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Tell something to someone who has the means of killing themselves tonight. I keep thinking about the people that I would leave behind but at the same time I feel like I'm in so much pain right now. I've also read this

>inb4 cracked



dont do it?
Look within at why you feel that way and try to understand that life isn't all or nothing. It's a shitshow that goes great for some, bad for others, and for most people it's both.

My father always says, "things get worse before they get better"
dont do it, things will get better the only thing suicide will accomplish is making your friends and loved ones feel guilty.. i normally dont comment on stuff like this. today is different not only because its my 38th birthday its different also because my best friend of 25 years ended his own life by hanging himself yesterday morning .. please dont put your friends and family through this... things will get better reach out to people you are close to they will help you.. if you are afraid to talk to them.. call a hotline do anything just dont kill yourself...
Let me tell you why I will never kill myself: It's rude. It is so, so terribly rude.
So let's say you decide to kill yourself at home. Then your mom has to find you in a pool of blood with no face and shit in your pants.
Lock the door and leave a note so she calls the cops instead?
Now some poor cop is going to have to look at you in a pool of blood with shit in your pants.
Go out into the woods and kill yourself?
Now some poor asshole out walking his dog is going to find you nasty, rotting corpse.
Go real real out into the woods?
Now your family and friends with have to live their lives with the glimmer of hope that you're still alive somewhere.

I may feel like shit about myself sometimes, but I can't bring myself to traumatize another person
>dat image
Thanks, I'd rather stay a neet forever.
You are acting as if there are no ways to cleanly kill yourself.
Fucking nitwit.
Don't want to cause a mess? Fast and dont drink too much before doing it. Obviously piss before using your chosen method. Clean way to kill yourself? Heroin.
You know what is rude? Telling people that they don't have the right to control their own lives.
>OP: Tell me something to stop me from killing myself
Come back tomorrow and tell us why you didn't do it.

Not me btw.


I didn't because a friend sacrificed something to come over and distract/try to cheer me up for a few hours. This cannot continue in the long-run.

Pic is certainly related. I'm in a very stressful and difficult situation at work right now and If I were to quit now or in the short term, I'd be effectively blacklisted from this field forever. What I'd thought were my hopes and dreams are gone and I would be unable to support my struggling family... I'd have to start over in a different field completely.

But at the same time, they keep me going. I would only hurt them if I'd leave ... in a way, I live for them even though it is extremely painful every day with no sight of recovery.
new to the thread, but isnt it basically what most people do, anyways? living for somebody else, especially family/offsprings.
Suicide is a permanent solution to what is almost certainly a temporary problem.
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man I read 3min into that cracked bullshit and I tell you I dont to die anymore, I want a complete atomization of my body after that bullshit. I want it so complete and violent that if we do have souls it'll vaporize with my fucking body. Look anon, dont kill yourself or do, life like pretty much everything else's chances are 50/50, you might succeed in death, you might wake up in a hospital with minimal brain function. But morally no one can stop you, your body is the only true thing you'll ever own in life, use it or escape the pain. You either die, free yourself from sorrow, or you wake up and fight not only yourself but life itself, every day. But look if you are terminal, say goodbye to loved ones and finish some unfinished business. Otherwise get off 4chan the path to healthy mind doesn't start here. or... do whatever I'm not you fucking boss.
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