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Ex girlfriend wants sex but says she doesn't want something

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So this all started at new years eve, when i texted my ex-girlfriend and wished her a happy new year. We have been together for only three months and haven't seen each other for nearly half a year, since she broke up with me. She responded to my text at new years eve and i was kind of happy, that she answered. All of this developed into a kind of flirty thing, where we would text each other and both be flirty in our messages.
Someday we started making ambiguous jokes about, how we should meet each other and we also got a little kinky about that... so what do i say... we met each other yesterday, watched a movie together, got closer, started kissing and making out heavily.... and then suddenly she starts talking about how she dated this other guy, who thinks she is a "good girl" and how she now has to tell him, that there will be nothing serious with him and stuff like that. I didn't think much about that and kept on kissing her and making out with her, but then she start's telling me: "just to make it clear, i don't want something serious (a relationship) at the moment" I did not care a lot about that and just kept doing my thing, because i really changed, since she broke up with me (I was kind of a big beta and that's why she broke up with me i guess) I just said "hey i don't want to talk about serious things, because they are just too serious babe ;) let's just keep doing what we're doing" and she kind of liked that very much and proceeded to tell me how she already dated that guy back when we got to know each other and how she already once decided to stop dating that guy back then. I then told her, that i don't want to be and i won't be a second choice for her (referring to the thing, that she told me , she dated that guy again).

(to be continued)
(OP here continuing) She just answered, that she likes the "new" me very much and we kept on making out till it came to the point, where she told me, that she's on her period and doesn't want to have sex now, but at the same moment implied, that she want's sex with me the next time we meet. After this, we kept texting each other kinky stuff about how we would have sex with each other. I do really want to have sex with her, but at the same time there is something, that tells me, that i want her back as my girlfriend and that i love her and care about her. What should i do? is there any possibility, to get back together with her, after having sex with her for a while, although she told me, she doesn't want a relationship right now? i am fucking confused.

Tbh, sounds like she had a bf and just wants a fuck buddy on the side.
You may have always been that to her.
Maybe she never broke up with that guy
She's more or less admitting a desire to sleep around.
That kind of doesn't make sense for me, cause she introduced me to her friends as her boyfriend back then, so we openly kissed each other and even went out with her friends.

So maybe shes the kind that goes back and forth but "breaks up" first so she's not technically cheating.
In any case she's made it clear she intends to keep her relationship with you purely physical
she was also there for me when a family member recently died.
I don't know how to think about all of this.
She really confuses me with the things she says.
I am not refusing the offer to sleep with her, but on the other hand i don't want to be the kind of guy she just throws away, if she doesn't need him anymore
Somehow i still love her, so i'm thinking about, if there is any chance, that we could back together, if we have sex with each other for a while... maybe i could change the way she feels about the whole thing... is there any possibility?
DON'T DO IT. Stay the fuck away, this is how bad shit gets started.
Do you have any personal experience?
Fuck her, but call her a dirty whore during. She is not worth your time bc she is a slut.
why do you think she's a slut? It's not like she has a boyfriend. Her friend's know, that we met each other again, and they would never let her cheat on anybody. i know her friends pretty well, since she llives with them. But i kind of understand your concernes about the whole situation
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