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>had a 3.8 GPA last semester as a first year >did minimal

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>had a 3.8 GPA last semester as a first year
>did minimal studying and work but plowed through it when I needed to
>little time management or reading really required, just studied when I knew I needed to
>end of semester approaches and I just write out my notes over a few hours before the exam
>fast forward to this semester
>have shit marks in 2 courses so far
>in one course I have a D so far
>first quiz I got a 33% (honest mistake, didn;t know the questions were based on the readings
>second quiz I got an 80 because I had my lecture and readings notes at hand (these quizzes are online)
>third quiz I got a 50 on because I didn't show up to class earlier and I ended up doing the reading, when he actually based most of the questions on the lecture I skipped
>in the other course I have a D-
>cannot follow the professor at all
>she talks fast as fuck
>fall asleep during her lectures (it's a night class and her voice just drones on forever)
>borrow friend's notes while taking the first quiz (it's online)
>get a fucking 50 on it anyways
I cannot motivate myself to do anything (including readings) unless it's the last minute before it's due. That's always how I complete my assignments and it worked last semester. One essay I actually ended up writing it in the class before it was due and I got a relatively good mark on it considering the fact that I didn't check it for grammar errors. How do I actually motivate myself to time manage?
Classic mistake. Intro classes are basically free As but the follow ups don't fuck around. You pretty much just need to force yourself. I found that making myself do assignments/reading/etc immediately after they are assigned works best. If not you will just end up doing them at the actual last minute.

You have to bust out this degree or your life will be shit. Motivation isn't what you want but rather diligence. One of the turning points in adulthood is realizing you aren't meant to enjoy every second of life and have to do things you dislike to improve it. Quality>Quantity for happiness
I've had similar struggles in the transition to upper level courses.

Make a calendar for the semester with all important dates on it (essay deadlines, exam and quiz dates, etc). Use this as a quick glance calendar so things don't sneak up on you. Then, make a to-do-list for each day or week. Do your best to stick to it, and make it as specific as possible. (Like, do reading for X class, write draft for Y essay, take quiz for Z). Mark things off as you do them on both your daily list and your calendar.

Do your best to attend class. Review notes and readings before taking quizzes.

Try to get someone to hold you accountable. Find a friend that will said "did you do the readings? Wanna do the online quiz together?" It will help.

stop looking at your studies as something you have to do and start looking at them as something you want to do. easy.

>inb4 i don't want to do it
should've picked something you liked
you can always flip burgers. do your best to get the best opportunities, you lazy moron.
Think about the all the extra college debt you'll take on by having to take the classes all over again and paying for them a second time. Also, see that janitor cleaning the college's bathroom? That'll be you if you don't get a degree. In this job market, a college degree is the minimum you need to do anything other than clean toilets (the burger flipping jobs are being taken over by machines, so you won't even have that).
what major are you by chance?
And what are you going to do with that history degree?
teach, hopefully
why not cut out out the middle man and transfer into a bachelor of education
B.A. in education is worthless- an M.A. is good though. I am an adjunct at the college level. They want you to have a B.A. in the field you are teaching- same for K-12 (taught 7th grade too).
I'd have to wait until after first year to do that. Most highschool teachers I know got a bachelors/masters in their specialized field. I thought it would be nice to specialize.
You need to know your subject well to pass the teaching certification exams.
Plus most of the stuff they teach in the education section doesn't apply to real life. lol. You are smart to specialize....that is what they want.
Professor writing here.

It's simple (and also very common). You got into some bad habits when classes were easy. Solution: get out of them.

Absolutely nothing in your tale of woe says you're not smart enough or the work is too hard. Absolutely everything you mention is a case of going at it the wrong way - not studying, not going to classes, not reading the book.

Just start doing it right. It really is that simple.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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