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Tired of Trying

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I think I've lost all drive, ambition and will to do anything more than a shit job for the rest of my life. Two years ago I had to quit school after spending six year working towards my degree. I couldn't afford to go any longer, and I felt like no one there cared. I also had a lot going on at home, and not having any support from my professors or couselors I sort of feel betrayed by the educational system.
I guess I thought that given their job they would care if a student was struggling and reaching out for help, but that was not the case. Anyway, I've done various different jobs since then, and have come to the conclusion that I don't care about what I do for work anymore. As long as it pays me well enough to live, and allows me the time to enjoy what I'm paying for. Is that bad? That I've just kind of given up?
That's basically my outlook, only I take it in stride. I just bought my first home at 19 and if I can pay the dirt cheap mortgage on minimum wage, I'll quit my job and drag my ass at McDonalds because I can.
i hear ya, im in the samish boat as you

>do 4 year degree
>no job

>okay lets try again
>2 year certification
>get right to the end but due to sexual discrimination they wont let me finish it

>fuck this shit, im going into the trades
>we elect a woman communist that thinks the trades are just dreadful and that we should all switch to green energy and eat granola in the dark; trades die

i have no advice but to not give up, im a third of the way through my life and thats if im LUCKY and live to 90 but what are the chances of that. If you are younger than me you need to push on because i havent given up yet

Third times the charm i guess- accounting it is this time.
It's just in the moment mate. You just wanna work rn make something and get somewhere forward. It'll go away eventually and you'll strive to get back on track to your degree and the job you want.
I want to have enough money to eat, pay my bills and be home long enough to enjoy those things and get enough sleep. I figured if there was anything else I wanted to do I could either save up for it or start it as a hobby. I certainly won't be traveling the world or saving endangered species any time soon, but I could volunteer at a local shelter and go on vacation once a year right?
I think it's bad that you see this as giving up. You may be on the brink of coming to the realization that you don't have to be a doctor, lawyer or whatever it was you were trying to be to have a fulfilling life. Learn to enjoy what you have and don't get so caught up focusing on what you don't. I know you don't think you can do any better but once you feel up to it try and find a better job. Maybe save up and invest in starting your own. Your life isn't over dude. Try taking it in a new direction.
Reevaluate your goals. Are they yours, or someone else's that you've mistaken for yours? What good is a degree if you can sustain yourself without one? If you rationalize a lifestyle that lets you afford to live and have time to do what you want, have you really given up?
Consider yourself successful in realization

I guess I'm just frustrated when I look back on six years of wasted time. I have a practically useless associates degree and was a year at most away from getting my BA. Now, I don't know if I had my BA if I would even still be interested in pursuing a career in that field.
Does it matter? At the end of the day, unless you're living for your career, it's only a means to an end. If you can achieve what you want without it, you don't need it.
That's kind of how I'm staring to see it. My friends and family don't care as long as I'm healthy and happy. The later being the harder to achieve.
Just take a minute to readjust your plans keeping in mind that you're not giving up and you're not somehow a failure by realizing living within your means is within your grasp.
Thread posts: 12
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