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I need to start running to build endurance so I can join a boxing gym and learn to box this summer, I have a treadmill at my house so I can start now but I wanna know what are some good snacks to eat to help me with running. I'm going to the market tomorrow so ill grab all I need there.

How heavy are you?

Starting to run when you've been out of shape for many years will get you hurt. Take it easy.
Almonds are a legendary healthy snack.
For running specifically I wouldn't recommend one snack in particular but drink a lot of water.
Also, take it easy, try to follow a couch to 5k guide
I'm 200 pounds so nothing too crazy, but I haven't ran at all in my life. I lost weight by lifting (started out at 240 a while back then burned it down) I need to run and build endurance to box because I tried to shadow box and do a small workout and I was dead, had to do a total of 5 sets and I barely made one.
Complex carbs about an hour before you run. They typically take about 30 minutes to begin digesting so realistically you could go then. I usually have mine about 30 minutes before I work out, but I also eat them for breakfast so my body is constantly fueled.

Read up on complex and simple carbs. They are essentially fuel/energy for your body. Simple carbs provide immediate short term energy because they are broken down quick;y but complex carbs take longer to break down thus giving you energy for an extended amount of time.

Whole grains are a good complex carb. Brown rice, oatmeal, even white rice (higher calories than brown rice) are the best to eat before running. Sweet potatoes are good too, but do not bake them, if you do you pretty much turn them into simple carbs. So boil them to get the best use out of them.

tl'dr eat rice

Hey man...I been practicing MartialArts for half of my life, and once upon a time I happened to be an Amateur Boxer. You have a plan to get in shape before you go to the gym which many people have before they join a martial art. Guess what...thats a bullshit plan. You know why? Because guys that are jacked and ripped that have never boxed before go to their first few classes and gas out. Guys that never done wrestling before gas out. Guys that never did Jitz or judo gas out. You cant recreate the cardio and endurance of boxing unless you box. The best way to get in shape is to show up to the gym out of shape and by doing thay your body will become accustomed to it pretty damn quick. You are going to waste months and months of trying to get in shape through stupid running and you have the worst coach in the world...yourself...you cant push yourself worth shit and it will take forever to get in shape.

Lose the ego...you cant box...big steong muscleheads cant box either...its a skill...muscle heads, fat guys, chicks, track stars all suck at boxing. It doesnt matter if you gas out or dont gas out right away...youre shit and you are going to stay shit if you just run up and down the sidewalk.

Get your out of shape ass to the gym and you will slowly get in shape DOING what you WANT TO DO.
You sound like a faggot and a scrawny bitch.

Cardio is cardio. Endurance is endurance. Doing any HIIT or elevated cardio is going to be exactly the same as going rounds in the ring. Just because you start doing things in a ring doesn't automatically mean any cardio you had from running is utter shit.
Well thats one way to put it lol

I actually saw a video one time about pro fitness coaches doing a boxing training for a day and they were burned out after like 15 minutes. I want to learn the sport but I want to get in a little bit better shape, im not going for super strong muscle guy, I just want to be a little more comfortable with cardio before I jump in.
Stfu...you clearly know fuck all about boxing. "Hiit is just like bozing in the ring" IT AINT....For the record he wont GET IN THE RING anyways cuz he'd get his ass handed to him...so would you. Before you get in the ring you need to learn how to box. Trust me...it isn't as easy as it looks, go to your local gym and ask to spar a guy when the coach isn't around. Its okay...just tell him you do "HIIT" and you are well prepared to go full tilt.

Hahahha retard.
Dude seriously. You're wasting your time. You aren't accomplishing anything by doing that. You probably think they are going to throw you in the ring to spar right away or have some drill sgt. Freaking out on you... dude its not like thst. If you gas out you stop and try again. You keep showing up 3-4 times a week. Within a month you're accustomed to it...thays month one. If you go on your path you are tginking of now you'll be months out of the gym jogging around
..wtf is that shit? Trust me...just get your ass to the gym and tell the coach "im out of shape and i want to train...bare with me i gas out easy'. You tyink you're the first out of shape guy they get lol? They get morbidly obese people, old people, nerds, its nothing new dude. Just go.
So idk what kinda message I gave off from my post but im not going into this thinking I can spar, I have no intention of sparring, I want to learn movements, I want to learn technique. Maybe one day after a long time spar or something but I know its alot of work and its not just swinging your hands around punching. I want to not embarrass myself and have some confidence before I go in there though.
Thats the point...just because you have A LITTLE more wind than you have now it wont help you. Your movements and timing will be equally shit. Thats why its more productive to go NOW rather than later. You'll also get in shape faster. You also dont need confidence to go. Confidende will be built by your coach and the enjoyments of learning and progressing. You keep second guessing yourself.

Remember this. The hardest part about training is packing your bag and driving to the gym and walking through the door. Thats harder than the training itself.
What kind of robot model is this? Autismo 3000?
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