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My friend is anorexic. Does anyone know anything I can say to

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My friend is anorexic. Does anyone know anything I can say to her to make her feel comfortable with her body? Also, she has an extreme obsession with Eugenia Cooney--the skinniest YouTuber I can name off the top of my head--and has a crush on Onion Idiot--aka the dude that has encouraged Eugenia to eat something multiple times. It seems like I've told her everything, but she still thinks she's fat. If any of you have anything you'd like to say to her to get her to stop, it would be highly appreciated...

<<pic related, it's the thumbnail from one of Onion's vids where he talks about Eugenia
As someone who is also anorexic, there's not much you can do really. The issue lies within her, only she can choose to accept help. You can keep telling her she has a problem, but she's either going to listen or not.

I don't listen to people either. I know I have a problem, I'm just not willing to do anything about it. I'd rather have it this way than the alternative. She's probably in the same mindset.
I don't know what you can say to her

My uncle died of it.
I know you're like "A man? WTF?"
He was gay in the 90s
Add the rest up

Nonetheless he died because anorexia weakened his body too much

My grandmother was there in the room when he died
He was immobile for days, but at the last moment he sat up out of the bed and gasped and fell down dead.

I know logic won't sway her thoughts.
It's logical to say that if she continues this path, she will die.

Just be there for her, regardless of what happens
You can't talk her out of this man. As someone who's struggling with eating disorder and depression and anxiety, you can talk til your blue in the face, it won't help. If you want to help, it's better to have her see professionals, because an eating disorder is related to mental health. This is serious and needs medical attention.
She'll hate you for life possibly if you do this, but it might be the best option. You can get someone forcefully committed into an institution. Call your local mental hospital for advice on the situation. If she's at the point that death is a very real possibility, you can get them forcefully committed to a hospital. In some states, it is a simple as calling 911 on the person. In others, you have to work through the hospitals. That's why you often see hotlines that say, "Call if you or a loved one is in trouble."

I mean, understand if you are successful, they may hate you for life, but you can maybe get them forcefully committed into care. They'd have to obviously be skeletal for this to work.
With girls like in the video, nobody either has their address or is willing to forcefully get them committed. Also, they won't commit unless it is obvious the person could very well possibly die in the near future. Often, you need proof that this person is involved in this activity alongside a obviously underweight appearance.

She may not be at that point yet.
Make a video for her like her husbando Onion has done for her idol Eugenia. Maybe that sparks her interest enough to get some of the stuff you are saying through.
I could have written this. Nice.

Eating disorders are more than just feeling fat and uncomfortable in your body. It doesn't go away when you're satisfied. I mean, hell, I wouldn't consider myself fat at all. Losing another 5-10 pounds would just be icing. I think I look good. But I maintain it through my habits. Or at least I tell myself that. As the other anon said, I'm not really willing to change

Food is hard. An alcoholic can swear off alcohol. Our compulsive behaviors are something we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. It's a constant dialogue of, "Do I deserve to eat this?" and "Have I compensated enough to eat that?" Plus I have issues with textures and things grossing me out

But everything I do with food feels good. I feel satisfied when I feel my stomach empty. I like the control of being able to defeat my urges. In a chaotic world, this is something that I can micromanage

Someone will change when the results are not worth the effort, or if the consequences are too big to not acknowledge. It's easy to rationalize. "I'm not going to be as bad as those girls" "I make sure that the food I do eat has lots of protein" "I take vitamins"
My symptoms don't bother me. My period is erratic, but I can deal with that. When I get light headed and dizzy, it actually feels good, like a high. I'm cold all the time, but I have a great sweater collection and fleece lined tights.
I don't have any of the problems like my hair falling out, or peach fuzz growing, or fainting

I do wonder, for the people who are so adamant about freaking out over eating disorders- why? Sure, if it's to the point where you think they'll die, be worried. But that's kind of hard, honestly. It's usually pretty obvious when someone has gotten to that point. It's kind of unhealthy, but are the consequences really that much worse than impact sports, and cigarettes, and overeating?

I don't even know why I'm bothering writing all this. You're obviously not around any more, OP
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Yeah problem begins right there and I sympathize with your friend if she idolizes spookychan and the kingofallcucks. Scientifically you cant ever be rid of all your body fat it will always be there in some percentage. Therapy, patience and understanding are the only ways out of a eating disorder, little encouragements everyday usually help. [I helped my now ex out of regular anorexic episodes]. But I''m not your doctor do whatever the fuck you want.
Sup, Op. Thats a dificult one.
Anorexic people tend to have a past of abuse and reasons to not wanting to be seen as femenine. Also they have a self image disorder, so you should make her draw her silouette on a large piece of paper and then lie down in that same piece of paper so you can draw her silouette on it, that should work to convince her to go to therapy.
>reasons to not wanting to be seen as femenine.
Yeah, and of not wanting to be seen as an adult either. All those things that come along with being a sexually mature adult female.
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