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What can I do?

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Guys... I'm a random anon asking for some personal advice to the only place where I feel like I belong.
I, after so much time, finally got a girlfriend. It's great and everything. I gave my virginity to her, and we were doing fine, but recently, do to her own insecurities, she has been making me feel really bad. Sometimes I just can't take it and I end up crying myself to sleep, because I can't let her see me crying for being bullied by her.

Once, I almost got deaf because of a game of hers, and, even when she took care of me while I was in rehabilitation, she keeps making fun of me for crying about it. I'm a /mu/fag, and music is really important to me, so, when I heard that I might loose my hearing capacities due to her agressive game, I felt like my whole life was going to end.

I love her, and I know she's a good person, but the stuff she has been living (dealing with some harsh stuff about her parents divorcing, and problems with past relationships) made her into a really agressive person with those that she loves.
She loves me, and I know I should be glad, but what can I do, when, even while having a girlfriend, I feel like killing myself everyday...
Going from a sadboy, to, probably, an alfa, and then just realizing that I'm still the same beta-sad-pathetic fucker that I've always been, it's hard, and it's killing me.
What should I do?
I'm too sad, even with a girlfriend, what do?

>pic because I use pokemon as a gateway from reality and it actually makes me forget about this stuff.
try talking to her about it but not in a way that would hurt her feelings. at the end of the day relationships are supposed to be a 50/50 and it seems like you're giving more than receiving. it seems like her depression is a situational thing so it will pass but the time could take a while but trying to speed it up would mean working on her and also yourself. good luck man and i'll see you around /mu/
woahhh back the fuck up

>I almost got deaf because of a game of hers
please explain this.

so she did something that literally damaged your inner ear and she made fun of you for losing your hearing?
that's fucking cold. I'm a musician myself and if I lost my hearing I would honest to god just kill myself.
*for almost losing your hearing, and crying about it
no no, she took one of those little sticks that you use to clean your ears (I can't remember what are those called) and she put it a little bit too hard into my ear. She got worried, and took me to the clinic right away, since I was too out of myself to even think about going anywhere. Everything was normal, but recently, she uses that to diminish some stuff I say, like, when she does a homework that she gets too stressed to finish, and starts complaining about it I'll go like
"C'mon, it seems easy, just stop complaining"
and she'll go like

I try to understand that she's stressed, but it really feels awful to remember it. I feels like a real offense against me and what I felt at that time, which was real fear.
Why were you fucking around with Q-tips? Are you guys 14? Never press those into your ears.
Yeah, it was stupid, now we know.
I mean, that's literally on the box of most Q-tip sets nowadays.

I'm just saying, that was pretty retarded of you both, spending free time pushing your eardrums into your skull when kids your age could be like, you know, playing Smash or even better, fucking.

What's this girl like, anyway? Aside from what you've already described. She seems like the reckless-playful type.
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Addendum to last post, my dad's box of Q-tips.
she is. Very playful, but, as I said, she can get agressive, and sometimes doesn't know when to stop. We weren't playing with the Q-tips, she just took one, and put it in after we took a bath.
Yeah, here, in Tacoland (mexico), the q-tips come in a little bag with just written instructions, and said instructions don't even help that much.
Have you guys banged yet?

I'm serious, girls sometimes will get into faux relationships just to mess with guys. That's how my last (first) relationship was kind of like, except she was trying to leech off of me. We kissed but never made love, she left me as soon as she realized I was a useless basement dweller that'd provide nothing for her.
And even if you did bang her, she could still just be screwing with your emotions or getting a power high off of you. Listen to "Self-Esteem" by the Offspring.
yeah, a lot actually, and it's great, I know she isn't taking advantage of me in any way.
Hey listen: If she makes fun of you for being hurt by something she did, she's going to do that with everything.

>Insults you in front of your friends?
Bwaaahhh at least I'm not a baby who gets mad when I joke around with his friends
>Texts other dudes and you find out
Bwaaahhh at least I'm not a baby who is insecure
Bwaaahhh at least I'm not a baby who gets worried by potential permanent hearing damage

Nothing is every going to be her fault. And if it is, it wasn't that bad. And if it was that bad, she didn't mean it. And if she did mean it, well you're over reacting.

She just showed you, loud and clear, how she handles conflict in a black in white scenario (Dude. She STABBED YOU IN THE EAR. Then MADE FUN OF YOU FOR BEING STABBED IN THE EAR). She isn't going to stop.

How do I know this? My mother once left a fucking kitchen knife blade-side up in a box in the dark-ass garage so when I reached in I sliced my hand open and needed six stitches. Did she apologize? No. "Well, you probably moved it around/Well, you should have been more careful/Well it wasn't THAT deep"

I honestly appreciate it anon :'c
My mother is also like that, to the point where I always feel like she doesn't care about how I feel.

I think that I'm too much of a pussy for life at times
The reason I refer to my Mother as "Mother" is because sometimes I feel like Norman fucking Bates. People like that don't care about how you feel because they don't care about anything besides themselves and how they are perceived by others. A lot of them are really, really good at pretending to be charming, caring people until they know they've got you emotionally attached and then BAM they start treating you like shit. Oh, but they're actually not treating you like shit, you just took it the wrong way. Or they were just joking and you are being too sensitive. Or you're just remembering it wrong. Or you provoked them. Or yeah, well what about the time YOU did [thing]?

Sorry, I have a lot of feelings about my mother. The good news is now she lives three states away and I hide the spare keys whenever she's in town so she can't get into my house
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