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How to get out of depression

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On lexapro 10mg

Anons help.
You'll eventually grow out of it.
1. Diary

2a. Make exercising schedule: 3 days per week -- 20-30 minutes jog.

2b. Keep your mind on breathing, eyes on horizon and keep a straight back (while jogging, duuh).

3. Set goals.

4. Makes notes on your progress.

5. Don't quit. Not for a month, week or day.

6. Find new ways to socialize and grow as a person.
Hey anon I'm also on lexapro 10 mg. I've been on for about 6 weeks now. It's helped with sleeping for the most and has also helped make it easier to get out of bed each day and get things done. I've been able to concentrate and focus and get all of my homework done- even work ahead. Sometimes, I miss the old emotional me, but I'm sticking it out to see this through. What do you take yours for? I'm on it for major depression and severe anxiety.
Sorry anon but it's just not that simple. Especially if OP's level of depression is more critical. Some days you just won't have the energy or feelings to finish objective goals. For OP, I suggest that you try to get therapy or get involved in group therapy. They teach you about your emotions and how to manage them without getting overwhelmed or feeling numb. Getting through depression starts from understanding yourself and what you're going through. Activities like meditation and exercise are good ways of grounding yourself because they help you connect your mind and body and thus regulates your emotions. If you start working within yourself, you'll feel more prepared to tackle more objective goals into bettering your life.
I couldn't agree more. In my experience, while I've been taking Lexapro, I'm also a part of intensive group therapy and a strict routine in order to keep order and structure in my life. Learning ways (such as meditation and other coping skills) have helped me more times than one in managing my depression.
I'm on the same. It's basic function is minimizing brain reaction (for depression caused by chronic anxiety) and assist the parts of the brain that affect circadian rhythms, positively so.

Take it as prescribed (probably in the morning). I take mine at night because ever since I started it, because it reacts with the magnesium in my Prilosec, I feel weak.

The problem is not that you are on lexapro. That is a step for the better. The problem is how you personally feel, meaning the depression or anxiety. The solution is realizing how common these things are, you may be different, and to do what suits for you.
lexapro only works on 20% of people, so dont be bummed if it doesnt work btw
10mg of lexapro doesn't do shit buddy. You need to talk to the doc to up the dosage or else its basically a placebo. Medifag
Forgot to add that we also never recommend lexapro for most "types" of depression. We would always try and force therapy/group therapy as it gives much better results than the meds. Unless the person is real bad and needs to take lithium just to function
Depression is not real, just get your head out of your ass
Go eat your foot fucker. Depression is real.
Ex-lifelong-depressionturd here:

Ignore the people who are trying to sculpt you into their desired forms, and sculpt yourself instead. Listening to their constant "suggestions" got you depressed in the first place and it's never going to get your un-depressed. Just be as high-energy as you can each day and train your ability to get higher. Ultimately, you're dissatisfied with your own self and nobody else can change that.

>inb4 drug dealers scream about the insanity of solving problems without drugs
If out of body experiences are the "third step" what the hell is the fourth step? o_0
Not op but thank you for this
I'm not the guy who said this, but meditation isn't an out of body experience. At least it's not usually meant to be in this instance. It's more a mindfulness exercise to help one de-stress and ground themselves.
>Don't listen to people trying to sculpt you
>So listen to me trying to sculpt you into a high energy bubbly social butterfly :))))

I don't honestly understand people like you. Is the cognitive dissonance that severe?
It's real, but taken too seriously. The fact that so many people are prescribed anti-depressants when previous generations used little to none, and it was extremely stigmatized, shows an inability to cope in our society, not a plague of depression sweeping the world.
Previous generations used alcohol, cigarettes, Benzedrine, heroin, black beauties, barbiturates, quaaludes etc etc to keep their emotions in check. You act like it was a paradise of stiff upper lips but in reality they were miserable wrecks just like us who drugged to cope.

The farther back you go the less drug regulations you get. And wouldn't you know it? The less depression gets reported!
Thread posts: 19
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