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should i even bother with tinder?

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Currently I pretty much exclusively use okcupid for online dating. unfortunately I have never had ANY date from okcupid. Been on it 3 fucking years. No luck.

Is tinder any different? I am honestly just looking for dating and meeting new women. I am not looking for sex at all really. I just want a healthy relationship in every sense of the word.

People tell me though that tinder is really hard to use if you aren't looking for sex, its linked to facebook and if you aren't really good looking.. its apparently more soul crushing than okcupid.

Should I even bother? Wish I could meet women in real life but I have no fucking places to go.
Tinder is only useful if you're A, looking for a hook up, and B, a 8/10 minimum.

Online dating is not good period though. People are online for a reason, they're usually damaged goods one way or another. If you can't meet women irl because you have nowhere to go, then idk where you're expecting to meet your online date when you take the plunge to meet up irl.
Tindr is used by Chads and Staceys to swap different strains of herpes

Go find a hobby or something

I don't mind meeting some place. My problem is that I am incredibly... goal oriented I guess. I never go some where to just go if that makes any sense. For example, when I go shopping, I already know exactly what I am looking for and what I want. I don't "window shop" or "look around in a mall" or whatever.

This makes it hard for me to do stuff that I don't see a reason in doing I guess. Like I could go to the mall right now and meet zero women I like in which case the point of me going to the mall was fruitless.

I like online dating because it gives a back drop. like if I walk up to a girl in the mall, there is no backdrop, no reason for me to be talking to her. Basically, I need reasons otherwise I can't do stuff.
to me that's a shitty way of meeting people but whatever. Online dating is so impersonal, you're just one of million faces attached to a stat sheet. There's no fun in that, no connection, it's all robotic. You're not supposed to know someone's whole life story before you meet them. Otherwise you have nothing to talk about.
"..... Oh this one time I was playing this game-"
"Yeah I read that story on your profile"
"Oh yeah.... Oh I saw this movie-"
"Yup, on the profile"
"I saw this band-"
"Read about it already."
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unless you are the top percent of males don't even bother. the average female on there is like a mini celebrity thanks to the hundreds of thirsty men trying to get with her. you have no chance of standing out.
Damn 3 years and nothing? Something has to be up... I am very average looking and had no problems getting multiple dates every weekend.

Online dating is nice but the anon is right that alot of them are damaged goods. There are a few gems though so its worth.

What's your bio like? How are you initiating conversations?

Basically if you're not the ideal male, you gotta be honest and open about being beta or you'll get nowhere. Look for girls who seem insecure with themselves but are smart and/or nerdy. You're going to have to take the hangups along with it because EVERY girl on okc who isn't looking for the perfect man is going to have them. But I just met this girl with anxiety and depression which I also have and I used that to open up early common ground and now we help each other with our problems and we're falling in love because of it after dating for a month.

Another word of advice for the hook line and sinker is the most obvious. Your opening message has to be unique and creative to stand out. Without this baiting technique you'll never even get a girl interested in what your profile says about you. Every girl on there including the fat ones get 10-20 messages a day.
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