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Does this mean anything?

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I had this weird dream last night can anyone make anything out of it?
> exams this week
> last year before graduating so shits fucked
> Have a chemistry exam in a few day and I suck at chem
> go to sleep
> in the dream now
> Im in my house for some reason
> I now have a Dog
> golden retriever
> bring it in my house
shits burry but lots of shit happens (nothing bad tho)
> the dag is fucking around my house and im thinking of naming it something
> parents are there but they dont know what to name it
> I go in the shower for guidance
> I speak to my dead wife
> she isnt there visually but I can hear her
> she an Asian but not like a jap, Korean but somewhere from the south east
> she tells me to name the dog "Lawrence"
> I actually thought the name was good and went with it.

Theres alot that I missed mostly because it just all fell out of my head after I woke up.
I never wanted a dog, don't know anyone from the southeast and although I would fuck an Asian I dont really have a kink for them.
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also this is kinda how the doggo looked
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guys please I need an answer for my sanity
Dreams never mean anything. It's just your brain firing off random ideas and thoughts. Sometimes they're relevant to certain things going on in your life, simply because that is what has been on your mind.
I dont think any of this has been on my mind recently besides maybe my parents.
Doesn't matter.

Dreams never mean anything.
I thought they did. Welp
Not OP but Things I go through in my life have always affected my dreams. Your dreams always have meanings, ofcourse they can't tell things that will happen in your future but it is a fact that they are compiled of things you have went through or are about things you are currently thinking about. For instance I always used to be driving in my dreams or travelling in general. This of course is a meaning of change, the fact that I am in a journey might mean that I am in a state of a change,or going through one. If you're in a passengers seat in a dream, it means that you're not in control of your life anymore, or you are thinking about that idea in your subconscious. I cant make out what OPs dream is about but am sure that it has to do with something he has been thinking about. Maybe watched a lot of Asian porn lately? Dunno.
probably shouldve mentioned this but well Im currently trying to get over a girl that is Asian but the thing is this "dead wife" did not remotely look like her instead she looked like one of a village pinoy
Get over a girl? Did she pass away? Like I said, dreams cant tell you the future. Most of the time they just shed light on your subconscious. Mostly things that you always want to think about but bury deep in your mind. That is why psychogists are for. They take things you are scared to think about and they make you make peace with them so you can go on with your life. If you feel that your dreams affect your life in an excessively bad way, do consult with a doctor. Sorry for bad language, I'm from Turkey.
You can also use google to see what things you see in your dreams are about. However never take them so serious. Just check em and see if they might be true, and keep on with your life. Never believe the ones which tell you that you are going to be very successful in your work/love/money areas. Lol, you choose your own destiny, not your dreams.
Actually the whole dead wife thing might reflect on how I think about her. The whole "dead" part isnt literal its probably because I loved her but then she changed into something else and now im cutting her from my life because when I was in love with her it would be like a roller coaster with small ups and huge downs. Maybe the Asian looked ugly because the girl I knew died and I was talking to the idea of her.

Thank you anon of the turk btw your english was g00d

I never had dreams of becoming successful lol
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