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>Go out on a date with a girl who works at the same place

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>Go out on a date with a girl who works at the same place as me
>Seems like she likes me pretty well. Is blushing hard and enjoying the questions and statements i'm making
>End of it she says she doesn't see me like that and that she's getting over an ex. Say I get it and i'll give her some space
>After driving her home She goes for a hug, I want a kiss so I dodge it and tell her to just go

>Manage to pull a psuedo second date with her because she needed a ride to work
>Same shit,she seems into me but this time I get to kiss her and make out with her. When trying to reach for her vag she stops me saying she's not ready for that yet.

>Needs another ride a few days later but this time to pick something up but I turn her down since she just dropped the request on me and I wanted some me time
>Day after that, at night, I text her that i'll see her at work,she drops a bitch fit on me starting with "I don't think so" so I figure something is wrong and ask her about it which she tries her best to change the subject to get me angry at her. Eventually try calling her a bunch of times(About 15) but she never picks up and leave like 2 voice messages
>Next day she is at work so I just go up to her and ask her if I should delete her number and she says yes
>I send her a text basically saying I don't know why she's acting like this or why she won't tell me but when she's like this it's not worth it and good luck.

>Turns out next day she got fired for missing a day too many and one of her friends told me that if she did she would have to move back in with her folks
>Also apparently the reason she gave her friend about not being into me after the first date is that I'm too nice

To be honest /adv/ i'm just venting like a bitch. I know the -right- answer is to not contact her, but, I didn't actually delete her number. Is there anything else worth saying to her?
called her 15 times? Bruh it's your co-worker. don't fuck with that shit
I don't fuck with coworkers. Shit gets out of control fast. But "too nice"? I've heard that shit way too many fucking times. I'd say leave it be. Also, I think you kinda rushed with goin straight for vag.
No, there's nothing more to say. Sounds like you just want some fuck. There's plenty of pussy out there dude.
>she doesn't even want to kiss on the first date
>go straight for the vag on second date
>call her FIFTEEN FUCKING TIMES when she doesn't pick up
even if she was into you at first she is thoroughly and permanently creeped out now
And that's OP's idea of space and understanding
I do want some fuck but damn do I not like the note we ended on.

It wasn't straight FOR the vag. It was in the middle of kissing and fondling and shit. But yeah the fifteen times thing wasn't smart and I knew it wasn't smart. It just kind of happened.
Also I should add that even after all of that she didn't block me.
>15 times

OP, if you do this again, I will personally come over and end your misery with a dull pick axe.

Never, >ever< double text or double call.
You text, she don't text back, never text.
If she never texts back, don't waste your time.
So what were you doing during this me time? If you were just sitting on your ass then I could see her being upset. You make out with her and want to fuck her and won't do her a simple favor.
I don't know how far the drive is or all the specifics, but if I actually liked someone or even had a friend that needed a ride to work and I was just sitting around the decent thing to do would be to give them a ride. If I had a girl that I was starting stuff like that off with and I got fired over her not giving me a ride because she wanted to sit on her ass I'd be pissed too because she's obviously a shit friend.
I should also add that I have worked with a few peices of shit that always needed rides that don't deserve shit, OPs situation is quite a bit different.
She didnt get fired over me not taking her to work. I know that for certain because we both had the day off then. And i didnt even tell her what I was doing that day just that i already made plans. She didnt ask me what i was doing just went like "Wow ok lol" and didnt respond when i questioned the wow. I emphasize my notion that she sprung it on me because the literally the day before at work I asked if there was anything she wanted to do but she gave me a no.

And to divulge a bit more: Where she wanted to go was like 30 miles away and what she wanted to get was a car but she doesnt have a license let alone insurance so I kinda thought it was a bit futile anyways
She sounds immature and you sound like your looking for tail. Find it somewhere else, those girls who have a job and no vehicle and live with there parents are nothing but leeches.
Well, I see where you're coming from then with that.
Im not after her just for sex. I want to be in a relationship with her since when shes not like this shes pretty damn adorable and fun but I think I let her successfully get under my skin and I said something at the end where shell never want to contact me again.

And yeah she is immature. What ive posted above isnt the full story on us but this is the second time shes gone full bitch on me and told me to delete her number cause I couldnt take her to get a car. I thought this one might roll over better because I asked her if she bought it and she said yes. But... Doesnt seem like it.

Nother thing about her as well is that shes basically a snap chat princess(that I am lucky enough to have NOT be a part of) and im pretty sure she called me "too nice" because she thinks im better off than her, which I am since her entire family basically relies on welfare and they barely have houses. Cause otherwise it doesnt make sense for her to call me nice, I didnt even tip the damn waiter when we went out.
>Gets mad over responsibilities that aren't yours
>Doesn't have her shit together
>Social media addict ("snap chat princess")

Listen bro, I'm telling you this because I got out of a 5 year relationship exactly like this. I had to take her to get her license, in the mean time I had to drive her to work. She only has a car because my parents gave her a good deal on one they they didn't need, and she was addicted to FB and Tumblr, like spent more hours per week online than working.

They are not relationship material. Whether she means it on not it will be a parasitic relationship. Also like my recent ex, she sounds very spiteful and passive aggressive. There are so many more people out there with her personality that do have their shit together. Do what you feel will make you happy, but I'm telling you now I wanted to take care of my ex, but those type of people just don't have the skills or life experience to anything worthwhile. I hope your case is different but you may be dodging a bullet already with her wanting to cut contact.
IMO she's not an addict, she's just absolutely butt-fucking-ly in love with talking to people over that app. From what she's told me she's got like 2 other things in her life which keep her busy and she generally enjoys leaving her relatives place.

>she sounds very spiteful and passive aggressive
But that there fits her to a T. First time this happened where I actually deleted her number I had to go up to her and apologize but she never returned the sentiment aside from that's just how she felt and from that point forward at times she just blatantly got into the habit of walking right past me and also FORCING herself to look as sullen as possible whenever I tried to help her with work.

>Do what you feel will make you happy
Having a good follow up to what I said to her last that would guarantee her responding to me is what would make me happy but.. I don't have it.
>, but I'm telling you now I wanted to take care of my ex
Sounds exactly like me right now but I think that like before we're at the point where she just doesn't want me to.
Sounds like a nightmare. Sometimes that's how it is though. I hope it works out for you, good luck.
You rushed it. Also, good job, she was using you for an emotional crutch, 99% of the time the girl always goes back to the ex, you saved yourself further grief, you'll get over her
Get over her as best as you can, she will likely not be the first chick you'll meet that behaves like that. Just learn to weed them out otherwise you'll be tortured like what just happened.

Also, you definitely over-called her and probably came off as a bit needy and annoying. Nice try with the vag touch, but I wouldn't do that so early on, especially with a coworker.
According to her the ex was an LDR(fitting for such a heavy texter) and he dumped the shit out of her so I doubt there's much hope for her there. She more than likely did more with me than she ever did with him including just having a simple actual date.

But the whole thing was probably a lie anyways. Since this relationship apparently lasted like 2 fucking weeks, he literally dumped her on Christmas and according to my friend her story changed when he talked to her about it.

>Sounds like a nightmare
Tell me about it. She's not retarded and knows I want to speak to her and when we do we get along great and actually forgets about her damn phone.

I don't want to just get over her though. I want to meet her again but the situation is less than stellar.
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