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Career help

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Hello /adv/ first time here.

I am at a bit of a crossroads in my life right now and I'm not sure which path to take, professionally. Right now I have two opportunities, begin a class that is offered by accredited university to earn a web development certificate, or accept a job offer from a plumbing company in my city.

A little bit of background... I have a B.A. in Sociology, which I now understand means shit as far as getting a career. My dad and my uncle both work as programmers and they urge me to take that web development "boot camp" class.

The class covers many web dev languages and promises to make you quite proficient. It also offers job placement services and what not, the down side is, it costs $9550. Now i've dabbled a bit at learning code myself and it's not something that comes very easily to me, nor do I particularly enjoy. However it seems that it can be quite a lucrative career which for me is the end goal I guess.

The plumbing company wants to start me off at $13/hr while I learn and train and then when I'm ready will promote me to a technician level. I was told that as a tech I can expect to make between $75k-$150k a year, I'm assuming this depends on how well you sell the plumbing services on top of a base salary.

Problem is, I'm 25 and still living at home. I need to get out but this city is so fucking expensive. That being said I need to focus my energy on one path and I'm not sure which is the right one. I know plumbing as a trade will always make "decent" money and there won't be any shortage of work. However web development seems to have a high earning potential, yet, I'm afraid if I take this class the only thing that will result of it is me being short almost $10k and still no job.

So, with all that said, how would you guys proceed?
What do you ACTUALLY want to do? Because you don't seem to give a fuck about either of these things
I just want a career that pays me enough to indulge in my hobbies. However I currently work a different trade and I like it except the work is very inconsistent, which is why I chose plumbing
Like what this anon said. However, as of right now, your best bet would be going the computer route since you already have connections in the field.

But if it were me, I would honestly do plumbing to save up money, assuming you still have college debts, and pay off those debts while you save up for the computer classes.
Well given that both of these options will give you that, but you have to pay nearly $10k to get the certificate, go with plumbing.

Don't be surprised if you end up miserable though. No one can do something they don't care about for half their waking hours and be mentally healthy.
No college debts here. I can go in one of those two options
That's great actually. Good job.

On a side note, if your uncle/dad didn't take this boot camp himself- please be hesitant about it. I'm assuming you have a connection but not a guaranteed job position.
I don't really have a connection because my dad programs in a really old language that the company has been using for years and my uncle is a network database person. This class is for web development which neither of them know really much about
Wtf. Sounds like a bunch of empty promises then. You just convinced me that plumbing is the better option.
I mean the school that offeres the certification program is UCLA, so I don't think the promises are that empty. That being said, it is a school...
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