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Can someone scare me straight on healthy nutrition? I've

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Can someone scare me straight on healthy nutrition?

I've mostly been living off of beer and those little youghurt cups for a few weeks, I've lost weight but haven't ever had health issues but I know that's probably gonna change sometime soon, but the mere rational knowledge that this isn't sustainable is yet to motivate me.
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i would have to know about your values to do that.
what would your ideal life look like?
Look at your typical 50+ year old. Arthritis, heart problems, diminished mobility, overweight. That is going to be you even sooner if you don't get your health together, and it ALL can be mitigated for years with proper diet and exercise in your everyday life NOW.

It is the greater part of maturity to sacrifice for a greater gain later. Plus you get used to the diets fairly quickly. A week or two of blandness and then it's fine. It starts getting really cool when you try those old greasy, sugary foods you used to like and you feel kinda grossed out by it

Working on my dream job and coming back to a nice little home every day dead tired to a spouse and maybe a dog who love me, reading and sleeping and doing other quiet things for the rest of the day and then heading back to work tomorrow.
It's not greasy or sugary food that's the problem. My problem is bothering to eat anything of a nutritional value in the first place. Cooking takes effort and readymade meals are a waste of money.
what would make that job a dreamjob?

see, you won't do anything unless it directly leads to the materialization of your values. for example, if your definition of happines is laying on a yacht in the caribean sun then you would have to find a direct correlation to your goal. do the same for your goals.
how would being unhealthy inhibit you leading the life of your dreams?

take me for example: my most treasured priority is a loving family. if i don't get my shit together and eat healthy, i might not be able to bear healthy children and see them grow up. that's the kind of reason you need or else you won't do shit. find yours and then go to work
You can survive like that for quite a while, but eventually your body will become low on essential nutrients. You'll start to feel tired, your immune system will get low, you'll always feel like you are trying to recover from poor sleep or illness or injury. Your skin and hair will get bad, you might get really constipated, you might start to feel mentally distant and detached, unable to focus or concentrate, develop short term memory issues.

Just fuel yourself correctly. I get what you mean, there is a great comfort in eating repetitive cheap things, it makes life easier and reduces decisions and it is often cheap. Just in the long run you'll start to feel like you are coming apart.
I want to help people and the only strong trait that I have is not freaking out when shit hits the fan so I'm trying to get into school to become a paramedic.

It might already be happening.

How do I make proper nutrition less effort?
Either cook in bulk when you've got the time, eat things which are simple to make, but nutritionally dense and economical to buy or go for the ready made stuff and add in some fruit and vegetables. All these things have a trade off with price and effort though.

I skip breakfast, eat an egg salad or tuna sandwich with mayonnaise and mustard, yoghurt, handful of nuts, a banana, an apple, a glass of milk. This is a pretty nutritionally complete meal, but it doesn't need much cooking or preparation.

I tend to cook a proper evening meal and I tend to favour things which are economical and will last several days. Like a roast chicken turns into chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, chicken with noodles and vegetables, chicken and cheese potato or pasta bake, chicken and vegetable spicy pasta, all sorts of variations. Same with beef bolognaise, next day it gets kidney beans and spices to make chilli, maybe burritos, maybe taco salad.

Cooking from scratch each day is time consuming. It is also expensive and makes a ton of mess. Eventually you figure out how 10 things can make 20 meals with a decent variety and you start to keep a stock of staple items which mean you are rarely without a quick meal.

I mean, shit if I really don't want to cook beans on toast and a piece of fruit is better than nothing and takes no effort. Three egg omelette with peppers and cheese with some bread and pickles. Soup and a toasted cheese sandwich.
So what do you eat then?
Also on the economy thing, if I don't buy alcohol I feed my gf and I pretty well for around £4-5 a day. It is very hard to spend a great deal of money on fruit, vegetables, basic meat, tinned beans and vegetables, restocking herbs and spices and a few things like cheese, milk and bread.

One easy change if you are used to eating light would be to just buy better food. It'll cost more, but seeded bread with half an avocado with milk and a banana will have you eating better than most of the planet, but we can't afford to eat like that every day.

I need to consume 5,000-6,000kcal a day because I've a physical job so basically I eat a normal diet plus cheap chocolate, white bread, extra pasta and potatoes, olive oil, extra eggs, cheese etc to basically bump up another 2,500kcal on top.
I sometimes make a whatever casserole. They sell puree'd root vegetables in tubes here, so taking one of those, some rice, dried onion, bit of water and salt into a dish and put in the oven for an hour. Makes two meals.

But that would mean having to wash a dish.
Cooking is fun dude. It gets better when you get good at it.

I have chickens so I know every egg recipe in the book. It's not hard.
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On an usual day a few cups of coffee with milk, like 2-3 youghurt cups and maybe about 4-6 beers.

What kind of a job do you do? How tall are you?

My current job consists mostly of walking around for 8 hours, and managing 1500 calories is an achievement.
>2-3 youghurts and 4-6 beers
>like 1200 kcal

Are you 5 feet tall or dying?
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