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So, advice on becoming more atractive to females, go.

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So, advice on becoming more atractive to females, go.
Be yourself man. Seriously,it's simple. The more you try to impress a women the more you suffer and the more you hate yourself. Who gives a fuck if that certain girl doesn't like you. There's girls all around and some of them are gonna find you atractive even if you don't push yourself.

> INB4 don't do shit for others, do it instead for you so you feel more atractive and self confident

be attractive. you already know the basics
>try to look your best
>try to be fit
>dont be an over emotional pussy boy

thats it. unless you post a picture of yourself we could literally not get more specific
>Be yourself man.
My fucking sides. Don't be yourself OP. Look at you. The first place you go to for advice is 4chan. You think any girl wants someone like this?

No OP, you have to be exactly what most women are attracted to. Think about it. A common phrase is to act like they person you aspire to be. And it makes total sense, sine people often aspire to be like their heros, since their heros often have very good qualities, like charisma, compassion, and leadership
Look at this fake fuck. Yeah anon, follow this fake advice, like anon did you ever even fuck a bitch in your life.

If you really wanna get a gf who you like be yourself, if you wanna have a cheating whore bitch that emotionally unstable as fuck than be fake too.

The first anon gave you a good advice, get fit, try to add some charisma and leadership and you're gonna score
Kinda sounds like a beta who has been cucked before, no offense
Everything sounds beta to a beta. Jesus

You know how people always say "girls like assholes"?

They're wrong.

Girls love dicks.
They'll suck on dicks, ride dicks, spent time with as many dicks as possible, the bigger the dick the better.

So be a dick.
It's what all the successful guys do. They're dicks.

And girls fucking love dicks.

If you don't want to be a massive dick, get rich and cucked but pretend you don't know that you're getting cucked for cash because ignorance is bliss and you can tell yourself "She actually loves me, it's not just for the money".
>be you
>be white knight
>"oh OP, you should definitely be yourself. I mean you currently are yourself, and it has been working, so making no changes and continuing to be yourself is surely to work"
Go back to Falador you cuck
The repetition here is like listening to some door-to-door redpill evangelical
Its a numbers game mate. You do not live an active life, or you wouldnt be asking this. Go out, develop one or two interesting hobbies, make friends with some cool guys and you will start to meet loads of women, and some will be attracted to you.
You are asking how to be more attracive for the 3-4 interesting girls in your world. Try to change your habits, and an interesting lifestyle will lead to a) you being more interesting and b) knowing 30-40 girls you could imagine being your gf. And one will like you for sure if you are no complete moron.

We all are gonna make it bro.
Guys, OP here. Im no neck beard, nor a virgin, and definitively not easy deceived by >>18015732 so no worries, this has not to turn into a white knight vs troll vs just average people war. Btw anon, they probably mean be yourself because there is people that try to impress others and that usually doesnt work.

Anyway. The reason I'm here its so you can state the basics again, I usually get clogged with information and often forget what was I supposed to go, for example, I know how to be assertive and shit, but around an specific girl I get in beta mode for some reason and I even dont realize it until its too late.

So again, the basic stuff:
What interests should I prioritize and why?
I like casually gaming, swiming, hiking, jogging, but I usually dont have that much time and I have lots to study.

How should I behave around women I like while in a group of friends? (I have problems being respetous without being weird)
I appreciate the runescape reference
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Work out. Get rich. Have hobbies and have an interesting life. Have other options (other women available to you). Don't be clingy. Don't be overly emotional. Have large aspirations in life. Have a sense of style. Good hygeine and smell. Be educated. Have the ability to say 'no' instead of doing what everyone tells you. Have your own path in life and not care what other people think - Just improve yourself everyday

Just to name a few
No my friend.
Successful guys are celebrities, rich, lucky ones who can fully reverse engineer the female minds into his own benefits, or really intelligent (social skills accounted) and interesting men.

It's not about being a dick.

this is more like it.
Except the get rich part. I think it's entirely optional. If you're an interesting guy, it'll work much better than being rich.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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