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Should I ask?

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Before you waste your time reading this, just know that ultimately I don't have to ask and could live without it.

So when I was 16-18 I was seeing this girl and along the lines she told me she got pregnant and went and got an abortion. I never went, though I nervously offered. It seemed to happen quickly, and how she described it seemed sketchy, so I sort of dismissed it as being true, as the entire relationship was extremely manipulative, a lot of lies and cheating, and shit i'm sure I don't even know about to this day.

She is a strong advocate of abortion on facebook whenever articles pop up and she gives her opinion and shit. On paper it seems like she did have one.

I've never really considered that as being a real possibility. I may be overthinking for no reason at this point in my life but let's say it was real.
That's fucked.

We sort of communicate on snapchat now through pointless pictures, and it's crossed my mind 50 times to ask her if it was really true or not.
I'm unsure if this will trigger her, piss her off and wind up being a facebook rant, if it will fuck her up cause maybe she thought I knew the whole time? Like, it's a weird line.
She could have gotten an abortion but it may not have even been mine cause she was cheating a lot as I learned later on.

What should I do here? Basically I'd be saying "I have to be really up front and potentially awkward but I need to remind you about the abortion you told me you got when we dated"

Any help is appreciated, thanks internet.
Should probably mention I'll be turning 25 in a month and she's 23 now.
You know. A get a lot of situations like this. I have asked for advice on here a lot and people always say do or don't. I ask my friends very personal things and tell them personal things.

To the point. It sounds like you are both cool with each other. That is a plus. Do not do it through text or a call big no. Meet up if you can the sense of meeting up will definitely be a lot more meaningful and show that you actually care. Grab a coffee with her.

But if you do decide to go down this road. Tell her straight up when organising that you wanna have a few words. Not intimidating at all. Just explain it is sort of a personal thing and if she would like to meet up then cool. Once you got her out for a chat just brush onto it. Don't rush straight in on it but say that it has been getting to you quite a lot. In this stage you must say that you respect her opinion towards abortion and if you do too then express that. But in that case to avoid the typical faker expression, something along the lines of, "I can't shake the feeling." Just ask for the truth, be kind, be friends. Hope this sort of helps. I'm the type of guy with no filter so I am known for this behaviour. The truth can hurt, the truth is always the better answer and most definitely I respect those who are straight up and truthful. Others are different. I expect results and no sweet talk. But in your case, be kind and up front. You need to appear serious otherwise she'll dismiss you and essentially get a bad feeling. The feel that ruins a persons day feeling.
We aren't on the kind of page that we could or would meet up. Thank you for writing all of that though, I'm also the no filter type and I wouldn't want to cause that feeling of just invading someones personal life and dropping that bomb on them in a text cause it's been done to me, but there's like.. no chance of us meeting up casually.

I would have to be completely up front and be like trigger warning. but..
Nah make sure you tell her you understand. Even lie if you must but the main theory of what you say should be the truth. Even if you must lie and say you share that abortion opinion. But for the sake of it you must know to put your mind at ease. Just accept what she says and don't second guess it. Same concept of lying to yourself constantly to convince yourself of a different truth. Just accept what she says and be at peace.
Like it is the only way to do it seriously. If you can't meet up then a call or text should be fine or then please attempt to improve relations. But you have to be serious. It is your life too remember. You were both in that situation together and you deserve to know.
Nothing good will come from pursuing this, let it go.
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