, cause we were both super horny, just finished making out and stuff and just tried jamming it in there. Once we finally worked it in we fucked for like 10 minutes.

That was the only time we didn't use lube.
typically for me sexual experiences are always more pleasurable when you know the person better, have strong feelings for them and actually know what feels good to each other. Flings and hook ups are fun, but it feels better when you're with someone who knows what you like.
I wasn't going to mention this because it didn't really fit in my post, but last night hurt like hell for me.

Like I said earlier, no sex took place, but somehow the position we were in was crushing my balls while watching a movie before even making out. I tried re-positioning multiple times, but no matter what my balls were being constricted in my pants that weren't even that tight. ~21 hours later I'm just now over the pain. I feel like an idiot, but I seriously don't know why I couldn't get fix them or why the aching lasted for so long.
sex honestly sucks unless you have feelings for the person or think their body is really attractive
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