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motivation and passion

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How Do I Get Motivated To Do Certain Things? How do I grow more passionate for interests? I feel like I'm super unmotivated. I Can't Even Listen To A Music Video OR Watch A Shop Because I Feel Like It's Gonna Suck Or Be Too Much work. Am I masturbating too much?
Jerk more
Don't do this. Are you on any types of psychoactive medication?
as your doing just tlak about what your doing and if any thing make you even the slityst bit happy/ smile then say it.

the more you talk the better ting will be/ youll be mor involed with them

good luck
I'm trying to do it less. So far it's been 26 hours without fapping
Just watch the whole thing. He talks about how people become passionate about their work
i've been very unmotivated and procrastinating for a long time (2 yrs?) but slowly i now found my way out of this downward spiral.
for me the biggest step was leaving my previous job which i hated and made me depressive followed by a half-year hiatus in which i thought about me and my life, my goals, aspirations - basically i laid the foundation for my journey to self-discovery.
i did whatever i wanted to, one day this one day that, was not an easy time financially towards the end but i pulled through and learned so much from what happened.

i started a new job last winter which is way more physical work than my office job but even though now i have energy to do things when i come home from work. i keep working on my music and slowly and steadily i make progress. that's a thing i always wanted to do and master someday but i always was "unmotivated" to sit down and just do it. i came home from the office job as an IT Engineer which required me to spend the whole day staring in a screen and when i came home that collided with my desired hobby of making electronic music because i would have to spend rest of the day in front of a screen again. now i am a mailman and outside all day, and when i come home i don't mind sitting in front of the pc.
so the biggest factor in my case was the wrong job which collided with what i really wanted to do - i just had to adjust that "parameter" and it solved many of the problems i had before.

since i was able to change my mindset and see results a small fire inside me got lit and it starts growing bigger and bigger - that's the passion i got told, you just feel the desire to keep going because it makes you happy from the inside

i would recommend you to take an hour or two right now, sit down and get yourself comfy, take a notebook and put on some chill non-vocal music.
try to take a snapshot of your current situation, write down what you did till now, what you do now and what you want to do one day.
a mindmap is a good way to do that. just try to figure out what collides with what and hinders you from doing certain things.
you also need to weight how much you want something, and what you would have to do to reach that goal

what also helped me is taking daily walks 30-60 minutes and just think about what's going on right now in my life.
also i tried to be mindful of my surroundings, cold air filling my lungs while walking, birds sitting in the trees or flying around, wind blowing over the fields whirling leafs around. just being in the moment and in the present, what has been has been and what will come will come, i cannot change either of the two - only the present is in my control

this all helped me to get where i am now any maybe some of what i mentioned can help you in some way
if you wanna know something just ask, i'm here for a while but cleaning my apartment simultaneously
Thanks m8s, sorry I had slept it was 2 am

no problem, good thing on /adv/ is that posts stay a few hours
i hope i could help you a bit - still open for questions if you have some
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