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Massage Therapist?

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I'm not gonna get student loans for a few years, and I'm gonna go for a major that is relatively unprecedented/difficult. I need a real job in the meantime, not these McSlave jobs.

The county gave me $4000, and I'm currently losing money in my life, not earning it. This $4000 leaves me with the following training options:

>2-4 year blue collar professions, like electrician, plumbing, HVAC - quite an investment, but good payoff.

>Massage therapy certification (600 hour program, state licensure...) at the health tech location.

I know what some of you are thinking. GET MONEY! BE A MAN! The thing is, I was always praised for my interpersonal/mental capabilities, and basically cursed out for my disinterest/incompetence when it came to mechanics.

I'm thinking about going for the massage therapy license. It doesn't match my current personality/disposition, but maybe I could become a cheerier person and take this nice job. Thoughts?
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I thought of going into massage therapy. Seems legit enough, always something to have under your belt to make a few buck on the side, even after you go on to something bigger. And when your client isn't exchaning money with you how personal is rubbing someone down, at least on a personality level? I would have gone into it, but I was told that the biology stuff is pretty in depth and I was never a good book student. Plus apparently it's really hard on the body, if you were to make a career out of it. But i'm sure you could handle it. Good luck mate.
You can make a TON of money if you do happy endings. Like, DAMN. I'm talking whatever you charge for the session + $100 tip

Otherwise you can expect like 25-75/hr, and maybe 1-3 appointments in a day if you're really lucky. But the cost of travel is immense and it is very competitive. You need to be social and build rapport if you want returning clients. Or give them a handy

>source: my brother was a gay massage therapist through school

Hvac/plumbing/trade you might as well take it as a career
Eh probably more appointments than that, if you're good and have regular clients. I know some people who make a living out of it
you should not encourage the rapist by massaging them
Thanks. I won't do it forever, so my body mighg make it out ok. I appreciate your encouragement.

Yeah I don't want those as careers, so even though they're nice options, they're out.

Easymode massage therapy would be working for someone else for an average an 15hr. Around here it would probably be more, though.

The BLS staristics say that average income for massage therapists is 30,000k or something. I just rent a room.

Haha, you're probably right.
I worry that I don't look healthy, happy, or genetically prime enough for ppl to want me touching them...I guess I could try harder to look happy and well.
I'm a physiotherapist in France. Here we are called "masseur kinesitherapeute" (massage therapists and physiotherapists get have the same studies and same diploma)

Massage therapist is an awesome job if you're actually interested in the human body and what you are doing.
It can be pretty physcal though, so keep in mind you will be tired at the end of the day (but it's the same with the blue collar jobs).

Interacting with different people and actually being efficient on their pain/contraction/stress is gratificating.

If you're more interested about relaxation and well being look sophrology studies (or even hypnosis if you're up to).

>>18033190 here

There's definitely some work to do before touching your patients. But nothing other than basic hygiene and having a professional touch (you learn that during studies)
I was gonna do med tech, but the program shut down for a lack of applicants. Maybe the physiotherapy is a blessing in disguise. I had a professional massage once, and the experience was great.

I think a McJob would be more tiring than a blue collar or physiotherapy career, standing under the flourescent lights and needing a doctor's note to sit down.

The massage feels so good that I doubt the average client cares much about appearance beyond being well groomed and positive. I should avoid selling myself short.
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