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Don't feel like I deserve her

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I want to ask a girl out but I don't feel I have anything to offer her and that even if she said yes she'll find out and reject me sooner or later.

How can I get over this? I don't want to be alone but building myself up just to get crushed is something I'm very tired of.

remember that a rejection isn't a judgement of you as a whole, its just a girl deciding if you're a match or not. plenty of amazingly hot alpha chad guys get rejected all the time, arguably more than betas to be honest, because they ask more girls out. they realize that there is nothing wrong with getting a 'no'. they know it doesn't make them ugly or sad or creepy or losers. it just means the girl didnt get that special feeling. and that doesn't speak more or less of a person, at all.

all that being said, if you find yourself continually setting yourself up for dissapointment, cosnider why. its not nice to realize one might be ugly or have some other glaring flaw, but that doesn't make you a bad person or a lesser person, its just part of the hand you've been dealt.

even if you are ugly, you can still date, you just wont likely get an attractive partner. its dissappointing but once you realize that it means you know the person you're with loves you for who you are instead of how you look, it can be extremely freeing.

if you want our help, start by posting a picture of yourself. thats the first impression, thats where we start, and we work our way deeper from there. if you can't do that, there isnt much we can do to help you
Know that no one "deserves" anyone. A person just tries to spend time with another person in hopes that that person wants to do the same thing with the other.

Also, you never know until you try.
>how can I get over this
By becoming a man that is worthy of her. You need some willpower to get yourself in shape, get on a path to a proper sustainable career, clean up your look and force yourself into social situations so you learn how to act. It's embarrassing at first, but a necessary step to becoming an attractive human being.

You should be doing all these things for your own sake, women are attracted to success and drive, but if you don't have enough desire to better yourself for betterment sake, do it so you become the person she would be attracted to.
I went to eat, sorry.
I don't think I'm ugly, or at least I don't believe I'm too far below average. I mostly think I just have too many flaws to be anything close to worthwhile for her. I have no job currently (just a student), I live with my grandmother, my eyes are bad and I can't get a driver's license as a result, I'm skinny and not bigger than she is (we're both ~6'0"), she's going to graduate this semester and I'm not, I'm sometimes overwhelmed by emotion and just barely manage to hide it around her, I find it a struggle to remain productive, my interests are lame and solitary and I don't really have the means to branch out. I'm introverted, awkward and boring.

She's this fantastic, energetic, smart and peppy person who always has something to say to people. For some reason she's friendly, joking and used to be flirtatious around me but I feel like I'm just creating an image of something that isn't there.

I don't know what to do.
It's more than deserve, I don't feel as if I meet any of the criteria she may have.

I know I need to do all of this but there isn't a real desire to. I did try to do all of this once before two years ago partly for a girl but mostly for myself but it all went to shit when she ghosted me.
Unrelated, but what's the name of this piece of art? It's a very interesting piece
She is most likely a whore who fucked guys much worse than yourself.

Women are inferior anyways
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Here ya go, it's actually fan art of an SCP. story.

Thanks man! I'm a sucker for surreal art like this!
You will probably enjoy reading the SCP foundation entries if spooky, supernatural and surreal things are your forte.

>plenty of amazingly hot alpha chad guys get rejected all the time,


Why are there so many r9k posters here with such low quality responses? Go post in women hate threads, you're never going to convince anyone with your little tantrums.
last bump
Why are there so many white knights and women posters?

Get the fuck out go march against Trump or something faggot
where do you think you are
>how do i stop being worthless
Do something worthwhile, you're here asking because you dont want to put in the effort, thats just a fact
Your post got me to a boiling point, I'm going to do something, I may get ran over by a car while running or collapse or stabbed but any death is better than a life of this.
Good luck anon, im only hard on you because i want you to win.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 2

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