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Weird love situation

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I need advice on my situation.

My best friend of a long time is in love with me and wants to fuck me silly. I feel the exact same way and we are both perfect for each other. We've even discussed this and nearly fucked. But, she has a boyfriend who she's been with for 7 years that she also loves just as much as me. She won't cheat on him and I wouldn't ask her to but at the same time she wants to fuck me so badly it's ridiculous. She'll grind on me and basically do everything short of ripping my clothes off.

I'm not sure what to do with this situation.
Put yourself in the boyfriend's shoes. I know it's hard to do, but do it. If you had been dating her for 7 years, how badly would it devastate you to find out that she cheated on you with one of her friends? You can't convince her to break it off with the guy? It would still suck for him, but at least she'd have the decency to not go behind his back while he still thinks he's in a loving, trusting relationship.
Uh, she did cheat on him. In what universe is grinding on you and telling you how much she'd be with you if not for the other guy not cheating?

She's been with him for seven years... as painful as it is, I'd make it clear that you need to cut out the friendship. You're not going to feel free to fall for another woman while this friend is literally rubbing herself on you and you have deeper feelings for her already. And even if you would, how would she like you being taken? Not to mention that both of you are disrespecting her very long term relationship.

If she really loves you and wants to be with you, she'll break up with you once she realizes she WILL lose you over this.
She has a boyfriend and had him over 5 years, end of the discussion. Dont be dick controled and screw her, be a man and tell her unless she doesnt break up with him, you wont do her.

And then it depends on her. If she really loves him, shell stay. Or she'll get extra horny because you played it cool and breaks up with him.

Well, I want to sway things in my favor. Sure it'd be great if they broke up but I won't ask her to do that. We're both adults capable of remaining friends but we wanna fuck.
Just fuck her her boyfriend doesnt have to know
Kek. She's already cheating on him emotionally and to an extent physically. If she doesn't want to cheat on him then tell her she can't have her cake and eat it too, she has to make a choice. Otherwise she's just stringing you along.
Their relationship is over the moment she wants to start fucking you, and if it's not you it will be somebody else at some point
heres what logic tells you:
stay away from her, if hes not willing to break up, its not the time

heres what women actually want:
you make her cheat, give her the best sexytime she ever got
do a horribly emotionally exhausting affair
meanwhile, its nobodies fault, its just you cant command the heart
eventually, when she tested you out enough she will make a decision (hope you have more money than the bf) and then be happy ever after (or until the next best friend comes along)
>heres what shitty women who will probably do the same thing to you actually want
>butthurt wetpants detected

you all want it, you love drama and thinking the entire world is circling around you, you and old, doesnt matter
...who hurt you anon? Who hurt you?
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TL:DR - This

Also I acknowledge that i am pretty hardline on 'cheating issues' due to how my family situation but wtf? How do her actions not represent cheating to you already? Cheaters gonna cheat my friend. You'll be next for sure when she gets bored with you in a few years. I lol in your general direction.
Stop talking to her and never get back.

Possible outcomes:
>She stays with her boyfriend, wants to stay friends
You're heartbroken.
>She stays with her boyfriend, fucks you on the side
Months of exhausting affairs, all of you get heartbroken at the end.
>She dumps her boyfriend for you
After a few months of "OMG this is so wonderful" you realise you cannot trust her fully because she's a cheater, and procede to ruin your relationship. I mean, she wants to have a male friend? You know what she does with her male friends, dude.

No way it ends up well. Been there, done that.
Move on with your life and forget about her.
just being realistic
and being the friend who took another man's woman
but im not kidding myself
Just saying a woman who is willing to cheat on some guy to be with you is probably willing to cheat on you too.
every woman is willing to cheat though
given the right circumstances

but yea i know, its out of my control so it doesnt bother me
So is every man.

She wouldn't cheat on me, I know that 100%. Since we've been best friends forever. She and her boyfriend are high school sweethearts and she likes me more than him, she just doesn't want to break up with him.

She's straight-up said I'm her perfect type; Body, personality, and all.
So did her boyfriend

>>She wouldn't cheat on me, I know that 100%.

lol. You are thinking with your dick right now.

Do you really believe you are such top tier dude that no one else can come along where she would be tempted to want to fuck?

She is already a shitty girlfriend to her current boyfriend. She will be a shitty girlfriend to you too. 100%
> that she also loves just as much as me
> she likes me more than him
Well, which is it OP?
If you're more perfect than her boyfriend, then why doesn't she want to break up with him?

Like others said: tell her she either has to break up with her boyfriend or you'll end your friendship, seeing as she can't contain herself when she's with you. That'll show who is more important to her.
Fucking this
Stop thinking with your dick OP you're not a fucking teenager

She feels a sense of obligation since they've been together for so long, as she says. I'm not thinking with my dick either, trust me. If I was, I would've encouraged her to fuck me already.

I'll suggest breaking up.
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