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Joining Air Force

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Just posted my question on another site, so just copying and pasting it with the title so I don't have to rephrase anything:

Does scoring high on the practice ASVAB actually mean anything?

I mean, I scored 88 on it and the recruiter complimented me, but the questions seemed beyond simple. I asked the recruiter how the actual ASVAB compared and he told me people usually score higher on it, and mentioned something about the actual test including questions about basic mechanics and electrical stuff. The thing is, I know nothing about those two things.

So how much of the practice test actually matters? Is practice ASVAB just there to complement and entice me to join the Air Force?

This test really threw me through a loop. I don't feel like you can really judge whether or not I'm able to become a cryptologic linguist based on this practice test, which, when compared to the real thing, is actually lower than what you would score.

Now, I understand that the military won't just look at the score of the ASVAB and say, "This guy's got the stuff," and immediately throw someone into a significant role, but as someone walking into the recruitment center and being told that I'll be able to do any job on the list, it just seems set up.

Say that I've got a specific job in mind that I'd like to do because of how much I scored on the practice ASVAB, then the day comes when I take the real thing and for whatever reason I end up just not doing too well on it. I am now stuck in the Air Force and having to change plans, most likely doing a job that I had no interest in.

I kinda rambled on, and I'm sorry about that. I'm just worried about the possibility that this practice test isn't giving me an accurate picture of what my options are in the Air Force. I really don't want to pursue something just to find out that I'm not going to be able to do that something, stuck doing something I don't want to do for four years.

Thanks if you stuck with this. Responses either answering or criticizing me are appreciated.

TL;DR: How accurately does the Practice ASVAB portray the actual test and possibility of jobs in the Air Force?
lol the ASVAB is a huge scam to trick interested recruits into believing they are smart enough to get into departments of the military. I took that test for fun in high school because my buddy was taking it seriously. I remember he scored below 70 and i got a perfect score. Got a shit ton of mail from the military asking to recruit me. Of course im not dumb enough to sign up for any of that shit.

If you are able to score high enough on the ASVAB then you will know it would be a dumb decision to join any department of the military even the marines and air force. Trust me buddy, take it from me and my dumb ol' friend who joined the army for 6 years, DONT JOIN THE MILITARY.

He got various promotions and benefits and now he works in a factory at age 24. Just a basic managers position. Regrets the army every day. Single as fuck.

Me? I went to community college, no debt with a degree and various certificates. Wont mention exactly what i do now but it includes hosting tables and panels at conventions like comic con, E3, anime expo, etc. Every con i make $5k+ for 3 days of work. Its fun as hell.

Go to community college and study something youre actually interested in. Because the military will chew you up, spit you out, and only give you half of what they promised.
Uh, from what I remember, the practice asvab wasn't as difficult as the actual one, but the actual one was a cakewalk too. I didn't study or anything and got a 95 or some shit
Scoring high on the ASVAB just opens up more jobs for you. That's basically it. Any mouthbreather can go security forces but if you score higher you can go into cyber jobs and such.
The Air Force is a waiting game though and your job isn't guaranteed, think about that. You make a list of jobs you want with the recruiter and when one comes up, you're sort of obliged to take it or you risk the recruiter not wanting to work with you. I had a buddy who ended up as a maintenance guy on bombers...not what he wanted so he got himself discharged.
In the Army you can join with a specific job, and since you scored high, you have plenty to choose from.
You might want to check out the Coast Guard. Their minimum passing ASVAB score is higher than the other branches and it's more selective so enlisted personnel are better people in general. And you don't have to tie yourself to a job. You join as a nonrate, finish qualification tests after a few months and can apply for whatever job you want and qualify for. Gives you plenty of time to find out what jobs are actually like in person and then decide what you want.
You get out what you put into it. People thrive in different environments. Not everyone's definition of fun includes hosting tables at video game conventions. Don't go infantry or combat roles onviously.
Only a really small number of people get to become fighter pilots.
Thread posts: 6
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