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How do I gain control over it once and for all? I'm 18 and have had anxiety for about 7+ years now, the last almost 2 years of it passing by with little to no, if any, anxiety. I was so proud of myself because I managed to change my lifestyle to a healthier one with exercise and good nutrition. I was able to enjoy myself and go to so many places I never thought I'd be able to experience back when I constantly kept myself behind the walls of my home in fear. I thought that finally, this is what it felt like to be alive with nothing holding me back from just going out there and living. All of a sudden though, my anxiety seems to have come back full force. I'm starting to isolate myself again, having constant panic attacks, eating irregularly, not sticking to my exercise routine; it's like I've gone back exactly to how I was during the times anxiety ruled over me. I'm scared that I'll never get to experience that clarity and lack of anxiousness again. I'll be entering college soon and my parents have expectations of me getting a job to support myself, but I can barely even function lately. I don't want to disappoint them or further continue disappointing myself - is there anything I can do to break out of this funk? Is it even possible to completely get rid of anxiety permanently, or is it a lost cause? I've always dealt with this with my own two hands, but this time I'm hopeless and would be greatly appreciative to hear out the advice of another. Sitting here trembling while the days pass on and on is not the life I want to have.
You need to deplete your brain of anxiety generating chemicals, exercise is good but not enough, or even, not useful, you need to find something which makes you REALLY anxious, the most. You need to vaccinate your brain, getting yourself into difficult situations.

Not joking here, take a walk in a hood, at night. Being alert and ready will make good use of your brain chemicals.

Your problem is that you have to much brain energy, concentration (even thought you might think you are unable to concentrate), you need to engage in EXTREMELY STRESSFUL activities to make use of your brain.

BECOME A RACE DRIVER, or some other dangerous profession
ok i helped you, now you got to help me.

I want to kill, I have some sort of self-righteousnesses that makes me want to justice myself everything in the world. I see some son of a bitch walking with a pitbull without a leech, I want to kill them both the dog and the guy.

Some idiot driving recklessly, block his way, get out and shoot him.

Some scekchy looking bastards on the street, just shoot them or run them over.

I live in a rural area, no much camaras, there are roads with very few traffic, if I just killed a random bastard that pisses my off, nobody would ever know.

I know I sound like an edgy 12yro. But I am actually, a really calm and rational person, I have firearms and chemistry knowledge. I control myself pretty well but Idk when I might snap, and the knowledge that I have makes me dangerous.

What should I do?, your reply might save lives.
improve diet, exercise, meditate, face your fears
Justice is reasonable. Your methods for doings o however are not. Instead of wasting your entire life of opportunities on neutralizing a single idiot, use your knowledge to work towards a position of power, and work from there.
Thanks, yes I see that, but that maybe worse, I might end up being Hitler or some cult leader.

Which leaves

>be a cuck
>an hero

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