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Has anyone ever lost a best friend over a girl? >be 21 and

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Has anyone ever lost a best friend over a girl?

>be 21 and have a best friend i hangout with 24/7 for around (3 years)
>start failing studies and slowly turn into a NEET
>begin liking a girl that is friends with my friends
>best friend keeps questioning why im talking to her since she's a slut/cheater
>end up dating the chick and she does exactly that to me but by this point i lost my best friend due to not talking to him.
>3 years later i don't have a new best friend and realise how valuable friendships are.
>biggest regret in my life is losing that friendship.

Now i got a job, finishing my studies, physically fit, confident and improved myself drastically. But when ever i've drunked alchohol i remember the times i spent with my old best friend and it saddens me, so i dont drink anymore.

Anyone else know this feel? Thinking back of it now i have no idea how i let myself do such stupid things in the past.
Also i feel like if i had the friendship when i am who i am now, it would've lasted but back then i was a stupid NEET who lacked character. In the past when a female was involved logic was thrown out the door for me.

Which is no longer the issue now, after learning from many mistakes.

sounds like you didn't lose him over a girl, it sounds like you lost him over yourself. big difference.

i had a friend who was starting to slip away while dating. we made plans for 4th of july, he cancelled last minute because her mom wanted them to go to a party. she and I have a birthday on the same weekend. i asked her if i could take saturday since her birthday was friday, but mentioned i was happy taking friday if she had plans for saturday. she agreed i should take saturday.

then HE insisted that i should just have my birthday in the middle of the week because he didn't have a plan yet and wanted the entire weekend just to be safe (even though he was /not/ planning to do a whole weekend long birthday thing or a trip or anything, he just wanted both days open for whatever idea he found).

I talked to him about it and it helped, but i thikn the real kicker was him seeing our third friend drift away. he moved in with a girl and we rarely see him and he cancels at the last minute all the time to spend time with gf. he didnt want to become /that/ and things have been ebtter ever since.

sometimes talking things out helps. so if you're potentially losing a friend, it doesn't hurt to speak out. worst case scenario: you lose them anyways. just make sure you approach it sympathetically instead of attacking.
Yeah you're right, if i could go back in time i would have talked to my friend and listen to him and dump the girl i was with or just never talk to her in the first place.

But i was a NEET who really gave up on life at the time and took everything for granted. But once i lost everything and hit rock bottom it was like swallowing a red pill and realizing how much i took for granted.

What is stopping you from contacting your old bro via Facebook and asking to hang out, where you can apologize and try to rekindle the friendship?
Would be super awkward as fuck dude, 3 years past. I'm a completely different person than i was before and im sure he is aswell.

>id foresake girl for boy

why not just have both?

so worst case scenario you at least catch up.
Have what? a cheating attention whore as a girlfriend?

Worst case scenario he wants nothing to do with me.

>Have what? a cheating attention whore as a girlfriend?

its ont like you told us that, stop acting like im the retarded for not knowing.

>worst case scenario he wants nothing to do with me

sure, but thats exactly what happens if you dont do anythign at all.

I've gone through a similar thing, lost a few friends due to the commitment of a relationship and now since it's over I've rekindled ever single one. It's not hard, people understand, as long as there was no beef between you and you simply grew apart and got out of touch due to different lifestyles for a while.

3 years is a long time but it also isn't, if you got along with those people before chances are you will now as well, no one makes a 180 degree personality flip in a few years.
>have best friend
>live together for about 7-ish years
>both single guys who have flings here and there, but nothing seems to last
>he has one relationship for about a year
>soul sucking bitch
>every weekend she's over
>no big deal, I was in a WoW NEET stage, so I just hid in my room
>eventually they break up, I'm honestly a bit shocked but glad
>a few years later
>I meet a girl
>we go steady
>she's even more soul sucking and demanding
>over everyday if I couldn't smooze my way into alone time
>relationship carries on for three years
>looks like we're going to get married, live together, all of this jazz
>it's all like DIRECTLY on the horizon of our next steps
>lease was almost up at my roommate and I's place
>eventually I crack
>break up with girlfriend, rekindle relationship with best friend
>i'm happy again, have my best frien, and I live an exciting life all over again.

I'd say stay single, enjoy your life with your best mates, because when this bitch cheats on you, and she will, you're not going to have anyone there for you.
>all these stories

its sad that were taught to let go of our strongest friendships in favor of the most fragile of human relationships (romance).
My best friend is like you, but we still occasionally talk. Although I guess things are different now. Have you tried to reconnect?
Honestly, I feel too much shame and guilt to try talking to him again. I wouldn't be surprised if he hated me and i know he had tons of friends so he's probably perfectly fine and maybe better off without having a friend like i was.

okay, thread finished then. byee

Why are you such a coward? Just talk to him, you say you spent every day 24/7 together for 3 years, you developed a pretty strong bond. He would be a child to hate you unless you wronged him in some way, losing touch with each other doesn't qualify.
>i want things to change, but I don't want to change anything I'm doing
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