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Hey /adv/, I need some insight into what this girl is thinking.

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Hey /adv/, I need some insight into what this girl is thinking. I don't want to date her, and I wouldn't be too upset if I never saw her again, but her inexplicable behavior is driving me nuts.

>Early sept. last year
>Meet girl off tinder
>Both tell each other neither of us want a relationship
>Start hanging out, going hiking, going to shows, skiing
>She gets me thoughtful gifts for my birthday, and christmas as well
>Come second week this january, says she's 'done, just done', out of the blue
>Same night she tells me this, I've already RSVP'd to her roommate's BF's party at her house, so I drive her home and party there
>I mostly avoid her and crash on the couch late in the night
>Get woken up by her and led into her room to sleep
>Wake up a few hours later and bang
>Before I leave she tells me something along the lines of 'I like you and hate you so much'
>Come back later that day for a potluck, go home with my friend
>She's sending me intermittent snapchats, some feel kinda passive aggressive
>One of them being her disappointed in a tinder date she's on
>Wtf I don't need to know that shit, why's she sending me this garbage
>She removes me off snapchat a day later
>I pick up some stuff I left in her car the next day at her house, I'm pretty surly and she notices
>She texts me 20 min after I leave saying 'You can still hit me up for a bootycall fyi'
>Go back that night and smash
>Ask her if she wanted space cause things felt too 'relationship-ish' for her, she said yes
>We agree to stay on bootycall status only, no hanging out
>Smash a few more times, she even stays the night and cuddles
>Ask her one day if we can meet up for skiing again, she says sure
>Texts me later that night saying 'you're cute in the ugliest fucking way imaginable'
>I carpool with someone else the next day, meet up with her and her friends for skiing
>I keep it cool and platonic, don't get close at all
>She ditches the group and texts me to come meet her
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>Forgot to mention that she added me on snapchat after that whole bootycall night
>Anyways, meet up with her and have lunch
>She's getting all touchy feely while I'm trying to play it cool
>She forces me to turn my head and she kisses me
>What the fuck
>I just go with it
>We go ski some more and find some hammocks in the trees
>I try getting on a separate one, it's hard to get on and she says 'just come sit on mine'
>We make out some more and it's like nothing was ever bad, alarm bells going off like crazy
>Next day I stay at home and she's skiing again, bitching about some of the group she's with
>When she's coming back she mentions that she wants to watch a show we watch at my place always
>I ask if she wants to come over
>She says 'maybe, im still a little sore from you from the other night'
>I say 'What can I say, you turn me on ;)'
>She says 'yuck, no I don't'
>She didn't come over that night
>She was sending me snaps monday to wednesday, and on monday she got her period and sent me some aggro seeming snaps, culminating with her giving me the finger in one snap
>I just want to avoid her now, but I also want closure on this
>Text her yesterday morning to see if she wanted to fool around for a bit inbetween her shifts
>She said no
>Snaps me a few hours later of her dancing in a skimpy bathing suit
>Sends me one more snap later that night of her cat
>I've stopped replying to her, it feels like she's baiting me or something

So, I hope that's enough context. All I'm wondering is, does anyone have any insight as to what the fuck's going on inside her head?
Until the next time I see her, I won't have any idea, and this lack of closure is driving me nuts
Op here with a quick bump.
Is it possible that because I didn't really challenge her on her offhand remarks to me, she sees me as a wimp now and has lost interest?
Why does it matter you're both just booty calls?

You're putting too much thought into this.

Iagree, you are putting to much into this. Women know when you only have one option... Her. This allows them to play fucking games liek this with you. If you were less needy and more passive, she would have to straighten up or you would drop her for another girl
Well, like i said, i want insight because im confused as to how it went from no drama friends hanging out and consistent banging to this, and theres a good chance that we wont be hitting each other up anymore.
So im trying to figure out what happened so i can possibly avoid/prevent this bs in the future

Redpill pls go
Femanon. It sounds to me like she was confused as to whether or not she wanted a relationship with you and acted erratically as a result.

I often fluctuate wildly on how i should treat someone when I'm interested in them and I know or think they're not interested in me.
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I could see that being a possibility, that would explain all the thoughtful gifts, and the sporadic behavior of distancing herself, and then getting close when I'm not trying to get close myself.
It just seems weird because she's stressed a few times that she doesn't want a relationship, and enjoys being single. Maybe she's not so sure lately.

However, I don't want to jump to conclusions, and would like to hear what other people's take on this situaton is.
She just texted and asked if I want to come over and drink some wine with her, fffuuuuuuuuuuuu
Same femanon. Yeah, that's my guess. She may go back and forth on whether she wants a relationship or not, or she may be saying she doesn't want a relationship to seem more chill than she actually is, or it may be a defense mechanism because she thinks you don't want one. Or she may be lying to herself as well and thinks she doesn't want a relationship when she does.

She also may be strategizing and switching strategies when one isn't working.

People are complicated, especially young girls who don't have everything figured out yet and are trying to project some image that doesn't mesh with reality. I've been there.

Anyway, I'm willing to bet that she has more complicated feelings for you than just being down for a fuckbuddy relationship.
Why is it so hard for women to be decisive?
We fear rejection. At least that's the case with me.

Society really ought to encourage us to pursue more often so we learn early that it's not that big of a deal like guys do.
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>Hey /adv/, I need some insight into what this girl is thinking.

Stop. Don't ask us what this girl we don't know is thinking, ask her. Anything we could tell you is just some wild speculation.

We don't know you. We don't know her.

Ask her. Don't waste time asking a bunch of weebs on the internet who know nothing about women to speculate on a strange woman's thinking process.
Stop stringing this poor girl along, you asshole. Make it clear that you're not going to be a couple and break it off.
Op here, I want to update you guys on last night and how things went.
I went over to her place last night, and I brought up her erratic behavior.
Basically she doesn't like it when people get too close, and she pushes them away.
Also, she admitted that she's developed some feelings for me and that's also why she's pushed me away sometimes and then pulled me back in, and she just has trouble talking about these types of things.
She doesn't want a relationship, but I think that now she's expressed where she's coming from, things might be drama free for a while.

So thank you very much to the femanon who provided some valuable insight, while it wasn't fully accurate to the situation, it was close, and it allowed me to approach her in a much calmer manner.

And to all the others saying stuff like 'why are you asking us, we're not mind readers, etc etc', those people asking you questions know the context of their situation, and with enough opinions they can construct a better idea of what's going on and allow them to move forward.

Thanks to all who contributed, it's helped a lot :)
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 4

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