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Dating a bipolar

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Hey fellas. I recently starting dating someone bipolar, and with this I know there will be a lot of ups and downs, maybe even a lot more of downs than ups. I'd like to know if any of you have any experience with this, and maybe some advice on the hypomanic phase that comes around once in a while with a bipolar person. I'm not sure what to look for when these events happens, or is under war, so any advice on it is really appreciated.
Picture is unrelated
I'm bipolar II and my ex girlfriend is borderline so I can give a bit of insight.

So, for the most part, you're completely fine as long as you're both open with eachother about how you're feeling. I have a real problem of purposefully misinterpreting what people say/taking it the wrong way, just so I can wallow in it. This happens when I'm depressed and manic, but mostly depressed.

When I'm manic, I'm like a train without brakes. Normally I'm a quiet/laid back person, but I can get intense and if I'm feeling upset, or if someone upset me, I'm really in their face about it.

idk. It's hard to give insight since how people act while they're manic versus depressed is a mixed bag. There are commonalities between people with bipolar disorder, but those are just trends.

My best advice is to take things slow. Like, really slow. Especially if whomever you're dating is in a manic phase during your first few weeks. It's gonna suck (I get super horny when I'm manic and taking things slow is torture) but it's worth it. Same goes for being in a depression because it's gonna be a real eye opener once they go manic and are completely different.

People who are bipolar have trust issues, and aren't sure if you're gonna just come into their life and fall out of it in an instant. I'm usually pretty guarded when it comes to being expressive/open about how I feel, which makes starting relationships a drag.

Seriously, best thing to do is show that you aren't wasting their time and actually spend time getting to know/understand them better.

Have you ever seen that show malcom in the middle? There's one episode where they're at a fair, and the blond haired brother goes through an entire relationship over the course of the fair (with the initial wow!!, to fighting, to breaking up). That's how most of my relationships go when I don't take things slow as fuck.

They're over before I knew that they were really getting started. It sucks. Good Luck!

>anyone have experience

Yep, me.

>any tips

Never again
It's really going to depend on the bipolar. Even the bipolarity will depend. Some bipolars swing more manic more often, some swing more depressive more often. Some only experience mixed episodes, some never experience mixed episodes.

Some are bubbly, extroverted individuals even before they develop bipolar disorder. Some have mood swings before they develop it, and these personality traits continue to show through the illness. Some experience psychosis. Most don't. You're talking about a highly polygenic, highly variable illness that can go in a lot of different directions as the person ages, ESPECIALLY without treatment.
run, just run the fuck away as far as you can and never look back she will fucking tear you apart and break you until you're just a husk of a person with nothing for himself left ruuuuuuun
>I'm not sure what to look
the fucking door, get out now. even your love cant help this crazy ass. you will soon be just as crazy if not crazier if you stick around
you've been warned
Don't listen to these people. Mixed episodes might indicate it's borderline personality disorder instead of bipolar disorder. Common mistake.

Bipolar people ARE crazy, I'm not denying that, but it's easily managed. It's something hard to deal with, yes, but impossible? No. Definitely not.

Maybe it's because I'm also bipolar that I'm more accepting? Who knows. It's so easy to feel isolated when people say things like "Oh? Thinking of dating a person with bipolar disorder? Avoid that shit like the plague"

The isolation that comes as a result of people having that mindset makes it so 1) I never want to be open about having bipolar disorder, which leads to problems and 2) I stop trusting people that DO stay because I think they're using me, and in turn I start using them which makes things worse.

See how things go because everyone has a different perspective on life so taking advice on something like dating/relationships is something to be taken with a grain of salt.

Best you can do is see for yourself, what you want out of life, and if things are working for you personally.
Thread posts: 7
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